Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had a major snowstorm on Feb 23rd, where we were hit with a foot and a half of snow, this was the hubs and I (and the dogs of course) 1st snowshoe adventure out, after the storm on the 25th. I wanted to get a few pics of the snowbanks and of the dogs. The one above is the hubs getting his gear on and the dogs playing and tearing around the yard. This is the backside of our house and as you can see the snow is piled pretty high

Zoey girl waiting patiently for us to get going

Snow banks and trees looking very pretty covered in snow in our back yard

The one and only pic of Riley, he never sits still this one, always on the go, unfortunately it didn't come out too well....

Zoey taking a break and rollin in the snow to get cooled off

The unbroken trail before us. This was really tough going and we had to stop every 10 minutes or so to take a break, really, really hard on the legs

The trail that we left behind us...

another pic of the trail ahead (un-broken)

the hubs and I (i'm on the left)

Zoey again, pretty tired out at this point (I was too)

and lastly the stretch right before our house, I call this the "magical forest", so pretty and peaceful

Thursday, February 26, 2009

another door closes...hopefully another will open


you know how when you find a perfect job, you apply and you have high hopes that you will get this said job, but you try not to get too excited or worked up about it, brushing it all off as "if it's meant to be" and all that jazz but yet deep down knowing that you will get this job. it's perfect for you. You even have a family friend on the inside that has agreed to "put in a good word" for you.

well today, I received a letter stating that I was not qualified for this said "job" and thus out of the running. case closed.

to say that this was a blow to the gut is an understatement. it's sort of put things in perspective that I have been ignoring for months, and thus sent me into a tail spin.

i'm angry, upset, disappointed in myself

I feel like a failure

and sure, it would have been nice to have a full time job again but I know deep down that I will not be happy in an admin position. sure I could do it and after six months I would just be miserable again. and this stupid job in question was only for 1 year with possibility of renewal (i've been there done that and it didn't work out), so it's probably best in the long run but still...

which leads me back to - well what do I want to do for a living?


I've never known

which just makes me even more frustrated

I can't seem to muster an ounce of motivation to do anything. I'm supposed to be studying and learning medical terminology which could possibly land me a job at the hospital. But do you think I have picked the book up at all?

the answer is no, why i'm not sure, i'm just so confused, angry and bitter right now I don't seem to want to do anything and I have been this way for months. I can't seem to snap out of it.

maybe this kick to the stomach will get me going (I doubt it)

but I need to do something, I just wish I could have someone tell me what I need to do, of course that would be to easy.

and on top of all that i'm super emotional lately, I could just cry and cry and that's pretty much all i've done since I read that stupid letter this morning. which is probably my hormones, cuz yes, I finally went off the birth control pill. not that I want to get pregnant right now but I may in 4-6 months, who knows and I've been on the pill for at least 10 years and seeings how heavy my last period was it makes me wonder how natural it is for us to take that in the 1st place. On the pill I did well to bleed maybe 1 or 1 1/2 days, off the pill I went 7 and then some. I was sort of freaked out by how much I bled. So I wanted to get it out of my system, stupid probably and I may just go back on it. I don't know!

i have so many thoughts running through my head right now I can't keep it all straight

just another day in my ho hum life

Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards - Red Carpet Rundown - "The Bad"

ok, so I'm a bit rusty and I didn't actually watch any of the awards (I have an excuse I was working) but I just can't help but go through my pics of the nights worst and best dressed. so here are a few of the bad

not sure where to begin with this...I mean I hate to diss her she's a legend and all but comon! This is so something straight from the early 80's. When I watched the video back of her presenting I thought she had on sparkly gloves but it's apparently sleeves as obviously seen here, and the puffy cloud mess at the bottom is horrendous! and the color looks like baby puke, not that I've seen much baby puke but that's what it is. awful just awful. but hell if I look as good as her at her age...gotta give her some credit

oh Amy Adams, I love red but somehow when I look at you I think of spiderman? perhaps it's the weird black webbing around your bosom? not exactly sure but that's what comes to mind. Love the necklace but again not with this dress! there is just too much going on with the webbing and the piece that is pulled up and pinned to your breasts! do you have small chest syndrome like me? I have no other reason why a designer would do this to you

this is Amanda something or other, who stared in Mama Mia! this girl is as cute as a button, but this dress makes her look like a Christmas present. not. a. good. thing. bad shoes, bad necklace and BIG bow. yuck!

I think this is Melissa George (dunno who or what she has been in), and the only reason I put this here is because I cannot stand mermaid gowns! and why do they always appear? every year like a bad habit. all tight and snug fitting up top and then a big pile of fluff at the bottom, it just doesn't look right to me

and lastly we have Justin Timberlake's GF Jessica Biel. I've filed this under the category of What the Hell! again I think the designer didn't know quite what to do with the extra bit of fabric. Should I go over the shoulder...or no why not make a big half lumpy bow and run it down the front of the dress....geesh! what a sloppy pile of goods that is. messy hair, messy dress and yes I hate her a bit for nabbing the love of my life (he just doesn't know it)

UPDATE - Honorable Mentions go to:
Miley Cyrus
Tilda Swinton
Whoppi Goldberg

Monday, February 16, 2009

bad, bad blogger

yes, i've forgotten about you again dear old blog. but I have a good excuse. I've been working a lot and actually have good news. I obtained a temp part-time position which guarantees me at least 2 days a week and gasp - a schedule. which I have missed dearly. being on a "call basis" sucked cuz you never knew if and when they would call. I can pick up as many days as I want in between, if I don't feel or want to work I don't have too. and right now i'm so tired and played out I don't want to, i'm not booked again until the weekend so I may just veg all week.

i had intended to blog about the grammy's but obviously that never happened. and who else is so sick and tired of hearing about Chris Brown and Ri Ri?? God. enough already! I will say this though, I think he should be punished, especially where this is so public, whether it be jail time (prob not but he will pay a hefty fee i'm sure to get out of it) and he can probably say good bye to his career.

oh, and enough about octo mom to please!!! this girl is soooooo whacked and messed up. should not be allowed to have her kids.

and that's all I got - for now

gotta catch up with you all

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

latest addiction

i go through phases where i am totally addicted to something, usually it's a computer game (Sims), blogging was big for awhile but since i've been home, un-employed i've become totally addicted to YouTube. I spend hours on there (yes, I have no life)

there are soooo many things on there it is insane!!

old t.v. shows, commercials, figure skating, fat people dancing and sooo much more

and it's all there for me to watch!!

about a month ago I watched all 3 Anne of Green Gables movies on there which I hadn't seen since I was a kid


this has to be the best invention EVER

Sunday, February 01, 2009

game day

it's Superbowl Sunday!!

do I watch football


do I really care who wins


do I still tune in and watch (not all of it, but at least some)

yes, well mostly for the commercials but still

everybody talks about the Superbowl, why, not exactly sure but it's HUGE

so who do you think will win?

Steelers or Cardinals?? I think Cardinals