Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy HNT

Ok here it is my 1st HNT

and in case you are wondering it's a pic of my fugly ladybug tattoo (on my lower back) that i got when i was 19 i think?? someday when i have $$ and the guts i am planning to get another much better tattoo done overtop of this one (no idea as to what though). was not planning ahead/thinking when i got this done i kinda closed my eyes and landed on this one......

so bad looks like a big red mole from a ways away and is almost even scarier up close......anyways......

so happy HNT

this may be the one and only so i hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

a look back at Christmas 2005

the piece de resistance ~ a group photo of all of us
left to right in the front -"J", me, mom, sandy, aunt sharol, shelly & "M". left to right in the back - dad, joel, sarah (aka sissy), julie, jilly, uncle gary, durling, hubby and greg

what's a party without some dancing??

Christmas Eve's annual drunk fest 2005 - everyone is gathering at the "bar" for B52 shooters (yes that's my dad with the elf hat & pouring the drinks)

here's my baby kitty (still have yet to come up with a "proper" name for her, hubby likes to call her stinker, may talk more about this in another post). isn't she cute!!

oh Christmas Tree!

another christmas come and gone already, where does the time go?? i hope everyone had a safe and merry christmas, i know i did and i can't wait to read everyone's stories about their holiday experiences!

take care~ i'm out for now!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

ten reasons why this year's christmas is going to kick ass way more than last year

10) there is just a happy vibe in the air that is making me extremely happy and giddy. of course this may be due to all the rum balls and eggnog that i have consumed.

9) we actually have snow this year. mind you it's not a lot but we have snow

8) food. oh the food. there's chocolates, candies, fruit baskets, peanut brittle, sweets oh the sweets its never ending! to hell with the diet worry about it in the new year!!!!

7) presents. lot's and lot's of presents

6) i received my first ever christmas bonus

5) no more wrapping, taping, stuffing, tying of christmas presents til another year

4) cannot wait to see hubby open up his gift that i got for him, it's the bestest present EVER! and he is going to be super stoked....but shhhhhh we can't tell!!

3) our office is shutting down at 3pm tomorrow & ordering in pizza for everyone. sweet!!

2) planning on getting totally shit faced on christmas eve with family & co. this seems to becoming a tradition and i've been online finding shooter receipes. plan on making malibu rum jello shooters in a watermelon flavor.....mmmmmm. cannot wait for the drunkeness

and my #1 reason that christmas is going to kick way more ass than last year's christmas is.......................................................................................

1) MY SISTER IS HOME!! for the first time in 4 years for christmas and i'm so super duper happy that she's home i cannot sit still. they just got in last nite and i'm so glad she's here it just makes everything "right"

only 3 more days to go!!

i'm out

Monday, December 19, 2005


you know sometimes when you want something or planning on something in the future and someone else steals the idea right out from under you?? or having planned to get something and then it not go your way??

well here's some instances for you

i like no love the name Noah for a boy and i had it all planned out that someday, someday when we have kids that i would name my lil one Noah (as he would have the same initals as hubby NF, i know it's really corny). ever since the Notebook i have loved this name (and Ryan Gossling but that's for another day), but sadly no this will never happen as my hubbies cousin who recently had a baby boy named him none other than you guessed it NOAH!!!


this is so not even funny and i had to keep a straight happy face yesterday when i discovered this tid bit of information at a family gathering where everyone was staring at me and expecting me to hold this lil infant (only 5 wks old). um no thanks. me & babies do not mix. espically since you stole my name!! dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadly this is not the first time this has happend to me

shortly after my grandmother passed away i was on the bandwagon to name my girl after her (Claudia) but again someone within our small community beat me to the punch and called her girl Claudia! grrrrrr. i give up no more picking out names until the time actually comes!

i recently wen't to purchase hubbies x-mas gift at crappy tire (aka Canadian Tire) and of course they didn't have it in stock. thought that's ok i'll get it online. nope. not available here either!!! grrr stupid crappy tire, no wonder pps have taken to calling it thus.

so i had to come up with a bigger better idea only to discover that they also don't have it at our local store or online!! wtf? what's going on. so panic sets in and then i think ahhhh mabye i can see if it's available where my sissy lives and sure enough. so a favor was then put forth and thank you, THANK YOU sissy for picking up hubbies gift. who would have thought it was going to be this much work?? Geesh!

sadly these are the only ones to come to mind at the moment i'm sure more will come to me.

