Saturday, December 29, 2007

just cuz

i believe i have the "christmas blues"....

i have nothing really to write or talk about...

i'm bored and sitting home on a saturday night in my pj's when i should be out celebrating my bestest cousin in the whole wide world's birthday... (happy birthday jilly! luv you!)

were broke, lazy and somewhat hesitant to go outside and drive 30 minutes to come and visit you as it did storm today and the roads are probably bad...

i'm farting like a man (or animal) from eating too much candy...

i still haven't taken down my christmas tree and i never leave it up this long

i have a mountain of laundry to do and i just can't seem to muster the energy to tackle it, so it just keep growing

i think i am finally getting over this stupid cold, finally

there isn't a godamn thing on t.v. lately, is it from the holiday or the writers strike??

as of monday i am going offically on a diet/exercise binge, wonder how long i'll last this time

i wonder if i can be hyponotized to not eat certain foods (ie. french fries)

well i'll think i'll go back to my romance novel now

peace out

Happy New Year if i'm not back in a few

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

it's HERE!

miz flea flea is wishing EVERYONE




and now she is going to go open her presents, eat lots and lots of food, and have a very long nap and hopefully sleep away this gosh darn cold that won't let up one bit. ah well, hope everyone else has a super fantastic day!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

sickly flea flea

just when you think you have the christmas rush beat, i get sick. and i'm down for the count. only 1 more day of work left to battle through (and trust me it's a battle). i'm tired, weak, full of snot and the wurst of all is the sore throat. god i hate sore throats!

so becuz i'm weak, tired and most of all lazy

i leave you with this humours pic of me from last weekends drunkness-escapade

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

too many things to do...and i have no clue where to begin...


how i hate, hate all the hustle and bustle as everyone is frantically running around doing "this" and "that" as they finish up any last minute shopping or purchasing food for the holidays. nothing but a headache for me and sends my anxiety sky high.

for example

while stopping at 2 stores today on my lunch hour (1 store being evil Wal-Mart) i encountered crowded isles, screaming kids (why aren't they in school?), painfully slow old people (i'm sorry but it's so true!) and the oh so fun long lineup at the cash register, where nobody can figure out where they should be standing, oh and having a kid kick my cart and laugh about it and then continue to do it while the mom stood right there and watched...


thankfully i went into the stores with a mission, got what I wanted and got out. now I just need to check and make sure i'm not missing anything and get groceries either tomorrow or the day after, which I am dreading even more so than what I went through today.

on an uplifting note, this time next week it will all (almost) be over!

god i'm such a grinch

hope all is well with everyone else

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i'm an idiot but then again i knew that...

who goes oh let's say for example 3 months without getting their beat up piece of shit car inspected...



sadly, that's my hand you see ever so slowly going up in the air

what is even more sad is that I didn't even notice this the hubs and our local mechanic (doing yet more repairs so I can get thru the winter before buying a newer car...grrr), so not only do i have to bow my head in shame but i have to have the hubs point this out and rub it in (like any husband is bound to do)

like honestly, i thought i had this done already, and even so 3 months!

god i know my life has been somewhat of a black hole the last few months but this so didn't even cross my mind. scary.


so that's another $230 down the drain and my car may quite possibly not even pass inspection when and if I ever get this done (hopefully this weekend)

get ready for a rant people cuz their is a big one coming

so not only do i have to drop down car repairs in the month that we are quite possibly the poorest ever. but we need to do the following (in no particular order)

purchase a new wood stove - $600 +
get the new pup fixed - $80-100
purchase a new satellite receiver as ours has been defective now since summer (yes I procrastinate) - $100-150 more than likely this will be our or mine christmas gift as it's really the only thing I want
order more of my allergy vaccine - $120 and I don't have health coverage right now which SUCKS
get the car inspected (hahaha) - $50 ? god only knows what they will find

and i'm sure there are more but frankly seeing it all written out really isn't helping matters, in fact I think i'm hyper ventaliting.

i think i might throw up

i'm out

Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Free Play

yet another friday, and what better to do than review my latest fav music pics in a group of 5 (haven't done one of these in ages, so why not?)

anyways, hope everyone is having a super fantastic friday

only 18 more days til Christmas - part of me is giddy when i say that and the other part is groaning...

back to the music

Friday Five:

J. Holiday - Bed (music/video playing in the sidebar)

Alicia Keys - No one (love this!)

Kanye West featuring T-Pain - Good life (luv this too!!! so sad about his mommy too...)

One Republic featuring Timberland (freaking genius) - Apologize (getting a little sick of this but still like)

and lastly

Linkin Park - Bleed it out (my anger song, it totally rocks)

peace out :P

Monday, December 03, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like...


and plenty of it

were being hit HARD by a major storm. i'd take a pic but i'm too lazy

one can only hope that tomorrow will be a snow day, but alas because I want it to be it won't

miz flea flea so didn't want to go to work today, had a brutal painful headache last night and didn't get any sleep. so tired and sort of sick to my stomach. wanted nothing more than to be home in bed and now that i'm home and it's going on 10:00 at night here i sit at the computer yet again. weird. and what up with that

but my mind is restless and i know sleep is not soon inevitable.


i so haven't done anything to get prepared for (dun dun dun) Christmas, god sometimes i hate that word but it always brings tingly, happy feelings with it. and this being our first major snow storm and seeing snow on the ground one can't help but get that fuzzy feeling inside. perhaps will actually have snow this year for Christmas (the last 3-4 we haven't had any), might be kind of nice. just not fun driving in it

anyways that's really all i got, not much but at least i'm posting and trying to get this blogger thing rolling again, i've been somewhat neglectful (again) mabye i should hire some new pps?

peace the spork out