Friday, March 25, 2005

"to infinity and beyond.........."

well it's been a long, long time and i'm having serious withdrawl from my blog page

my title refers to my new "unknown" phase of life, you see i started my new job and it's the end of hell week (training/first week on the job) still not sure if i will like it but it's a job and it pays fairly well. suck it up and move on, i know but i'm having major isues & am v. emotional right now.

first of all i'm really, really missing my old job and pps that i worked with and all the perks of a gov't job....sob sob

secondly i hate adjusting to my new hours, really sucks ass

thirdly i hate calling pps all day long and having my boss tell me that i'm not a telemarketer that i'm a pharmasecutical tele-rep....yeah uh huh tell that to the bitch on the other end that just hung up on me.............

fourthly i have yet to get through to the ever elusive doctor and pretty much everyone else around me has....oh and my "pod" yeah who the hell thinks up this shit (it's basically a group of four pps that work together) has two complete off the wall wacko's in it....they are nice and all but really, creppy and werid and down right odd. one girl doesn't have eyelashes???? does she pull them out? do they fall out?? wtf?????

hmmmm what else is on my mind...........

i am so glad to get this shit out and off of my mind, really not mentally well right now and i feel like screaming and crying most of the time. could just be the weather or could be that i've gone off of my rocker again. i'm v. anxious for it to be spring already and the damn snow just won't go away. i hate march and i so can't wait for it to be over.

oh did i mention that i had to work today....hello it's frickin good friday that should be against the law or something. one bonus is that i did get paid time and a half, way cool but i don't get paid for like 3 wks. great

i hate entering new stages of life and i know that in a couple of weeks everything will be better and ok but i hate change, i hate adjusting and adapting to it and it just SUCKS

in the meantime i still have yet to get my computer back from my brother in law, don't know what the hell he is doing with it probably nothing and i want the fucker back already. i always do our banking on line and i just want to blog........but i have ways as you can see god love my family and aunt lois thanks for the computer!!!!

shouting out to all cousins everyone is doing great in our neck of the woods, good to see aunt Caroline and everyone together tonight here at aunt lois's. just glad to not be sitting home alone while hubby is out wheeling god knows where........

anyways gotta run, may be awhile again but i will be back keep checkin in

see ya later ~

Friday, March 18, 2005


just testing, having some difficulties

Monday, March 14, 2005

I have a JOB!!!!


i'm soooo excited

I wen't for an interveiw with a company this morning in Hartland and it was the wurst interview experience ever. I felt like I was in some sort of eposide of Amercian Idol or something. They did the interview with everyone they were interviewing right in the room, then we had a conference call with the "head honcho" one by one and they kept coming back in saying that they weren't or were hired. my nerves were so on wire, that when I finally had to go in I was shaking and sweating so badly, man i was in bad shape, but as soon as the guy started asking questions i was fine and it went superb and then he's like so what would you do if we offered you the job.....and i'm like hello, da, no I didn't but I was like most definetely I would take it. So YESSSSS I start training monday, I have a week off to do nothing and life is starting to look up.

so yeah, i found my way to a computer and i just had to write.

until we meet again my friends, i'm out for now

Friday, March 11, 2005


I couldn't really think of a title today, so "update" will have to do, espically since it has been a couple of days.

major storm hit tuesday/wednesday morning. our area got hit wicked hard and there is ice everywhere. did not get into work that day & the roads are still an icey mess. so i missed my weekly predictions for AI, i did have 3-4 right though i really thought that nikko deserved to go thorugh and not fat ass scott, he so needs to go home right away.

yesterday - i was uber busy with work as i have tons and tons of stuff that i would like/need to get cleaned up before i leave today. so i didn't even get a chance to come here and post, guess i need to get used to that anyways as it looks like my brother-in-law has yet to fix my computer. so this is my last post for awhile. ~sob~ ha ha i will miss it though

v.weird today and yesterday it's finally hitting me that today is my last day here. wen't home last night v.emotional and upset. not getting any easier or better. i don't really like to say goodbye's and all that so i'm not, i'm just going to pretend it's like any other day and leave it at that. so don't want to cry here and i'm hoping that i don't, did a lot of that last night. so will see.

