Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm in a FUNK

feelin v. crappy, tired, lazy, no energy what-so-ever, borderline sick & feeling majorly sorry for self today

wanna go home

don't really have anything to talk about today, nothing funny, nothing exciting, just nadda

well one thing exciting is that my sissy is coming home in almost a week. can't wait to see her & spend quality time as I arranged to have my last 3 days of work off just for her (well also for me) but still, so I have the whole week to see her! This is the first time that she's ever come home and I haven't been working. So v. excited to see her & can't wait to take her & joel tubing in upper kintore.

Note to jilly have a sick day at some point when she's home so that you can come with :0)

think that I need to go on a BIG bender and get totally shit faced. Plotting when & where I can do this. Mabye i'll wait to sissy gets home.

found out today that even though i'm done work on the 16th I will still end up getting a paycheck until March 31 as casual employees are back paid, don't really understand it but hey I won't complain. & takes some of the stress off of my back. I will also have blue cross coverage until then too, so I should stock up on pills & book my dentist appt....he he he so evil.

test that I did on wednesday for gov't job did not go so well. extremely difficult & nerve wracking, don't really have a good feelin about it but you never know what the hell they are looking for. i'm not going to hold my breath for it though, if they call great, if not then onto something else.

well that's it for today ~ have a great, super duper weekend


TSC Andrew said...

Hold on now, I just thought of are you going to keep this Blog updated when you aren't working???

flea said...

i have an oldie computer that I have at home, just in the process of having my brother in law fix it for me & waiting to get it back (hopefully sooner than later), so no worries I will be here at some point or another. God knows I will miss it!!!!