~happy monday~ (ick)!

6 more days and counting til Christmas!

some pics of my staff x-mas party

i hate having my picture taken but alas here's some pics from my staff Christmas party that was held on Dec 9th, a good time was had by all and i can't wait til next year's party (mabye next time i will take my hubby). This is my first Christmas party that i have been too in like 3 years as when i was in gov't we only had inner office parties during the day not at night and not with an open bar.....he he he

me & fellow co-worker "m" and her husband (i left mine at home as it's not really his "thing"). this is pre-drunken happiness and only drink #1

this is a shot of me & fellow co-workers in front of our huge Christmas tree

had one too many drinks by this point and i'm quite giddy & happy (as you can see by the huge grin on my face)

Thursday, December 15, 2005


this word describes my mood of late

~ meh ~

not happy, sad, or anything really just

~ meh ~

the weather is frightful and is frickin freezing, supposed to get some snow tommorrow though so i'm hoping that will warm things up a bit

hubby and i watched the 40 year old virgin last nite as it's now out on DVD. was pretty funny but mabye i wasn't in the best mood to watch it as i just didn't find it hilarious except for the whole waxing scene

just when you think u are all done shopping you have to buy more gifts for a stupid family yankee swap. i hate yankee swaps. better yet i just hate going to hubby's family gatherings and i have to prepare myself for one this coming sunday (sooooo painful). so that's another $40 (20 for each gift have to get for a man & women) down the shithole.

received this email this morning and i encourage all/any of my readers to take a part in this (espically anyone who belives in maintaining the Christmas spirit):

Hey, want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS?
As they are working so very hard to get ridof the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday,
we should all send them a nice, CHRISTIAN,card to brighten up their dark, sad, little world.

Here's the Address, just don't be rude or crude.(It's Not the Christian Way ya know?)

"Wishing You a Happy Winter Holiday"
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY

Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations
because they wouldn't know if any were regular mail
So spend 37 cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone.

in case you aren't aware this group (and WalMart) are trying to implement the saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" i myself feel that this is ridiculous. if you don't belive or celebrate in Christmas just don't say it or partake in it. i don't pay any attention to the jewish holiday's....i dunno i just don't get it and i don't think it's right and i'm not even that religous!! what's the world coming to??

haven't really caught much for Christmas shows yet this year, mabye i'm missing them completely or looking on the wrong channels?

only 10 more days til Christmas!!

8 until my sissy comes home!

i'm out

which one are you??

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Narnia review

so i saw this movie on the weekend and i figured i'd talk about it here as i can't really think of anything else to write about. now from the previews this movie looked amazing visually and i just had to see it.

i have yet to read the books but growing up my fabulous cousin jilly would always talk to me about these books and how awsome they were and that i had to read them. why i never did i dunno but anyways i will eventually read them.

onto the movie review

well we arrive early with jilly & M and my hubby (who i should have left home as this is soooo not his type of movie but i felt like dragging him along anyways) so we get snacks and pop (BIG misstake!) to kill the half an hour just sitting in the theater.

ahh the movie finally begins. lot's of previews, really want to see the Family Stone that looks good, some other junk for kids and finally the movie is actually starting and i'm super stoked.

slow. that's all i need to say. the first hour is soooo slow, no i take that back the whole movie was kinda slow (total time was 2 1/2 hrs). and it didn't help that i had to get up and leave to use the washroom as the pop i had consumed ran right thru me (i never have done this as usually i can hold it but i drank the whole thing and i had to GO, go now!!) so i missed a few minutes but i don't think i missed much. mind you it did have its good moments but i dunno the whole time i was like get to something already!!

