Wednesday, January 25, 2006


POP (goes the weasel)

that is the sound of my knee




i've hurt my knee in a bad, bad way

you see i went to my first ever cardio kick boxing class and what happens??

you guessed it i twisted my knee and down i go

and CRACK!

wtf just happend??

i'm on the floor and i cannot believe this just happend to me ~ like i was just standing 2 seconds ago way up there.....

15 minutes in, how pathetic is that!! good lord. and i want to cry oh how i want to cry but i don't (which may be a first for me) at least i don't until later when i realize that i'm going to be missing work for a few days and may even have to have ~gasp~ surgery!

and the pain, omg the pain

so now i'm on lots of strong pain meds and i've had 95 CC's of blood, yes, actual blood drained from my knee (which was really quite fascinating to watch) and i'm feeling quite high at the moment but i just had to come and share my latest and greatest news (aka bad luck) that seems to be hanging over my head as of late.

i think i need to go take a nap now.......

Monday, January 23, 2006

Vote or DIE!!

sorry i channeled my inner Diddy there but for me (and every other Canadian) today is election day.

oh happy, happy joy joy. not. i hate politics and better yet i hate every person that is running in this election. it's like you elect either dumb or dumber. and quite honestly i still do not know who i am going to vote for and i even half debated on not going to vote at all but then i felt guilty and just wrong. it wasn't that to many years ago that women were fighting for our rights to vote and dammit it's my right to vote so i have to vote but for whom? red or blue or even orange? hmm i dunno either way i don't think paul martin has a chance in hell but you never know and i still can't shake my feeling that steven harper is the devil and jack layton just creeps me the heck out. and it is time for a change but do i really trust steven harper? no i don't. then again did i reallly trust paul martin. nope. and better yet who really cares? someone has to do it and as far as i'm concerned they are all full of hot air so what is going to sway my vote.....i honestly don't know and i probably won't know til i get to the voting polls. so i'm putting my dislikes aside and either going blue or orange....mabye possibly red but i doubt it. sorry paul but you need to go 12 years is way to long.

either way get out there and vote people (espically if you are a women)

~happy monday and happy election day (thank god it will all be over soon) ~

Saturday, January 21, 2006

muffler be gone

you know when friday comes around all one truly wants to do is come home from work and flop on there couch and remain there for most if not all of there weekend. sadly this did not occur for me last evening.

i guess it all began last sunday when our t.v in our living room decided to go on the fritz right before desperate housewives came on nothingless, so me not so happy but trying not to be such a worry wort i just let it slide and alas the issue was resolved when my mom and dad lent me one of there t.v's that they don't use until we get ours fixed or can afford to get a new one. so i was fine.

then the work week comes and by wednesday i'm sick, coughing (quite hard too), achey all over and a major sinus headache happening and it's storming outside and there is hardly anyone at work so the girls decide to send me home at 2pm to get home before the roads freeze & get some rest. only i arrive home to have hubby look at me like i have 4 heads, telling me they are going to fire me for sending me home. like whatever. so i continue to just feel like shit and there was no way i was going to go on thursday so i stayed home to rest, take some drugs and lay low, only to have hubby call me such a faker and a jigger! i cursed him with the plague and told him i wouldn't look after his sorry ass when he gets sick.

so finally friday arrives at the end of a long painful week and i go to work just hoping for a quick pain free day. then i remember that i have to call the vet about my cat Charlie. a couple of weeks ago Charlie had gotten into a fight with another Tom Cat down the road (and yes he is fixed) so anyways he came in all banged up, fur fluffed up, nose scrathed and limping. at first i just thought he was sore from the battle, then for a few days he was fine and then he was limping again. my first thought was a broken leg and then i just knew then apon investigation we discovered that he had an abceist (not right but ask me if i care it's close enough) so i should have taken him then but i didn't cause the next day it busted open on it's own (yeah grose i know but problem solved right??) WRONG he was fine for the next 3-4 days then he started limping again! so a call to the vet was inevitable so this again brings me to friday. so i call the vet make the appointment for that evening so that means that i have to drive all the way home only to have to come back to the big city an hour and a half later.....can you see my frustration?

anyways so i make it thru my day at work, leave come home check the cat out and it looks like this thing could pop open any second so i'm just hoping that it doesnt do it before i get the cat to the vet. so we load up the poor cat who hates the cat carrier and the car and we are on our way. sadly my radio in my car does not work so we have to listen to the cat howl and cry the whole way to town. i could feel my right eye beginning to twitch just as we finaly arrive at the vet's office. so we get in and yes that's what the cat has and the vet is pushing on this huge mass of a thing and then it bursts all over everywhere like ewww but at the same time i couldn't help but watch! it was like squeezing the biggest zit ever i was in heaven! so $104 later the cat was fixed well almost we have to give him antibioadics for a few days & try to soak his leg with epson salts until the wound heals over we also had to get his rabies shots so he's good to go for awhile but $104 for a cat (well he's my baby but gish that's a lot of money). so we decide to boycot the new opening of the brand spankin new Wal-mart and head home to avoid spending further $$ that we do not have.

so were driving home listening to the cat howl yet again, just driving along in silence when i here this noise come from the back of the car and i'm like wtf? and i look behind me and i see sparks flying EVERYWHERE and i'm like what the hell was that and i brake (only to have hubby yell at me that you can't just stop on a 4 lane, duh!) and pull the car over to the side of the road. i should also mention that it had been raining so the roads were pitch black and could see shit at this point. so hubby (still kinda yelling) tells me just to keep driving and that it was probably my muffler. yes, my muffler had just fallen off my car. and as i pull away to continue on our way the noise coming from the back just further verifies this fact. great. just frickin GREAT. i flip out. BIG TIME and he's like what's the big deal it's just a muffler, i've never heard anyone bitch and wine like you (yeah that's what he said) further irritating me and making me flip out just that much more. fucker. just a MUFFLER, just a piece of rusty metal ass muffler. i feel like a frickin wellfare car and what else can happen we just spent $104 on the cat that could have bought me a new fucking muffler!!!!!!! like how embarassing and then just to leave it there in the middle of the road. so if your driving along the highway in new brunswick and see a muffler on the side of the road that would be mine. gish. what else can flippin happen to me, i'm afraid to ask........

so my muffler be gone from my car. what's new with you?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Golden Globe fashion rundown

so here's some pics of my likes & dislikes of this year's golden globes

love, love this dress (love the shoes too!) and Natlie Portman looks truly stunning with the short hair. almost makes up for last year's oscar disaster of a dress that she wore. i knew she had it in her!

ah the girls from Wisteria Lane. did not like terri hatcher's dress looks too much like scales to me & she should have her hair back or in loose curls or felicity huffman no complaints there, and can u believe that nicolette is actually in a classy dress WOW! love the blue too by the way. Eva, ick i truly dislike you and your petite frame but alas you always look stunning and cute and you just can't go wrong with drop dead red. Marcia i actually like this dress and the color on you but i've read elsewhere where other pps did not approve, but you get my thumbs up, mabye she too should have opted for soft curls instead of such a harsh pull back from the face but she is still uniquely beautiful

was this girls name?? Bai Ling or something like that. i love the color and the tule and she manages to pull it off tremendously. the purse is ultra fab and this dress is true hollywood glamor at it's finest.

a lil eye candy never hurt nobody! and johhnny boy you steal my heart away. i could look at you all day long. so yummy and dreamy.

"kate" as i know her from LOST (i'm not even going to try spelling her name right now) looks ultra sleek and fit in this emerald gown with an empire waist. and i dig the braclets! god i wish my arms looked that good.......

normally i can't stand SJP but i truly dig and love what she has done with her hair here or i should say what her hairstylist has done. v. cool and i much prefer her as a brunette too, couldn't find a good pic thus far of her dress but it was all i could find for now

onto the fugly stuff. sorry resse i just do not like this dress. i know white was big last nite but uck, looks like you are trying to concel something and i so don't dig the gold at the top or the little fringe thing going on at the bottom. your hubby on the other hand....mmm good. damn, ryan where have you been and oh how i have missed thee. come back pleaze!

oh mimi where can i begin. this pic that i found actually does not do this dress it's ultimate ugly fugliness. i saw one clip where her boop was hanging out the side of her dress...nasty. and you can so tell she's trying oh so hard to suck it all in (as all us "normal" women know about") so i feel somewhat bad for her but yet she's constantly trying to squish herself into dresses that are way to small for her. girl you are not a size 2! embrace your curves and get a dress that fits!

when i first saw this pic i didn't know who it was and then i kinda went oh yeah the girl from the mummy movies!! this dress is just sad and damn ugly. i hate the color and i hate the thing that is going up out of her cleavage into her shoulder.....who comes up with these designs? i supposed it is unique and all but i don't think i would leave the house in it? would u?

and last but not least the fugliest dress of the evening has to go to none other than Melanie Griffith. i dunno who picks out her dresses (mabye she does) but man uck! like double uck, and the whole behive hair thingy. nasty. sorry mel but i don't like it!

Friday, January 13, 2006

it's Friday, it's FRIDAY!!

yippee i'm so happy today! not really sure why, well mabye these kinda helped:

~ that ginormous piece of ice cream cake that some in the office has left in our office freezer, which sadly nobody is eating except for i think the ice cream, whip cream and sugar has made me quite giddy

~ found out that friends of ours had their baby last nite! congratulations shelley & jamie and welcome to the world little Brady! can't wait for 5:00PM to come as i am going to go see shell & baby Brady!

~ my favorite shows are all back on t.v. oh how i have missed LOST and the O.C. and my guilty pleasure Dancing With the Stars has returned. This show just makes me grin from ear to ear and i love it! even with all it's cheese i still love it!!

~ i actually did some exercises last nite! yeah me!! (which is a good thing i guess as i need to burn off that damn ice cream cake, i curse the person who brought it!!! damn you)

~ it's early January and you wouldn't know it here in the maritimes the weather is delightfully warm and the sun is shining

~ i got paid yesterday!! whooo hoooo i have money (at least for a couple of days anyways)

~ may go snow tubing this weekend with a group of pps. i hope we go as it was a blast the last time we went and i could really use the laughs & being outdoors

so kick back and relax

the weekend is almost apon us

i'm out :0)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

a story bout a girl named Uta


this may be true or it may be entirely fictional that my friends is up to you ~ enjoy ~

once upon a time in a time not so long ago, there was a shy little girl named Uta. Uta was born and raised in Germany. Born an only child she suffered tragedy at a young age when her parents died in a plane crash having no other family Uta was raised by her strict religious grandmother who wanted nothing what-so-ever to do with her. Her grandmother resented her and would have prefered to have her dead son alive and well and partly blamed Uta for the plane crash as her parents had wanted a vacation alone together as a break from there one year old baby girl.

Uta wen't from childhood into her teens, attending church, a memeber of the choir, a straight A student but none of this impressed her grandmother and none of this gained her any friends in her grade. She was quite often the pun of other kids jokes, the "nerd" of her class, she would eat her lunch alone and sit and daydream of a better life. In this better life her parents were still alive and they loved her and encouraged her to do great things, meet great people, she even had a sister of all things! oh how easy it was just to drift away from the cold empty life that she led.

Uta proceeded to grow up much to her grandmother's disliking she was never good enough in her eyes and when she went off to college she was in hopes that this would be a new beginning for her, kinda of a fresh start. Her college years go by and nothing really changes, her grandmother is still a bitter even older old women and she wishes nothing more than for her to just die already and stop causing her such misery. Finally one day her wish comes true and her old witch of a grandmother finally croaks and un-beknowst to her all these years her grandmother had hidden from her a small fortune that was left to Uta by her parents. Tears of joy springs to her eyes and a weight is lifted off her shoulders. She's a new women and decides to use this money to begin a new life in a new country called Canada.

So she packs up all of her belongings and decides to donate all her grandmother's crap to local charities and grabs the first plane out of Germany not knowing where she was going but getting as far away from the horrible life she had known in Germany.

She chooses her destination in Canada by closing her eyes and pointing her finger to the page. her destination, New Brunswick, Forest City to be exact by the looks of where he finger landed on the page. Forest City she thinks, this place must be truly beautiful and magical. Before leaving her homeland she begins taking english classes a month before leaving so she would know the language of what was to be her new home. She contacted a real estate agent and purchased a home fully furnished for really quite cheap! she couldn't belive how easy everything was happening. It must be fate she thinks to herself and possibly her dream of so long ago could be coming true. She would make friends and meet the man of her dreams and start the perfect family she always longed for when she was a little girl.

She arrives in New Brunswick with no one welcoming her at the airport, she spies a man greeting what was obviousily his wife with there little girl and she felt a stab of longing for an instant but continued on her way....someday she thinks this will be me. she rents a car and ask for directions, Forest City the clerk asks i have no idea where this is let me get a map. Well by the looks of it you need to go here and then here and it looks like quite a drive but this is the way and he nicely writes down all the directions for her. "Do you have family there miss"? he asks and she reponds "no, this is going to be my new home" well he says "that's kinda a funny place to pick for a new home it's so far from everything". she just nods not fully understanding what he is saying as he's talking to fast, so she thanks him and goes on her way.

So she drives and drives and then drives some more and finally arrives at her new home. A new home that looks totally different than what she had dreamed of or expected. The house was run down with broken windows, a leaky roof, a bad septic system, the list went on and on. Uta brokedown in tears on the spot and the poor real estate agent didn't know what to make of this women who didn't speak very good english. "i'm sorry" she states "but everything has already been signed" and she turns to leave leaving poor Uta alone.

Sadly poor Uta sank into a dark depression for several months spending her days just sitting in this house that is literally falling apart. She's resorted back to her fantasy that she had as a girl, living in a make belive world where everything is perfect, until one day fate steps in. On this particiular winter day a neighbor happens to stop by and offer Uta some assistance with doing maintenance to her home. Over the next few months Uta and her neighbor become friends, she had actually made a friend! And this friend was introducing her to more friends and soon she was getting better one may even say happy.

The following summer her neighbor and a group of friends invited Uta to the local ball. Uta was so extactic and could not wait for the event! she bought the perfect outfit, got her hair and nails done, she had to look her best. Finally the night of the event is here! She was so excited and nervous and wasn't sure what to expect but her friends re-assured her that she would have a fantastic time. So they arrive she meets so many new people, she's drinking champagne, dancing and then finally she sees him, the man in her dreams, the perfect man for her. Their eyes connect and instantly her heart yearns for him and she finds herself slowly walking towards him. "hello" he says "you must be new around here, my name is Daniel". her heart is in her throat and she manags to croak out "yes, my name is Uta, i came to Canada from Germany a few months ago". They instantly hit it off and Uta was in heaven! they danced and drank more champagne and before she knew it they were back at her dump of a house getting their freak on.

She couldn't believe how quickly things were happening but it felt so right and perfect and it's not like it was her first time or anything. They made love and before she knew what had just happend she felt violently ill and ended up throwing up all over the floor and proceeded to pass out. upon awakening in the morning she found a note on her nightstand:

dearest Uta, i'm sorry we shouldn't have taken things so far last night i had a wonderful time with you but i'm a married man and i do love my wife! i barely remember what happend i think it must have been all that champagne. i can never see you again. yours truly, daniel

Uta read the note several times over trying to make sense of things. I must be cursed she screamed to her empty house! am i to be alone forever!! she ripped at the walls and continued to scream and throw things until her neighbor found her curled up in a ball the following day staring off into space.

and that my friend was the straw that broke the camels back that same day Uta finally withdrew into herself into her own fantasy world never to emerge from it ever again. She had to be admitted to a nursing home with full time care where I her cartaker have decided to write her story from notes and journals that i had found in her belongings, because you see i'm a nosy person and i like to snoop and read other peoples lives and stories!

~the end~

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

grocery observations

as many of you well know by now i hate and despise grocery shopping. so here are some things i just so happend to notice today while trying to get thru this painful task as quickly as possible.

why is it that in the winter time after a snow storm everyone has to park wherever they see fit? i mean hello the lines are still under that snow somewhere's! and once one person parks all crooked and e-odd than the rest just follow along. no wonder fender benders and dings in peoples door occur more often

why is it that people leave there carts in a perfectly good parking space? i mean comon the door is right there or better yet there are cart corels for these!!! yeah, imagine that!

why do i always seem to get the damn shopping cart that has faulty wheels? do they not have pps to repair these damn things? so it squeaks, shakes whatever the whole time i'm in the damn store only increasing my level of irritance to the next level

why can't someone invent a shopping cart that is easier to handle and turn after you've got it crammed with all your damn food. these things are impossible to push once weighed down let alone try to turn them on a dime......mabye i'm just weak

why is it that whenever i seem to get my groceries i'm surrounded by dirty pps. like child molester pps? or just plain weirdo's?? i always seem to attract the weirdo's, mabye i should wait and go after work when the average joes like myself get groceries.......

why is it that no matter how few groceries i get it always comes to over $100? wtf!? so not a smart shopper, mabye i should start cutting out coupons....??? hmmm that's a thought

why or i should say how do i manage to always get behind those little old laddies?

why is it that everyone in the store always seems to go to the cash register at the SAME TIME!! seriousily have you ever noticed this before?? or is it just me

why is it that the chick at the check out always scans what you have purchased? and then has to somehow bring that into a conversation. for me it's usually my dog food as i have to buy a HUGE ass bag of it to feed two dogs and they always, always have to comment on this.....i need to come up with a smart ass remark to come back with. i'm open to ideas!

why can't they put splash guards on the backs of the grocery carts? in the winter tracking thru all that slush and mush gets little splashes of crud on my fab new pants.....grrrGRRRR!!! so not cool

alright that's all i got! til next time

Monday, January 09, 2006

nothing much

totally bored outta my mind. not sure why i even ventured here today as i have "nothing much" to talk or write about today. basically just hoping to entertain myself for at least a half an hour of my painfully boring day today here at the office.

so did not want to get my ass outta bed again this morning! what is wrong with me?? i'm healthy, alive and have a wonderful (well most of the time..) husband i have a fabulous family and have tremendous support from all of them so therefore i shouldn't be getting depressed but alas i feel myself going down the same ole path that i venture down this time of year. i should seek out my dr but i am to damn stubborn and i know it's more due to my anxiety than depression and he's just going to put me on those damn depression pills that make me feel better but totally make me wanna throw up all the time. so i don't want to go see the wizard so what to do?? just deal with it i suppose. seeings how it's only 2-3 months outta the year.

and i have days where i feel fine (i.e. saturday) but then i wake up and i have a day like today where i'm down and have no energy what-so-ever. so i go from being quite high and happy to being very low, grumpy, irritable and extremely tired. doesn't help when other pps here at work are down too, thus pulling me even further into the blackness. uck!

so on the positive side of things here are some things i could/should/would do if i weren't such a lazy/poor mofo:

start exercising - must do this pronto as it creates happy endorfins which i really need.
get outside more - did this on saturday, felt much better, the fresh air did me wonders
get my ass outta bed on the weekends - no more sleeping well past noon or having naps from
plan a vacation to a tropical location - this would at least give me something positive to plan/think about
stop fretting about my weight it's only 10 pounds and i will lose it eventually
stop fretting about money
stop fretting about things i have no control over
purchase sleeping pills or something to help me go to sleep at night - lack of sleep has been a BIG factor of late, but if i wasn't sub-consicousily fretting about stuff this probably wouldn't be an issue
cheer the fuck up!!!!!!

that's all i can think of thus far and you know i feel somewhat better just getting this off of my brain. so sorry for the lame ass post today!

~happy monday~

i'm out :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

sooooo tired

need sleep. eyes are heavy. must stay awake. only 2 1/2 more hrs of work. so hard to stay awake and try not to vomit on my desk at the same time. yups, i think it's offical that i have some kind of flu. which shouldn't surprize me as i usually get everything going around but i haven't been sick in like forever. so not fair.

so for like a week now (mabye a little over) i have been battling severe stomache aches and pains just brushing it off as either a) menstrual cramps b) my IBS c) eating to much junk food over the holidays or d) all of the above.

so i thought nothing of it until this week when the insomina, aches and pains and nausea started along with it.

the week progresses and i end up to here where i am miserable in desperate need of a nights sleep. my eyes are litterally burning right out of my head and i look like the living dead. and the wurst is that i keep making the stupiest misstakes and feel like i'm totally out of it. best trip i've been on in awhile! but seriousily not cool when trying to work, i think i'm actually slurring today. i was in tears yesterday morning as i did not want to get out of bed and haul my ass to work. need sleep but yet i cannot sleep. how weird and fucked up is that shit.

so now here i sit trying not to think about sleep or feel sorry for myself wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and DIE!! i need drugs. good drugs. can anyone hook me up????

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


found this over at Laurie's blog Stranded in Suburbia and i liked the concept. so here's my take on it.

Choose one of your favorite bands/artist: Blondie

Answer all the questions using SONG TITLES from the BAND or ARTIST

1. Are you male or female? Sunday Girl
2. Describe yourself: Island of Lost Souls
3. How do some people feel about you? Rip her to shreds
4. How do you feel about yourself? Atomic
5. Describe current relationship with BF/GF: Rapture
6. Describe where you want to be: Dreaming
7. Describe how you live: One way or another
8. Describe how you love: I'm always touched by you
9. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? The tide is high (vacation baby!!)
10. Share a few words of wisdom: Fade away and Radiate
11. Now say goodbye: Call Me

i'm not tagging anyone but would love to see what other pps come up with! let me know if you do it & plan on posting on your sites so i can come check it out!!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

your my obsession

this is my new found love.

love. love. love. love

the Sims Ultimate Collection.

oh how i love thee

oh how i could spend countless hours playing thee

where have you been all my life??

why must you be so addictive?


do you love me too?

i can't wait until we meet again!