on the plus side i have had a phone interview for yet another reservation centre in F'ton this time for Delta, they want them to be semi/fully billingual ha ha so not me and i tweaked my resume a little and now i have to do some frickin language not looking forward to this, will not be pretty. i will probably just end up saying this job is not for me.....sorry. another bonus is i have an interview monday morning for a local business not so far as f'ton and i'm really hoping this will go well as they pay ok and it sounds like a good place to work. the only thing is shift work but at this point i don't care, just give me work with good pay and i'm in. so let's hope that one goes well.

have yet to hear anything from the gov't position, probably be weeks before or if i do, will just have to see. also had a co-worker from here put in a good word with a friend of her's at mccains, so i have my name/resume in there as well. so there is lots and lots of possibilities, just have to be patient & select the right one. v. nerve racking and hard on the head though.

so i have lots going on, my mind is constantly racing and i'm not sleeping, probable nervious breakdown is predicted in my near future.

well i'll see you when i see you my friends, don't forget about me as i will be back, god knows i will miss this and many other things. will have serious withdrawl i'm sure.

wish me luck with my on-going job hunt and see you soon


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March Resolutions

lately i've been really noticing my bad habits and instead of doing an "new year's resolution" i'm doing it now in march. better late than never i guess.

so i've complied a little list of all my bad traits/habbits that I am in desperate need of changing. this does not necessarily mean that i will give them up (here's to hoping that I at least give up half of them) but one can only hope.

Bad habit #1 - chewing my nails. i'm espically v.bad right now as i'm stressed out to the MAX so my poor little fin fin's (fingers) do not stand a chance. i'm vowing to change this as my lovely co-workers got me a farewell gift to have a pedicure and manicure, so I have to at least try to slack off of this so I can have nails for her to work with. so far not doing to bad, but this morning i got to chewing on one of my problem nails and yeah i'm sure this will only lead to more chomping this afternoon. i realize that this is a disgusting habit, as many germs, fugi and what not grow under our nails but that just doesn't matter to me. i need to stop this maddness!

habit #2 - eating out at McDonald's, or just plain eating badly (ie: french fries, pizza, anything deep fried....). i've touched on this topic before but i've never actually cut it out of my lifestyle. i did good for like a week and a half and then i was right back to goin thru the drive through.....just plain sad and i'm vowing to not, not eat out this week and once i'm done work i won't be able too. so part of the problem will be solved. the only thing is that when i'm home and bored i like to eat and then eat some more. have been doin somewhat better as i have been trying to buy fruit like apples and oranges so i am making progress.

habit #3 - speeding when i am angry/frustrated. done this a lot lately, in fact most days i feel that i have missed my calling. so should be a professional race car driver, man wouldn't that be fun but really this is not good. luckily, i have never been stopped and god knows i could not afford the bill, but i get great joys out of this but i have scared myself a little so i have slacked off some, but summer is coming and that's not a good sign. but i am trying to rectify this and it's a work in progress & my poor beat up car just can't take the speed like it used to, it starts to shake and rattle around 120KM. poor baby.

habit#4 - drinking pop, any kind of pop whether it's diet, sprite, coke/pepsi. this needs to stop, in fact so far this week i have done well. i'm not a big pop drinker, mabye one a day but i find that it makes me so bloated and feel yucky that i'm just going to cut this out. water all the way baby, and i'm sort of doing a test to see if i feel better in a week or more. will keep you posted

habit#5 - picking the zits on my face until they bleed. yeah this is so not a nice habit to have. ever since i hit my 20's i've been breaking out along my jaw line/on my neck. so not cool. but if and when i find or come across a zit in this area.....oh boy....i will pick and squeeze and pick and pick until i look like i have some sort of rare disease. nasty. been doing ok the last few weeks as i haven't had any major break outs lately *knock on wood*, but when that time of the month comes around you will know as i'm all blotchy and red.

habit#6 - stop being mrs. worry wort. i need to chill out and stop fretting over things that i have no control over. i'm so stressed out over whether or not i should take a job or not i don't know which way is up or down. i can't focus and i'm so damn crabby at home i don't really know how hubby can stand me right now. may be why he spends a lot of the time in our basement.............. i need to relax, and i'm hoping to do this next week.

so i have some challenges ahead but i thing i can beat some of these nasty habits, at least i hope so as i know they bug me and i hate to think of what other pps think.

anyhoo, it's another stormy, yucky day here in the Maritimes. V. Rainy, dark and windy out there, i just hope that it doesn't freezing rain which it's supposed to do.

