Thursday, April 28, 2005


i honestly do not know what to write about here, i feel like i have lost my blogger zing or i'm just plain having writer's block. who knows, but i can't stand not having a recent post on here and i'm always up for a good vent or bitch fest. but i have nothing today i'm just here going thru all the motions of my day to day life. scary.

i have several topics that i would eventually like to write about ie. embarssing moments from my life and other's that i have witnesed or incountered but i'm just to damn lazy to write about it today. in fact i have been lazy now for over a week as my job is none productive therefore i am non-productive at home and with my personal life. sigh.

we are now able to read a magazine or book at work but we had to promise that when it gets busy again that we will put them away and focus on our work. what are we in kindergarden?? seriousily this is the weirdest/strangest place ever. anyways i am now all caught up on the celeb world as i have read several issues of In Touch, Star, People, Glamour and i am also a wiz at Search a Word puzzles i am even debating on entering some sort of contest or something i am that damn good. ha ha

ok, tired now spent way to much engery here. time to move on and catch up on other blogs & sites.

oh and before i forget, how the heck is Scott Savol still in AI? am i the only one that thinks this guy sucks???? pls tell me i am not alone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

10 Things i did today

1)woke up this morning and decided that it was time to dig out my sandals as we have been having fab spring weather and it was just time. so i go to work with my sandals on felling v. spring like and happy only to encouter some rain showers and chilly conditions apon ariving to work. i then spent the rest of my day shivering and wimpering as i was freezing. guess i was wrong about it being sandal time (i will not, NOT put them away again though as i just plain refuse).

2)arrived for another eventful/productive day at work today only to sit on my ass for 8 hrs doing absoltely diddly squat, but hey if they want to pay me just to sit there and wait for the phone to ring....guess i should not really be complaining but it is extremely painful and boring.

3)received an email from "management" stating that it was inappropriate and un-profesional to be reading a magazine or book at our cubicles and that we should be "role-playing" or reading our "scripts" for the hundreth time.....guess i better put that book away now.........

4)proceeded to then play and doodle with the paint program on our computers..........needles to say that did not last very long as i have no artisctic talent what-so-ever. but it amused me for like an hour if that.

5) found out why eyelash girl does not have any eyelashes. she "opened" up to me and explained that she has some sort of nerve problem and when she is stressed out she will sit and pull them out without even knowing that she is doing it (v. creepy). and i was all like "no way" i soooo did not even notice that you didn't have any eye lashes.....(god i'm such a liar and an evil person, i'm so going to hell.........). but we bonded and it made for an intersting discussion again only lasting 30 min or so.

6)i work with a gay guy (no offense to anyone as i don't care if you are gay or not, all the power to you) who is very snobby and down right rude against other gays. he's very much a snob and thinks he is way better than everyone else. quite amuzing to listen to him ramble on and on and bitch at fellow workers that they are not reading the script properly, this is pretty much all i did this afternoon

7)ate out for lunch with the girls at work, tried a new place called Roasters?? don't ever eat there the chicken is horrible and it gave us all really bad gass and heart burn. all i could smell all afternoon was not right in fact i'm still suffering from the gas

8)talked with Big V (Veronica) a girl i work with & who happens to sit beside me and who really keeps me sane and working there for awhile about sex and different positions and such. this conversation lasted for a little while as we wen't into "un-known" territory that neither of us have thus tried or ventured into. she is vowing that she is going to and we laughed and laughed and then got in trouble but it's now an on going joke. just for the record i will never go there, ever......ewwwwwwwww

9)i'm still shuddering over the last one

10)ok where am i at now....well i came home at super which hubby had ready again. he's so sweet and good to me and it's nice to come home to a cooked meal, i'm soooo going to hate him going back to work next week. anyways i was feeling really fat and bloated and decided to take the 2 dogs for a walk with hubby for quality time together.

oh and my predictions for idol tonight aren't really much different than last week. my 3 bottom pics are: Scott, Anthony and Anwar. my pic to go home tonight would probably be Scott, but hell you never know.

