Tuesday, February 27, 2007

can i have a moment please

holy cow, i've been well, sort of hectic and crazy All day today, like what the hell and where did that come from after yesterday's painfully boring day here at the dreaded office. not only am i covering for a fellow co-worker whose on vacation for 2 weeks (in Sunny Florida none the less) and her work is hard complicated stuff and i'm terribly afraid i'll muck it all up and make a complete mess of it......ack! so i'm going to be super busy the next few days which will probably mean a lack of posts here but never fear i'll still lurk and or post when i have a moment

also the hubs is sick. he never, ever gets sick. and when he does get sick it's the freakin end of the world, honestly. whine whine, sniff sniff, cough cough, sigh and guess what i think i'm also coming down with whatever bug he's caught and trying to not dwell or think about it but having a very difficult time with that....happy thoughts, happy thoughts

anyways, i hope to eventually get around to posting my best dressed list hopefully before the end of the week

peace out :P

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars fashion run down (the BAD!)

even though it's still fairly early and i've yet to see all the photo's i can possibly see, here are a few of the bad to really bad fashion choices (in my opinion anyways) from last night's show

* new updates *

ok, i at first was torn, yes this is a somewhat nice dress, except for the big ass fugly bow by her neck, i love the color red but that's about where this ends. now if you were to say google Nicole Kidman from about 10 years ago on the oscars you would discover that she was at one time human and quite beautiful but something has severely gone wrong with her these last few years, that gangly godawful blonde hair for one (miss her red days), and her pinched pained face for another, and how she continues to just wither away and that you could probably snap her in half just like a twig also doesn't help...now the girl in the background in the red dress i much prefer...

oh gweneth where has thee gone wrong? at first glance from a further distance i truly liked this dress but again the hair!! what's up with you and nicole anyways are you trying to compeat or something? gah!! for the love of god put it back!!!!!! PLEASE! ok focus, back to the dress......i like the vintage thing you are going for her but something is quite wrong with the top, i can't quite pinpoint what it could possibly be....oh perhaps that it's SEE THROUGH! and that GODAWFUL hair! from the waist down i actually like this dress...how sad is that??

again i hesitated on this one, at first i liked, and then i remembered that i wasn't that big on cameron and her fashion choices and then someone pointed out that this is a bad 80's prom dress and that about hits it on the head, and why does she continiousily choose to wear white? for someone that swears up and down that she doesn't wish to ever be married she's sure sending us the wrong signals

oh Kiki, why, why must you do this to yourself? this is so not a flattering dress or color for you, and the hair....and better yet the feathers! honestly what on earth possesed you to leave the house like this, see those women in the background laughing, yeah , they are laughing at you. you could really pass for casper's long lost sister here, and omg is the bottome of this thing see through!!!!! GAAAA! OMG i was just informed that Kujo on Entertainment Tonight selected miss kiki as one of his best dressed!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!

next up is divalicious Jennfier Hudson, i love you to death really i do, and kudos for snagging the Oscar for best supporting actress and i know you wen't all out and even hired the "big guy" from vogue (drawing a blank as to what his name is..) to help you find the perfect outfit, and really i have no complaints about the dress, love the color and style, but what, What is up with that futuristic silvery thing with the scary ass coller? is it cold in hollywood? i. don't. think. so. so why is this piece necessary? and thank god you lost it once inside, everything else though is well perfect and your much better off then some of the others here but i still had to ding you for that fugly nasty jacket thingy

sorry for Perez's notes/squibbles on this but it was the only photo i found with the back of this dress (perezhilton.com), and you need to have both to truly get the total fugliness of this monstrosity. oh Anne you are so pretty so why, why?! not one but Two bows? sigh. one would think where you were in a movie about fashion that you would've learned a thing or two (obiviouisly not), major thumbs down

next up is Jodi Foster, where the hell has she been the last 10 years? love her from the neck up, her hair and makeup looks fab, and i really do like the color of this gown but that's about where my kindness ends. who decided to place the fabric draping (and that's what this resembles) down from her bust? in fact if this wasn't there i would probably be ok, except for mabye the halter neck, oh and the small belt....she looks to be in great shape though....

i lately wen't on a rant about how inhuman John Travaolta looks, but what i'm more focused on here besides his nasty ass hair (ahem plugs) is what his darling wife Kelly Preston has adjorned. is she pregnant? is she trying a new mating ritual? lepoard print? ick. and better yet to wear it to the Oscars of all places? give your head a shake. could not possibly be any more unflattering, and it shows all your womenly flaws that we all want to hide as women, in fact i almost feel more sorry for you than making fun of you

oh my goodness who or better yet why are we still letting these two attend these awards? i personally cannot stand either one, and for them to judge people and what they where should not be allowed as just look what they pull out of there closets ~shudders~ i almost can't bear to look at it, all i see is bad hair, bad wardrobe and teeth, oh and fake fur (at least i hope it is fake)

