Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm not dead!

I know morbid as hell! but really i'm not and I have no excuse what-so-ever of neglecting my beloved blog site. once upon a time I would come here daily, and then maybe weekly and then maybe once every few months and then suddenly...gasp...NEVER! I actually completely forgot about this place and it just randomly popped into my head driving the other day (where I do all my thinking/check lists) that hey I wonder how so and so is doing from my blog-o-sphere universe. and I missed it. terribly.

not to say that I will be back fully and whole heartedly as it just isn't the same. my life is 350 degrees different than it was but it is still a piece of me and a part of me. I can't let it go and I don't want to start anew.

so where does that leave me? well alive i guess is a good place to start. Miss Lily Rose is turning 4 (yes, 4!!!!!) in 2 weeks which equals MIND BLOWN. where the eff does time go? like really? I see her baby pic on here and think of the girl in front of me today...sigh it goes much to fast. and before you even think or ask if baby #2 is a possibility or in the works the answer is ....not right now. i'm so on the fence on that topic and hate, HATE when people ask me when the next one is coming. honestly if I knew I would make a t-shirt or bulletin board or something. frig people back the heck off and mind your own P's & Q's. geesh for all you know I maybe can't have any more children and it could be a really akward conversation if I was. maybe next time I will start crying when someone asks me....

and i'm taped out for tonight and lost me thinks and thoughts. hoping I will be back. it feels good to write it all out.