then the battle scene begins and i wonder why are young, YOUNG children allowed to view this? there wasn't any blood or anything but still it was a battle scene and it's the pivitol point in the movie. there was a row of about 4/5 year olds behind us and they are like what's happening? what's that? i know it's a kids movie but i think they are a little too young, i personally would never take my children (not that i have any) to a movie like this. doesn't it have a PG 13 rating??

overall i was a bit disappointed. mabye i was over hyped about it all, or mabye the previews made it seem better than what it was, mabye they shouldn't have drug it out over 2 1/2 hours, the book isn't that big pps! why drag it out??

anyways, my advise if your a big fan of the books you'll like it if your like me and never read or know anything about it you may be a wee bit disappointed or you may not. out of the four of us that watched it none of us were impressed, including jilly who had read the books!

that's my two cents worth anyways!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

101 things about ME

1. i am terribly afraid of the dark

2. i've never had the chicken pox

3. as a kid i loved to pick at my fly bites until they bled so it's probably a good thing i never had the chicken pox as i have enough scares already

4. i love watching horror/scary movies

5. i don't own an ironing board and i never iron anything anyways so why bother getting one?

6. i first smoked pot when i was 17 with my friend MJ at a party at her house. was totally f*%#@! up. i loved it

7. i'm a movie buff and would kick ass at Scene it the movie edition

8. i'm also a t.v junkie

9. i love all/most animails

10. i hate any kind of insect (specially june bugs, spiders, flying ants....uck!)

11. i'm terribly allergic to pretty much everything and should not have pets but i do (i have 2 dogs & 2 cats)

12. i'm more of a cat person

13. i have a tendancy to drift off when someone talks to me (specailly if it's boring and or i just don't care) and i just keep nodding my head

14. my heritage is irish/scotish/french

15. i can hold my pee for a long time if necessary

16. i have some form of exema on my two pointer fingers & one thumb and it's never gone away & been there for as long as i remember

17. i have no patience

18. i love to dance

19. in fact a part of me always wanted to run away to vegas or L.A to be a stripper for awhile ~ not so much now as i'm 15 pounds overweight but when i was like 19/20

20. i've never been arrested or in an accident (knock on wood!!)

21. i love to speed & drive fast

22. my eyes are blue (how boring)

23. i often wonder where i would be if i hadn't meet hubby and gone in a different direction with my life

24. my hubby is the only person i've had "physical relations" with

25. i love ice cream and would eat it every day

26. i am allergic to milk so this would not be such a good idea

27. my mom always (since i was like 13/14) buys me an ice cream cake from DQ for my b-day and still does even though i'm now 25

28. i hate being 25 and do not want to get any older, still feel as though i'm 21

29. i hate it when people ask me if/when i plan to have kids

30. i'm spoiled and always put myself first above others

31. eveytime i go shopping i have to get new shoes

32.i'm not a bargin shopper (although i should be)

33. i hate grocery shopping

34. i constantly compare myself to other women and wish i would stop. i've done this forever too.

35.i'm a jealous person

36. i totally belive in fate, destiny whatever. everything happens for a reason

37. bought my first car when i was 20....still have the piece of junk today but i has lasted me this long

38. i had braces when i was a teen for like 2 1/2 years

39.i wouldn't kiss one of my boyfriends because of them and i broke up with him shortly after

40. my first kiss was with my now hubby's cousin. weird & ewwww

41. in high school i loved getting drunk & going to high school dances. thought i was so cool. my mom totally hated this

42. i once drove a car filled with like a shit load of pps and 2 were in the trunk thru town going 80kmph. got into major shit with parents as my grandfather and uncle caught me in the act. i was banned from having the car for months afterwords.

43. i got my belly button pierced when i was 16 and i lied and said i was 19

44. i have one fugly tattoo of a lady bug that i got with jilly, lisa and marsha when i was 20

45. would love to get more tattoos but i lack $$ plus hubby does not like or approve of them

46. my grandfather fought in WW2 and lost a portion of his leg due to a grenade. he went over with 2 of his brother & his best friend and was the only one to come back. he would never talk about the war

47. i'm not political and i base my vote on if i like the person or not not based on party's

48. i always wanted to be a VJ on much music

49. i love john lennon and his music ~ my fave song of his is Give Peace a Chance

50. i belive i am reincarnated from somone who lived in the late 60's early 70's as i love this time period

51. i am always cold. even in summer it's never warm enough for me

52. i have been to flordia once with a friend in high school & her family who had a condo there. they did not take me to the beach and i'm still mad about it today! but we did go to disney and busch gardens which i loved!