Friday, April 15, 2005

It's Friday i'm in love

i've never been happier to see a friday come in my life.

reason number one:

it's my first offical pay check from my new job and i could not be any happier to see that money in my account. about damn time. going 3 weeks without a pay check is brutal and downright cruel i might add. so happy to have money again and to be able to pay bills and credit cards ~big sigh of relief~ now only 2 more weeks to go before hubby gets back at work and then will really be rollin in the dough.....he he he (laughing evily right now). oh i can't wait to go shopping.

reson number two:

the weather is finally, FINALLY starting to look good again and i think it is supposed to be a very warm weekend in our neck of the woods. i sure as hell hope so as their is a 4 wheeler ralley/poker rally tommorrow and i really want to go, drink some beer get muddy and wet and just lighten the hell up and have some fun.

reason number three:

this past week at work has been really frustrating and brutal on me mentally and emotionally. i finally cracked yesterday and wen't to my supervisor to let her know that i am this close to quitting and is there any possible way that i could do something else. unfortunately there isn't anything at this time but they let me know that our next project is incoming calls which hopefully will not be so bad. i'm going to try, try i my best to stick it out but honestly i have been thru the ringer and i don't know how much more i can take. i'm just gonna take it a day at a time and try not to wig out over little things.

so it's friday and what day of the week is any better than that (except mabye saturday). enjoy what is left of it my friends. i know i sure as hell am.

see ya later suckers!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"T" Rif

some may ask wtf? but for me i hear this expression on a daily basis and now it is implemented in my demented brain. what it means you may ask, well a girl at work has a habit or i should say tendancy to say "terrific". to some this may just seem like any plain odinary word, but no, uh huh no way. this girl has made me hate and loathe this word. just the way she says it and unfortunately words cannot possibly describe too you fellow readers but it drives me BATTY. no wonder i'm fucked up. for example when we she places a call and she cannot get thru to anyone or she is being "blocked" by reception she will state that's TERRIFIC in a high pitched almost Barbie like voice (shudders). most girls at work find this v. funny but not me. sometimes she gets past 3 t-rifs in one conversation and by then i am starting to twitch/spaze in my little cubicle when she says this. is this normal? i think i'm losing my mind........yet again.

onto other thing. i'm thinking of changing my screen name to an old name that i had years, and years ago when i used to frequent chat rooms. some may recall (espically jill and andy) this name and it has a kinda cool meaning to it for me. v.lame i may add but i like it (you can note it or not note it on the side....). anyways the whole meaning of this name for me started when Boogie Nights came out (think it was in 98 or 99 and i just love the 70's and Mark Walburg was in it and who doesn't think he's a piece of ASS) anyways off topic as usual. Heather Graham is in this flic and lo and behold that is or was my madien name and Heather played "rollergirl" in the movie and i liked the name and yeah, so i'm going back to it and will see if pps like it or not. really who the hell cares, except me i guess but i wanted to explain the name change (again).

yet another topic tonight is the American Idol compeition been a long time since i did my predictions. but i'll give her a go. America you are fucked up you should have voted Scott, Antwar and Anthony out wks ago, i seriousily cannot stand these 3 and they irritate the hell out of me. the mute button usually goes on. and what the hell is up with Scott's new cocky attitude? man you suck and you need to go buh bye. i hope he goes but he won't cause you guys vote wrong. i personally love Nadia and think she's and can sing & she dresses fab, but you will probably send her ass home tommorrow so yeah. that's my take on that shit. the rest of them are all ok but i personally don't give a fuck anymore as none of them have overally impressed me thus far. my unfortunte pick to go home is Nadia, as i usually agree with Simon. the man is always right.

time for bed ~ v. late and getting sleepy. i'm out

Sunday, April 10, 2005


ok, where to begin with this.....

well for starters the men came home from wheelin later in the afternoon probably around 6 0r 7 only to want to bail into Jamie's jeep and go muddin. but first we had to wait for Krystal to come down from the "big" city of Woodstock.

i guess i should first explain what Muddin really is or means to us pps from the back woods. you see we have nothing better to do when were teeny bobbers or even now aparantly than to get extremely loaded and bail in a 4X4 vechile of some kind and look for muddy, wet roads to spin around in and typically most generally get stuck in.