Again need to stop worrying.......not off to a good start. i'll keep ya's posted!

c-ya later

Monday, March 07, 2005

GD Potholes

my latest erk/quirk is potholes. man i hate these buggers

you see this time of year it's not quite warm enough or cold enough outside that the roads go all to hell. espically here in the wonderfull town of woodstock. it's no wonder i have no shocks or struts in my car. i almost fell into one of these holes and i almost didn't come out of it as it was so GD big. no matter how frickin hard you try to avoid them you still hit a new one or the one you try not to hit every damn morning. sometimes you have no choice but to hit it and grin and bear it as on coming traffic is coming at you. i pity anyone who has a new car, it won't be new for very long on these streets.

note - avoid upper main street at all costs, this is the wurst, wurst ever and go around if at all possible

there are holes, and cracks and bumps and crunks and i just frickin hate it. they won't do anything to these roads until spring so we are just supposed to take this and go along with it. stupid government, stupid town of woodstock grrrrrr

oh and stupid blog today as i was having technical difficulties signing in, etc today, v. complicated/strange and i pretty much had to reboot to solve the problem. grrrrrr

isn't it a lovely day out there today...................NOT

Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm in a FUNK

feelin v. crappy, tired, lazy, no energy what-so-ever, borderline sick & feeling majorly sorry for self today

wanna go home

don't really have anything to talk about today, nothing funny, nothing exciting, just nadda

well one thing exciting is that my sissy is coming home in almost a week. can't wait to see her & spend quality time as I arranged to have my last 3 days of work off just for her (well also for me) but still, so I have the whole week to see her! This is the first time that she's ever come home and I haven't been working. So v. excited to see her & can't wait to take her & joel tubing in upper kintore.

Note to jilly have a sick day at some point when she's home so that you can come with :0)

think that I need to go on a BIG bender and get totally shit faced. Plotting when & where I can do this. Mabye i'll wait to sissy gets home.

found out today that even though i'm done work on the 16th I will still end up getting a paycheck until March 31 as casual employees are back paid, don't really understand it but hey I won't complain. & takes some of the stress off of my back. I will also have blue cross coverage until then too, so I should stock up on pills & book my dentist appt....he he he so evil.

test that I did on wednesday for gov't job did not go so well. extremely difficult & nerve wracking, don't really have a good feelin about it but you never know what the hell they are looking for. i'm not going to hold my breath for it though, if they call great, if not then onto something else.

well that's it for today ~ have a great, super duper weekend

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

AI Predictions - Week Two & Amazaing Race is BACK

Predictions for Amercian Idol this week are a little tougher but I have it narrowed down.

Bottom 3 Boyz

Wurst performance of the night has to go to Anthony Fedorov the boy can sang but he reminds me too much of a guy that I graduated with who could sing ok, but he was gay and Anthony is gay and he looks and sounds just like Clay Atkien. Sorry Anthony but one Clay is enough. His performance was v. boring and draggy until he hit some good long notes, overall not good enough and he lacks major charisma & stage prescene. Should be one to go.

2nd pick to go is David Brown. The judges keep saying that he's better than that and he needs to step it up. I don't like him, song was lame and boring and down right painful for me & I don't like his resemblance to a cling on from Star Trek either. Lose the dreds man. If he doesn't go (which he probably won't) then he will soon, guranteed

3rd pick to possibly go home is Constaine Maroulis. I liked this guy right away, lately not so much. His attitude and ego are way to much to take in & he's not that great of a singer. Still I find him extremely hot and sexy (must be the long shaggy hair & resemblance to a hippy, man I have a weak spot for hippies......) ok sorry got derailed there, his performance just wasn't up to snuff and I don't think he's connecting. Could be wrong here and I probably am as i'm sure the girls are voting for him but again I don't feel he will be around very long.

My surprize performance of the night that just blew me (and the judges) away was Bo Bice. He's not as sexy or cool as Constaine but man can this guy rock and sing. I didn't know the song, didn't care, he was AMAZING, totally took me by surprize and codo's to him for steppin up to the plate. Keep it up buddy, got to have at least one rocker/hippy dude in the competition.

