Wednesday, April 20, 2005

10 Things i did today

1)woke up this morning and decided that it was time to dig out my sandals as we have been having fab spring weather and it was just time. so i go to work with my sandals on felling v. spring like and happy only to encouter some rain showers and chilly conditions apon ariving to work. i then spent the rest of my day shivering and wimpering as i was freezing. guess i was wrong about it being sandal time (i will not, NOT put them away again though as i just plain refuse).

2)arrived for another eventful/productive day at work today only to sit on my ass for 8 hrs doing absoltely diddly squat, but hey if they want to pay me just to sit there and wait for the phone to ring....guess i should not really be complaining but it is extremely painful and boring.

3)received an email from "management" stating that it was inappropriate and un-profesional to be reading a magazine or book at our cubicles and that we should be "role-playing" or reading our "scripts" for the hundreth time.....guess i better put that book away now.........

4)proceeded to then play and doodle with the paint program on our computers..........needles to say that did not last very long as i have no artisctic talent what-so-ever. but it amused me for like an hour if that.

5) found out why eyelash girl does not have any eyelashes. she "opened" up to me and explained that she has some sort of nerve problem and when she is stressed out she will sit and pull them out without even knowing that she is doing it (v. creepy). and i was all like "no way" i soooo did not even notice that you didn't have any eye lashes.....(god i'm such a liar and an evil person, i'm so going to hell.........). but we bonded and it made for an intersting discussion again only lasting 30 min or so.

6)i work with a gay guy (no offense to anyone as i don't care if you are gay or not, all the power to you) who is very snobby and down right rude against other gays. he's very much a snob and thinks he is way better than everyone else. quite amuzing to listen to him ramble on and on and bitch at fellow workers that they are not reading the script properly, this is pretty much all i did this afternoon

7)ate out for lunch with the girls at work, tried a new place called Roasters?? don't ever eat there the chicken is horrible and it gave us all really bad gass and heart burn. all i could smell all afternoon was not right in fact i'm still suffering from the gas

8)talked with Big V (Veronica) a girl i work with & who happens to sit beside me and who really keeps me sane and working there for awhile about sex and different positions and such. this conversation lasted for a little while as we wen't into "un-known" territory that neither of us have thus tried or ventured into. she is vowing that she is going to and we laughed and laughed and then got in trouble but it's now an on going joke. just for the record i will never go there, ever......ewwwwwwwww

9)i'm still shuddering over the last one

10)ok where am i at now....well i came home at super which hubby had ready again. he's so sweet and good to me and it's nice to come home to a cooked meal, i'm soooo going to hate him going back to work next week. anyways i was feeling really fat and bloated and decided to take the 2 dogs for a walk with hubby for quality time together.

oh and my predictions for idol tonight aren't really much different than last week. my 3 bottom pics are: Scott, Anthony and Anwar. my pic to go home tonight would probably be Scott, but hell you never know.

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