Sunday, August 23, 2009

where has the time gone?

six years ago today I (at 23) took the plunge and got married, not knowing that there would be hard times and many goods times ahead. it's been a journey and more importantly, we've done it together.
love you babe
Happy 6th Anniversary!

Monday, August 17, 2009

bloody hell it's HOT

well, we have had possibly the crappiest summer on record (aka rain every damn day thru June & July, I think we had 7 or 9 days without rain in July alone...) but alas the past week has made up for it. it has been hot, sunny and just beautiful, which is fine as long as I plant myself in or beside my parents pool. if i'm not there i'm not happy. cannot handle the heat. this is new to me, I could always handle the heat. well not no more. as you can see carrying a basketball (ahem child) can do that to a person

25 wks (5 days, almost 26 wks)
amongst other things, like peeing yourself without you even knowing (mind you it's not a lot, but still it just dribbles out without control)
I have a double chin
I can't even walk to the end of my driveway to get the mail without becoming short of breath and thinking I may keel over and die
i'm starting to panic as I only have about 3 months left to go, where the hell has the time gone? and how the hell can I possibly get any bigger?
OMFG i just counted out the "actual" days left til my due date and it's 99, that's under 100!!!!
and how would you take it if someone (actually A LOT of people) tell you that you look healthy?? would you take it as a compliment? or would you be offended as that is basically the friendly way of someone saying that you are GINORMOUS
and if one more ONE more person says - are you sure there aren't twins in there. i swear to god the Apocalypse is going to happen
other than being extremely hot and sweaty, I feel great. I have some nights where I can't get comfortable and sleep poorly but other than that i'm doing just swell as can be for someone not quite 7 months pregnant but looks 8-9 months...
99 bottles of beer on the wall....

Saturday, August 01, 2009


well i'm at work again, and while I don't want to complain or jinx it so that I will be crazy busy let's just say that it is going very, veeerrrryyy slowly.

but again

i'm not complaining

cuz I would rather sit on my ass than be busy

so what's new...

well it has finally warmed up and we've had a "few" sunny days in my parts (finally) this has to be the worst summer EVER

also enjoyed some much needed time with my sissy as she has been home for the past week (is now gone :( again)

i've been eating like a hungry hippo (seriously) and in fact gained 8 pounds in one month @ my last prenatal visit, which was shocking but really up until this point i've only put on 2-3 pounds a month, i just hope next month isn't quite as bad...

some foods that i've been loving:

BBQ Ruffles and or Plain Ruffles (to DIE for)
strawberry shortcake
bbq'd steak (mmmmm)
Skor icecream by Breyers (yummy)
still lovin the freezes

and ya that's enough talk about food cuz now i'm hungry....

what else have I got??


i'm really disappointed in SYTYCD this season, there is just nobody that I am loving, you know like how I loved Twitch or Will last year. it's just meh. and I cannot stand Evan and i'm sure he's totally going to win. I would like to see Jeanine win but that's just my opinion. and the 100th episode show where Katie Holmes did her little piece - omg was so bad like beyond bad and hello if it was pre-recorded at least she could've sang live...ugh it was a lot of hype for NOTHING

I can't really get into Big Brother this year either...

and that's all I got a few bits about reality t.v and food

pretty sad really

catch ya later :P