Bottom 3 Girlz

Janay Castine, girl you should have went home last week at least you could have left gracefully. Where to begin with you....oh god her outfit was just tacky, tacky, tacky. The song choice was "hit em up style" by Blu Cantrell. Good song to sing along with while drivin a car but it was her only song, a one hit wonder per say. Don't ever pick a one hit wonder pps you know your headin down a one way alley if you do and that's out the door. Good riddance Janay never liked you anyways.

Celena Raye chose to sing a Faith Hill song.........shaking just don't, DON'T ever chose to do a Faith Hill song. Everytime they do they don't come close and it's just brutal and it hurts your ears. Previous contants have gong down this road and she should have known better. Agree with Simon (as usual) that she should be singing in a hotel, she just doesn't have that somethin that would make her stand out. She's pretty enough and sings ok but it's just not good enough.

3rd and final pick is Alhoa Mischeaux. First of all wtf was up with her wack hairdo? Holy cow looked faguely like a beehive yet it still had pieces on the sides.....weird & nasty. Second of all again don't touch pps song's that you don't belong in. IE Alicia Keys, the girl is one of the best acts out there right now and you just don't go near her stuff cause your gonna flop big time. Not a good performance, nasty hair but she seems to be a favorite of the judges so I dunno but I think she deserves to be here (for now anyways)

Surprize performance of the night goes to Mikalah Gordon whom I still am not really liking as she sounds to nasal to me but she stepped up last night and chose a song that the judges didn't expect her to ever do and she was pretty good I must say. Showing that she is versatile & a competor to be reckoned with. She'll be around for awhile yet.

Ok, enough of AI onto bigger and better things.....god i'm so excited that this is on again I can't contain myself. Amazing Race 7 started last night and I love, love this show and to top it off Rob and Amber from SURVIVOR are on it. Now most pps hate them but I am in love with Rob, love his attitude (he so just does it for the camera & he makes good t.v), love how smart and witty he is, etc, etc etc. They probably won't get that far in this as everyone in it does not want them to win, but i'm so happy just to see him back on t.v that I hope they last for awhile yet. Other fav teams so far are the two gay guys who are just too funny and out there that I can't help but laugh; the two semi hot brothers ~ watch out for them pps; and the guy who is contantly bitchin at his on/off girlfriend why I like them I dunno.

Teams that I hate are of course the two dumb blondes who were all like were "skinny" and "blonde" and don't judge us by our looks. Stupid tits, but I do give them codo's for actually doing the basket challenge, god knows I couldn't have done it. I don't like the African American married couple either just something there that I am not liking.

Lots and lots of good t.v on lately and it's only just begun. So EXCITING he he he he

Well, I get to leave early again today, have to be in F'ton for 5:00 to take my test for a gov job that I applied for. Really nervous and anxious just to get it over with. I just don't or I should say that i'm trying not to get my hopes up to much but I would really, really love to have this job & it would just make things so much easier if I did get it. Guess I just have to keep tellin myself that if it's ment to be then it will "be". It's out of my hands and I need to quit fretting.

Easier said than done.

Anyways, gotta run ~ Wish me luck :0)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Holy Cow it's a Blizzard out there!!!

man oh man it's one hell of a crazy, wild-n-windy day out there and to top it off it's snowing. There are white out conditions all over the highway's and the RCMP are telling pps to stay off the road.

Why the hell are we still open??? Can anyone explain this to me. I just was talking to my supervisor and apparantly an e-mail was sent out by the "big" guy that pps who live out of town (ie: me) can leave early but they will have to make up the time. WTF??? If I die on the way home I will come back and haunt your sorry asses.

Are employees not worth more to their employers? I just don't get this, I know we deal with emergency situations but give me a break who the hell would venture out in this thing? This is way worse than last time when they shut us down and nobody seems to be saying anything. What to do, should I stay or should I go???? I hate making decisions, but i'm pretty sure I will head out at least in the next hour or so. I don't really give a rats ass if I lose hours i'm outta here in 2 wks anyways, what do I have to lose.


So not looking forward to driving home in this mess. To make matter's worse I have a headlight that's burnt out so with my luck i'll probably get stopped by the cops and get a ticket or something.

Wish me luck ~