53. i love roller coasters

54. i hate throwing up. the feeling is so grose

55. this is probably the reason i never drink much

56. i have only been so drunk that i could not stand/talk/walk drunk twice in my life

57. i have split my head open a total of 2 times all when i was a child.

58.i have never broken any bones (yet!)

59. once while sliding on an air tube i couldn't jump off as i was scared & my mitt got caught on the handle so i ended up hitting a tree and getting a pretty bad concussion. had to be rushed to the outpatience. mom was not happy

60. i will only eat lipton's chicken noodle soup ~ nothing else will do, espically when i am sick

61. i do not drink coffee nor do i plan to ever. hate the smell of it.

62. i cannot stand bad breath

63. i have a strong/senstive sniffer and can smell stuff a mile away

64. my favorite group of all time is Blondie

65. i'm a leo ~ and a lot of the traits of a leo do apply to me

66. i once had a necklace with the leo symbol of a lion on it but it broke and fell off and i never found it. i loved that necklace

67. i've had the same toe ring since i was 16 and i've never taken it off

68. i love to paint my toe nails - fav color to paint them is red

69. i hardly ever wear matching socks and i love it when pps tell me that they don't match! i get a kick out of being different

70. i always get a lot of compliments when i wear purples or blue's, specially blue as it usually emphazies my eyes

71. purple & blues are my favorite colors

72. i liked Mr. Dressup better than Mr. Rogers

73. i loved seaseme street and i still have my seaseme street pillow case to this day as i cannot bear to part with it

74. i saw my poodle sassy get run over by a car right before my grade 4 christmas play. i kept telling myself that she was just sleeping

75. i chew on my inner lip when i'm nervous/bored

76. i own pretty much all of stephen kings books and know them all inside & out

77. my high school class once wen't on a trip to mount katadin in maine. we had to climb one of the mountains and clutsy me had to fall on the way down and bust my knee open on a rock. bled like a SOB

78. i played with barbies until i was 12/13 as i liked to dress them up and make there own clothes out of different fabric's

79. i was also a brownie and a girl guide

80. i once got lost from my family in a shopping mall. i had stopped to look at a game and i turned around and they were gone.

81. i once tried to run away from home when i was only 7/8. i packed a suit case and everything and headed down the road (not sure where i planned to go) but off i went. my sister came and found me shortly after (i didn't get far)

82. my first job was working for KFC when i was 16

83. my sister and i always loved watching the american music awards together when we were kids

84. i loved, loved new kids on the block and jordan was my favorite

85. in grade 5 i auditioned for the lead part for the christmas play only to lose out to the more poplar/pretty girl. the teacher took me aside and said i was the better choice but the class had voted and it wasn't her decision. i was so upset! not fair at all, i then had to play the role of the mother instead of the daughter with more scenes

86. i wish that my mother had put me into dance classes when i was younger

87. i got to see Green Day in 1996 billie joe striped and played in the nude was awsome

88. my favorite soap opera is general hospital i have watched it since i was like 12

89. i was reading romance novels at 12 too with vivid love scenes, my mom once took one away from me and burned it

90. i don't wear rings other than my wedding rings

91. i remember once a lady in sears sprayed perfume (think it was exclamation!, remember that stuff, uck it was way to strong) right into my face once while mom was shopping and it triggered me into an asthma attack. pretty scary and pretty dumb on her part

92. i love going to prince edward island every summer or whenever we go, there is just something about it over there that i love

93. i hate my nose it's very round and i've secretly wanted to get a nose job

94. i loved the t.v. show my so called life but due to lack of ratings they cancelled it (the bastards!) now all i can live with is the dvd or possible re-runs

95. my favorite christmas movie of all time is the Griswald's family christmas. priceless. and we watch it every year

