Friday, December 29, 2006

tops & flops of 2006

well it's the end (well almost) of 2006 and i'm bored @ work and frankly do not feel like doing another GD thing, thanks the lords there is now only 2 more hrs to burn here, mind u i could actually get quite a lot accomplished as there are only like 4 people actually here today but meh

so instead i would rather rate my tops (aka highs) & flops (lows) of 2006, personally and of course media celeb wise

so starting in no order

my fav NEW t.v. shows : Ugly Betty, Daybreak
wurst T.V. show but yet i can't help but watch: Flavor of Love 2
Best Reality T.V.: So you think u can dance, American Idol and Dancing with the stars 2
some old fav's: Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, LOST, Medium
fav movies: Step Up, The Departed, Casino Royale
top songs: Nelly Furtado "Promiscious girl", Shakira "Hips Don't Lie", Justin Timberlake "SexyBack", Rhianna "SOS", Sean Paul "Temperature", All American Rejects "Move Along",
fav new Band: All American Rejects
fav female celeb: Kate Winslet
fav male celeb: Channing Tatem
wurst/most hated female celeb: Britney Spears
runner up: Paris Hilton
wurst/most hated male celeb: Tom Cruise
runner up: Kevin ahem K-Fed Federline
the births of baby Suri, Shiloh and Kingston James

some personal highlights for me this year:

getting my promotion (SWEET)
getting my OWN office (even sweeter!)
visiting my sissy not once but TWICE
taking in the sights in Toronto
shopping @ the Eaton Centre
the Toronto Zoo
attending Lindsey & Andrew's wedding in Kingston
vacationing in PEI
taking belly dancing lessons
attending brother in laws wedding in St-Andrews (and getting sloshed at the reception)
getting my new precious pink Razor (cell phone) for Christmas!!!!
Miss Jilly moving back home!
purchasing my flat iron, oh how i can't imagine what i ever did before hand
seeing Guns & Roses LIVE!!

some not so personal highlights:

being sick like how many freaking times (i've lost count)
dis-locating my knee & breaking a bone piece off and having to have surgery
having SURGERY people! scared to DEATH!
being locked in a public washroom for like 5+ minutes
losing my uncle Orville in a car accident
having sore ribs for like a month
attack of the killer house flys , so traumatizing

Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry Christmas!!

just wanted to take a quick sec and wish you all a





have a drink, eat some food and spend time with the ones you love, there's no better way to do it folks!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


omygosh i have way to much info/crap/stuff/lists running thru my brain right now i am in an utter frantic panic and there is no way to possibly contain it any longer



~delivering gifts~

~cooking~ (ha who am i kidding) but i would like too......



it's all rather a bit much and having a lack of $$ in the bank account isn't the nicest feeling either (cursing that GODDAMN bonus yet again, but i'm supposed to have stored that far far away, so i'm sorry for the re-lapse)

so i'm now feeling somewhat guilty as a co-worker got me a lovely present that it just to cute beyond words and honestly i hadn't thought of getting her anything (well i did fleetingly but i thought that surely we wouldn't be doing that here, or perhaps i was wishing we wouldn't as i am a rather selfish person and i don't have the extra cash to spend on yet another gift...) anyways i'm totally rambling, i got a gift and now i should buy her one, but i don't know what, and then i got to thinking that perhaps i should buy cards for everyone in the office as i don't want to exclude anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.......god it's a never ending cycle and i totally should have done this or thought of this weeks ago but sadly i'm not to swift on the up kick and i'm stuck at the last minute trying to scramble for ideas


that was quite the little burst of energy/words that have been pent up ALL day! i sort of feel a little better, but not entirely. is it time to leave yet? i have to get groceries, pick up this and that and i'm sure i'll forget something......

Friday, December 15, 2006

just plain sick

so i've been down and out with a terrible bout of the flu (i will spare you all the traumatic details, and trust me they are traumatic) and today is my first "full day" back at work and i'm freaking exhausted and drained already and it's not even past 10:00 yet.


i guess that's what being out 2 1/2 days in flu hell will do to a person

on the positive side of things i have lost like 8 pounds which i'm sure as soon as my appetite comes back in full force i will put back on in one consumption of sweets, treats and what nots (it is Christmas people) but i'm enjoying being slimmer even if it's only for a few days

other notes, i have been extremely grumpy lately this may be due to my bout of the flu or perhaps i'm just a grinch but i'll be happy, greatful to have this season done and over with, i have several lists in my head that need to be completed yet no idea where to officially start and it stresses me the heck out, thus not making me a happy camper


and also

instead of getting the "christmas cash bonus" that i was oh so ever anticipating this year as i was really hoping to at least pay off one of my evil credit cards, sadly, did not happen. nope. instead i got a $100 gift card to a local grocery store, which by the way i don't even shop at.....anyhoo..... how's that for a slap in the face. totally am not happy about this and not sure if i should break the breach and say something as i don't want to seem ungreatful (when really i am sort of) but frankly i don't think it's fair or right do to give us this without an explanation of some i being wrong here?? i could explain the situation further but frankly i'm sort of tired now and irritated beyond words and yeah. i'm out

happy friday :P

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

latest happenings

not a whole lot really yet i seem to be really busy at the same time......

tis the season


seems like i'm not the only one as other blogs that i frequent have also been slow on the new postings/updates, everone is busy busy busy

has anyone out there actually switched to thew new "betta" blogger yet? they seem to be pushing it extremely hard and yet i'm very hesitant to actually switch as i'm totally lacking the in the computer technology department and i would really hate to lose all my archives as i like to look back and see what/how i was feeling at that time, sort of like your old journal that you just can't throw out, no matter how ratty and beat up it if anyone has switched i would like the down low, is it better, worse?? i'm dying to know!

my office Christmas party is this friday i'm somewhat looking forward to it and i bought a steller new top that i can't wait to wear, now if i can figure out what i want to do with my hair i'll be all set to go

i've also pretty much got my shopping nipped in the butt this year i only have a few more gifts to buy and hubby's stocking stuffers and i'm done

we've got our house all decked out in Christmas trimmings now if only we had our tree......

is anyone else out there tuning into the new show Daybreak on ABC? this is an AWSOME show and if you aren't watching u need too, it's currently filling my LOST void on Wednesday nights and it's got a killer interesting story and Taye Diggs to boot (he's so SEXY!) so i'm anxious for tonights episode as it's just one of those shows you hate to wait for

speaking of t.v shows how freakin awsome is the O.C. this year? it's so much better now without Marissa on it and i'm so lovin Taylor & Ryan! Taylor is really making the show between her and Julie Cooper i dunno who i laugh at more, i give major kudos to the writers and the actors, they are right on performance, keep em comin!

other new: work is well going, exercise not so much and life in general is pretty good

oh and did i mention we are Finished DONE with evil November for another year!! SWEET!

til we meet again, i'm out :P