Friday, February 23, 2007

liar liar pants on fire!

so i got this one from over at beth's blog and it got me thinking could i actually pull this off too....and i'm bored and don't want to do any work this afternoon so the game is for your to detect which one of the below is the lie, and yes there's only one

scenario #1

after graduating high school i seriouisly contemplated on going to a city (Montreal) and becomming a stripper, i had the body, i could dance and better yet i loved to dance, i had a name and everything (eve) but alas i chickened out and have since regreted my decision and often wondered where i would be and how my life would've been had i taken that route but i didn't and shortly thereafter met the future hubs and the rest is well history

scenario #2

quite often as a tween/teen i would sneak into my parents bedroom and swipe money from my dad's coin jar "toonies" and "loonies" (this is canada's $2 and $1 coins) so did not stand a chance, and i often would buy my snacks the next day at lunch with this said loot, to this day i'm not sure if he knows i did this or not...

scenario #3

when i was 17 my parents let me have the car for the day as my best friend and i were planning on taking resumes to town after school, at noon hour someone had the bright idea that we should all go "cruising" in my car. somehow 7 people ended up in that good old chevy cavalier along with 2 people in the trunk, while we drove back and forth and back and forth thru town going 100 kph. my uncle and grandfather caught me and i was banned from having the car for a year, the school even brought in the RC's (RCMP aka Canadian police) to lecture me on reckless driving i almost even lost my license

scenario #4

a while ago a fellow co-worker and i began what i would call casual flirtations which progressed in full throtle outrageous flirtations and i was seriouisly crushing even though both of us were committed to someone else. we were both at our office christmas party without our better halves and the chemistry throughout the night was so intense, i had goose bumps everytime he would come near me and several drinks later we just could not stop staring at each other, i finally broke eye contact and said i had to get some air, little did i realize that he followed me outside, the next thing i knew we were kissing and we had sex in his car (twice) and then proceeded to go back inside like nothing ever happend

scenario #5

this one time after the future hubs and i finished well you know, while parking hubs dared me to run around the said area naked and me never being one to back down from a dare proceeded to do it (did i mention it was snowing...uh no but it totally was), once making my naked jaunt i rushed back to the truck only to discover that he had locked me out, so now i'm naked and standing in the snow yelling for all to hear, he finally let's me in laughing and i punch him end of story, only now you all know i streaked.......or did i???

which is the lie?

*find out after the jump!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

the last O.C.! (sob)

so it's Thursday, 1 more day to go then it's the weekend!

but there's a sad twinge in my heart as tonight also means that one of my fav shows is coming to an end.

yes it's true

no more seth & summer

no more julie cooper

no more ryan, taylor, sandy and kristen....

i've loved this show from the start and i'm going to hate, hate letting it go, but all good things must come to an end, and some day when i'm able i will have every season on dvd so i can watch them over and over again

you can bet your bottom doller though that i'll be bawling my eyes out and quite possibly eat a whole pan of brownies (there low fat and don't have frosting so that's no where near as fatening...wouldn't you say?) in the process, as the two just go hand in hand. don't u think?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look OUT! full fledged rant fest ahead

so you know how back at the 1st of January my co-workers and I started a Biggest Loser Challengs (aka BLC), well today was our 44th day or something (our halfway point), and we had to weigh and measure ourselves (yipee) made 10 times worse for me as not only am i severely bloated but i'm sure i'm retaining water like a hippo

in fact i feel like a hippo

and no surprize i'm up 2 freaking pounds

course eating those doritos and frozen yogart over the weekend probably didn't help matters but still.....2 pounds!!!!!


oh and did i mention i'm on the "loser" team, and not the loser in a good sense. my team is seriousily lacking in the MoJO department and just can't seem to be bothered, sure we try to watch what we eat and do some moderate exercises but the other team is really kicking our ass and losing major weight, and me being the team leader should be trying to hold us together but Meh

so now i'm depressed and wanting to eat chocolate or basically whatever i can get my hands on

so ontop of that, i'm cranky and freaking Tired, why am i always so tired?

and i forgot to mention that i have the wurst, Wurst cramps ever, EVER!!

and i'm achey

u know what i blame it on the weather and the time of year, April cannot possibly get here fast enough

also work sucks, just had to stick that in there too

just another super fantastic peachy keen day wouldn't you say?

this week is totally ruined

Monday, February 19, 2007

the Amazing Race Baby!!

more importantly


Rob & Amber

not only are they back, but they kicked royal Ass last night and managed to come in 1st, let's hope there string of luck continues and that they don't get booted off the show anytime soon. God i love these two, and more importantly it's great GD reality t.v.

i loved them in Survivor and i loved them 2 years ago when they 1st ran the race (him more than her, but i've grown to like her too), just how much to i love these two? i watched their wedding on t.v. and cried, yes i CRIED! and no i'm not ashamed, well mabye a little but not really......

and i can't wait til next weeks show!!! hee!!!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Freeplay

yet another Friday (what a long week it has been, even though yesterday was a snow day for me was way to nasty to venture out on the roads for my liking), anyways, here's what i've been listening too lately

Glamorous - by miss Fergie Fergie (i've got the vid on my sidebar)

What goes around come around - Justin Timberlake

Fix You - Coldplay

Icebox - Omarion ft Timberland

Why - Annie Lennox

hope everyone has a steller friday!

peace out :P

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy Snow Snow

yup, you guessed it i'm also being hit with this snow storm

now i don't mind snow

at least that is until i actually have to drive home in it.....

which i'm dreading

but it does make for a very cozy romantic V. Day now doesn't it, all bundled up warm and cozy in your home with your loved one......

GAG me

god how i hate valentines day

and i'm married

have nothing else really to report other than i'm looking forward to LOST tonight and mabye eating a chocloate or two.....

peace out :P

Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Fashion Run Down (the Bad)

ah, yet another fab fantastic award show (how many more do we have left?? god i hope not many....)

the 2007 Grammys people!! woot woot

actually it was quite drab and (gasp!) boring! what has happend to this show back when i was a kid (i really mean teenager) this show was the most awsome thing around.....where are the heavy rock bands that are drunk and on stage cursing (GNR can u hear me??), where are the steller live performances? and sadly even the fasion wasn't that appealing to me, in fact i only lasted 3o minutes people and i threw in the towel and wen't to bed. sad. just plain sad.

from what i did see in those 30 minutes, i saw the Police re-unite, was meh, ok to say the least, i saw JT perform and the dixie chicks and that's about it (hubs was manning the remote and flicking back and forth between that and American Choppers...) anyways, i still couldn't help make fun of the sad people who should know better than to leave the house looking like they did...

so here's my pics for the wurst dressed of the evening:

Whoa Nelly!

are you channeling She-Ra here? i really don't get this whole look, and honestly why, WHY is it every time someone takes your pic you have to either pout or make some weird ass facial expression (almost like you have to go #2 if you ask me), trust me it's not sexy

i do somewhat almost like the detailing around your bra and before actually scrolling down further and seeing the remaining tatters of your dress i was thinking hmm not bad and then OMG! this is so nasty beyond words and in fact i can't stand to look at it anymore so i'm moving on

next up is the duffster, or aka Hilary Duff

what the heck has happend to you?

you used to be so cute and bubbly and happy and normal looking, i don't know what the hell you are trying to prove (yes i get that you are growing up and all...but geesh) with this whole rock look you got going on and you hair looks like, well, like you stuck your finger in an electical outlet to be honest and the dress.....ick all i see is shiny and lace and you all know how much i hate, HATE shiny people. that and it also resembles fish scales which cannot possibly be a good thing

on a side not i luv your shoes and the cute little knee bend!


her again, and again and again, can't she go away already?

do you have any idea how much i disslike Carrie Underwood? well if you didn't now ya do!

for a second there i thought i had been re-directed to that lady that makes wax statues for famous pps and has them in a musem....what's her name.....anyways, she looks fake, like wax and not human. i think she's a robot or an alien sent from above just to irritate the beejeebsus out of me. cannot. stand. her.

i'll leave it at that

and her dress looks like shiny puke, shiny grey pukey matter


oh great, another wax figure

hold up, wait a minute!

It's Beyonce!!!

now at first i sort of dug this dress, it's different and unique and more importantly looks really, really expensive

but the more i looked at it (and her shitty ass hair extensions), the more i hated it

one too many folds and buckles if you ask me

but i still really dig the color

and lastly

quite possibly the worst thing i have ever seen in my life, but then again what do you expect from a women that's name is Imogen Heap?

i'm not sure if she's on crack or if someone dared her to go like this, cuz there is no way i would leave my house like this unless it was halloween and even then i'm not so sure......

perhaps she is trying to hypnotize us with her umbrella, or the fugly flower like thingys on her dress

who knows?

i do know this, it's a whole lotta fug

Friday, February 09, 2007

at last it's Friday!

i would resort to a happy dance in my chair but i will refrain myself....

what an interesting week it has been, i'm still reeling over Anna Nicole's death yesterday, i mean you know it was inevitable but still you held out hope. i've been reading lots of articles and the one on msn sumed it up the best, why were we so facinated with her? she was a train wreck and i think the instinct in all of us was for someone to help her get her life on track, sadly, that never happend....i'm sure will be hearing lots more on this over the next several months and years

it's still bitterly cold here in my corner of the woods and i'm so sick of the cold and wishing that i could go away some palace warm and sip one of those fruity alcoholic drinks.....ah one can dream though can't they?

what did everyone make of LOST the other night? would like to here what other's thought

only 2 more episodes of the O.C i'm actually quite sad about this and i'm sure i'll bawl my head off during the final show

and that's about all i got for today, i'm looking forward to having a lazy weekend with some housework in there as my house is terribly dirty and i have tons of laundry to do

stay safe and stay warm ~ brrrrrr~ it's freaking cold out there!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

goodbye Anna Nicole, goodbye

as some of you may or may not yet know (i'm sure you do), Anna Nicole Smith has passed away today. despite all the jokes, the puns and her wacked out life, she was a person, she has a family, a 5 month old daughter who will never know her mother.....

so i'd like to take a moment and say rest in peace Anna Nicole and pause and remember you back in the day when you looked normal and beautiful (and not on drugs and or TrimSpa,ooops that was a bad and not really funny...)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

what the frock happend to John Travolta?!

did anyone else see Oprah last night? and did anyone else just happen to notice how freaky JT looked? or was it just me? comparing him to Tim Allen and William H. Macy he looked almost in-human.....

he looked a little too worked on, the hair (plugs i'm sure), the face (one to many nip/tucks) he was shiny people, SHINY!! honestly i was sort of frightened. now i love JT (Grease is my all time fav) but why, WHY submit us and yourself to this can't you age gracefully? guess he's yet another victim of Hollywood...

in other news i'm doing better mentally, it's been a battle

i've been super stressed, over tired, cranky and having major headaches, so in lieu of all this i decided to take yesterday off as a "sick" day aka a mental health day. do i feel guilty. no. well mabye a little. and i have not been feeling great so in a way i was sick and i am sort of stuffed up and could very well be coming down with a cold, but they don't need to know that....

also my biggest loser challenge is still going strong, although i have yet to lose any weight (and i probably won't i think i've peaked) but, i'm still doing exercises at least 3-4 times a week and i do feel better, things feel tighter and even some pants are fiting me better! mind u i haven't really changed my eating pattern but i do write down everything i eat, and i don't eat after 7 that is one rule i stick too. my goal is to lose at least 10 pounds, so hopefully....but if not i would be happy to just be toned up and turn that fat into muscle. buh bye fat!!

that's really all that's new with me, just trudging along singing my same old song....

i just want to thank everyone for the kind helpful words of encouragement in my previous post i never got around to responding to you all

til we meet again :P

Friday, February 02, 2007

isn't it funny...

how you meet somebody or more so "know" of them and then they continue to pop up randomly over the years, and you think oh yeah i knew her back in _____ and _______ and you just continue on your merry way, and then the next time you hear of this said person it's not good news at all

in fact it's terrible news

finding out that this person, who i've known of but never actually knew has been killed in a car accident is a low blow. i'm not sure why. what made her have such a lasting impression on me, i know i was severely jealous and envious of her as she was super cute, skinny and she seemed to have everything, but i never knew her (if i had known her i would've known that she was battling cancer that first time i met her and that in fact she didn't have everything) and i'm sure she never remembered me. so why would it effect me so, i mean sure it's really sad and devastating as she had 3 kids and was only 33 i mean 33!! like that's just wrong to die so young with so much ahead of you, and i mean it could happen to anyone, anytime any place, but i keep coming back as to why it's really upsetting me and i keep coming back to nothing

i personally believe that everything happens for a purpose and or reason, or that it's all mapped out and were on the moving track doing what we are "ment" to do. perhaps she was ment to keep popping up in my life over the years, was it coincidence that she just so happended to have worked with my cousin, was it coincidence that we voulenteered our time at a local charity/auction one night, or that she used to go to my hairdresser???

just plain weird and funny but not like haha funny

i've been doing the same thing that i did when a close friend of mine was killed at such a young age, i imagine myself waking up in the morning, dreading my day, looking forward to watching Ugly Betty or whatever and just doing my typical mundane things that i do every day, not knowing that it's my last day, not knowing i won't see my loved ones again. i often wonder what goes thru there minds in that last instant, what did they see/feel? did they know they were going to die? i think this is what haunts me most. i never used to be scared of death but as i'm getting older, the realization sinks in that we are not imortal, we aren't here forever and we should savor the time we are here

lame but true

stay safe ~ peace out :P