96. i like to watch porno's ~ it gets me in the mood

97. i'm very fair complected and often look sickly as i have no color

98. i have had all of my wisdom teeth removed along with 4 molars as my mouth is to small

99. i was often teased about my big lips

100. i someday would like to get a brazilian bikini wax but i am terrified to actually go thru with it as i'm sure it hurts like heck

101. i still have my favorite teddy bear from when i was a wee little one and i hope that my child one day will take to it as i did

the end thank god!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


had this in the works for awhile finally getting around to posting it

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Doritos
2. Pop corn
3. M & M's
4. chocolote chip cookies....mmmmm......
5. carrott sticks (had to put something healthy don't wanna look like a pig)

Five songs you know all the words too
1. No Doubt - Sunday morning
2. TLC - no scrubs
3. Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker
4. Garth Brooks- Friends in Low Places (as sad as this is i blame it on where i live...hicksville)
5. Blondie - Dreamin

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Donate to charity
2. give everyone i love money to help them out in a big way
3. build a kick ass pad
4. travel extensively
5. start a business of some sort

Five bad habits.
1. chewing my nails
2. whining.
3. Being lazy.
4. mumbling
5. cracking my knuckles

Five things you like doing
1. eating.
2. shopping
3. surfing the net
4. reading
5. watch the lube tube

Five things you would never wear again
1. my sweater my gram made me was the fugliest thing you ever saw
2. my daisy duke shorts from 4 years ago (don't think i could get one leg into them now...)
3. those little club shirts that i thought made me look cute.
4. anything beige this color washes me out bad not flattering at all
5. my butthead t-shirt from high school

Monday, December 05, 2005

pop up's

some random thoughts that have been popping into my brain lately:

i hate being called a "secretary" even though technically it's what i am but i much prefer to go by administrative assistant, admin support or better yet executive assistant (ha i don't do enough to be called that!)

i also dislike being called dear makes me feel old

weighed myself the other nite i'm down a few pounds (it's coming off slowly but if i weren't so lazy and exercised i'm sure it would come off faster.....)

upon weighing myself hubby was curious to see what he weighed....sadly he weighs less than i do which is so depressing

bought two new fab outfits last week while shopping (which i soooo needed) but now i'm feeling guilty as we are lacking $$ and have NO money. sigh. to depressing to think about makes me want to cry

i am also done, DONE my x-mas shopping no more!! plus they are all wrapped and stored away to be delivered

lack of $$ is causing major stress and anxiety for me (as usual) so therefore i am not sleeping, eating and am very moody

my sissy is coming home for X-mas!!! so excited and cannot wait to see her as i haven't seen her since March

i acutally went for a walk yesterday. imagine. me doing physical activity! i'm quite surprized at myself. damn near froze to death but still

we put our x-mas tree up yesterday. had our typical annual x-mas tree arguement about decorations. i called his gradmother's ornaments tacky and he got really upset with me and called me princess and not in a nice way. so then i got really mad. needless to say it's decorated with mine & his stuff (at this point i don't really care) and we made up (as usual). guess this has become a tradition of sorts

where hubby has been down for the count (he is getting much better) i have been tending to our wood stove (as this is our main source of heat) and every damn time i put a stick of wood in i somehow manage to burn myself. the first time it was a finger, the second my wrist and finally now the 3rd and the wurst is my arm right in the crease where it bends and it hurts like a sob :(

after burning myself i contemplated what i could put on myself that would have a cooling effect. anyone remember the old noxzema in the blue jar? ahh what fond memories i have of this and just the smel alone takes me to a happy place. do they even make this anymore??

anyways i'm out

Thursday, December 01, 2005

somethin fun for a change

ok i got this idea from blondie and thought i would give it a whirl.

The assignment is to find and post an image from the first Google Image page for each of the following 7 queries (agree with blondie used the 2nd and or best choice). ~enjoy~

place that i was born in:

place that i live (i wish this was it but it's what came pretty!!)

my name is (eww!):

my grandmother's name was:

my favorite food is:

my favorite alcoholic drink is:

my favorite perfume smell is: