Tuesday, January 10, 2006

grocery observations

as many of you well know by now i hate and despise grocery shopping. so here are some things i just so happend to notice today while trying to get thru this painful task as quickly as possible.

why is it that in the winter time after a snow storm everyone has to park wherever they see fit? i mean hello the lines are still under that snow somewhere's! and once one person parks all crooked and e-odd than the rest just follow along. no wonder fender benders and dings in peoples door occur more often

why is it that people leave there carts in a perfectly good parking space? i mean comon the door is right there or better yet there are cart corels for these!!! yeah, imagine that!

why do i always seem to get the damn shopping cart that has faulty wheels? do they not have pps to repair these damn things? so it squeaks, shakes whatever the whole time i'm in the damn store only increasing my level of irritance to the next level

why can't someone invent a shopping cart that is easier to handle and turn after you've got it crammed with all your damn food. these things are impossible to push once weighed down let alone try to turn them on a dime......mabye i'm just weak

why is it that whenever i seem to get my groceries i'm surrounded by dirty pps. like child molester pps? or just plain weirdo's?? i always seem to attract the weirdo's, mabye i should wait and go after work when the average joes like myself get groceries.......

why is it that no matter how few groceries i get it always comes to over $100? wtf!? so not a smart shopper, mabye i should start cutting out coupons....??? hmmm that's a thought

why or i should say how do i manage to always get behind those little old laddies?

why is it that everyone in the store always seems to go to the cash register at the SAME TIME!! seriousily have you ever noticed this before?? or is it just me

why is it that the chick at the check out always scans what you have purchased? and then has to somehow bring that into a conversation. for me it's usually my dog food as i have to buy a HUGE ass bag of it to feed two dogs and they always, always have to comment on this.....i need to come up with a smart ass remark to come back with. i'm open to ideas!

why can't they put splash guards on the backs of the grocery carts? in the winter tracking thru all that slush and mush gets little splashes of crud on my fab new pants.....grrrGRRRR!!! so not cool

alright that's all i got! til next time


Mister Underhill said...

Even worse...what the hell is it with people going BEFORE their carts?

people do that all the time here, and it totally fouls up the line; you can't put your zhizzle on the conveyor belt because their dumb cart is in the way.

flea said...

mister U - LOL i know!!! this totally happens to me all the time too! i think the grocery store needs to implicate rules or something.....

Wandering Coyote said...

Yep - you describe it perfectly! Sounds like a typical experience at Loblaws or Superstore.

But I like grocery shopping, if it's not a zoo (try Friday nights). Because I'm in the food industry, I take my time looking at things and making decisions. Perhaps that's how I balance out the rest of the nasty stuff.

Blondie said...

I only go to the grocery store after 10pm. There are no old ladies or children. The only people you see there are teenagers buying condoms and drunks buying their 3.2 beer.

flea said...

blondie - omg that is hysterical! never thought of doing that!!

Bridget Jones said...

Blondie, I do that too. Love Sobey's for that reason plus the birds flying around inside (by accident, not design).

Always spend over $100 no matter what I do also. Thought it was just a Bridg tax.


Laurie said...

I feel the same way!

And I always get in the wrong line.. no matter which line I choose, the person in front of me will have an issue that requires summoning the manager, and holding up the whole line.. grrr

flea said...

laurie - thanks for stopping by! yeah, this always happens to me too and then as i'm getting ready to pay the person behind me (usually an old lady) tries to bump me or stands in my way with her grocery cart!!! which usually results with the giving ME a dirty look like i'm the one to blame!

oh the drama!

Wandering Coyote said...

And don't you just love the people who try to get into the express line with more items than what's indicated. I gave a lady shit for this once and she sheepishly moved to a non-express line.

flea said...

wc - ha ha ha yeah i know! or better yet you get the people in a regular check out lane with a basket of like 5 things and i ever so quietly state there is an express lane for that you know....they always look at me like i'm on crack