now i don't particularily enjoy this experience, never have, as i'm used to being in control myself and i don't like being thrown around like a rag doll either. in fact last nights eposide took me back to like 6 years ago when we did this same thing and their were like 5 of us crammed in one truck cab and our heads were hitting and we got stuck so bad that we had to call and have "M" come and get us and we had to walk out this icky muddy, wet road at like 2AM. Hubby's truck was stuck so bad they had to have a skidder pull it out the next day......oh those were the glory days.

in fact i think that's what Jamie and hubby were trying to accomplish last night as pretty much exactly the same thing happend. only this time were in a jeep, and it's not quite so crowded. we went along fine for the first hr or so and then we thought we would drop in and see what jilly bean was doin as "M" is away this weekend for work. she always makes things funner for me, so i started sippin on that Boone's wine that Jay just bought and was startin to have fun. we wen't around, and around the race track a few times (which brought some more memories.....) and the boys are like now what.....

so off we go down some road that right away does not look good, the ground right now is super soggy and wet and there is still some snow in the woods. we sink and we sink bad......we aren't goin anywhere. so at this point the boyz are so loaded and laughin and are really enjoin this, meanwhile i'm in the back freakin out. how are we gonna get out of this and no way in hell am i walking in the dark........

so they call a few pps and finally get Karl and Andrew to agree and come bail us out as Andrew has a HUGE mofo of a truck that could easily pull us out. only problem is it's brand NEW and he's v. fussy about scrathes and such so they get there and he won't come in the road.....GREAT. at this time i have to pee so damn bad i can hardly move, i really don't want to get in the mud but i'm gonna have to eventually.

hubby then suggest that andrew take him to get his truck (which he so loves, and he will totally rub this in Jay's face). which brings me to start worrying about him driving as he is v.loaded and should not be driving. oh why can't i ever just lighen up??? so yes, eventually the FORD haules the jeep out of er and man you should see the holes that we left or were in, mud was everywhere and water was just runnin. i was so glad to get out of there and back home let me tell you. so yeah that's my story from last night, better than a typcial boring night at home i guess but i can't say that i enjoyed it either. i probably did not do this justice but it's like early in the morning right now and i should probably crawl my sorry ass back into bed.

til we meet again my friends.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'm so Happy

yippee skippy i finally have my computer back and running at home!!


i can blog all i want now, except that their is this weird script thing that pops up every 5 seconds til now saying that their is an error in the pg do you want to continue andy, HELP me! need to know what to do to fix this.....only does it on this page.....sigh

can never have it easy can i?

well it's Saturday and i wanted nothing more than to go wheelin this weekend and my hubby takes off with the boys and leaves me to sit at home. yeah nice huh. so i've been sitting on my ass eating, although i did walk any hour ago with the dogs but ya know i'm just "L" today (those who do not know, L = lazy).

the weather is fab today, it's finally SPRING hip hip horay! the wicked witch of winter is gone (let's hope so anyways).

well not much else to talk about for now. should go and surf and catch up with everyone's blog.

i'm out.

Monday, April 04, 2005

come and knock on my door......

for some weird reason the theme song from "three's company" has been running rampant through my brain. v. strange espically since i was not even thought of when this show first started on the air and i've only ever watched it on re-runs and even then i can't seem to stomache Susan Somers. that girl really irritates me.......sigh

so hello blog world i am back yet again to say hello. how have things been you may ask well not so peachy keen. i'm not really liking my job (still), some days i just get down right depressed and other days it don't seem so bad. my whole split personally thing really does not cope well with day i'm happy go lucky, don't care if i get yelled at. the next day i'm plain down glum, ho-hum don't want to call anyone. what to do, what to do.

my mom just yells at me go and find another job!!!! well that's easier said than done mom. then i have my hubby at me saying muck it up and deal with it, a job is a job. well would you want to sit there all day on the phone........yup don't think so.

so some days my chin is up but most days not so.

not much else goin on right now either. hubby and i wen't to the movies on saturday with Jilly Bean and "M", got to watch Sin City. v. cool and dark and violent. loved it & josh hartnett is in in for like mabye 10 sec but man it is ever worth it. yuummmmmmmmmm

well should run, i'm taking up time on jilly's computer, still have yet to get my own back. stupid brother in law, really outta lay into him. i'm sure as hell not paying him (not like i was going to in the first place...ya know!). take care pps & see ya soon!!