Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars fashion run down (the BAD!)

even though it's still fairly early and i've yet to see all the photo's i can possibly see, here are a few of the bad to really bad fashion choices (in my opinion anyways) from last night's show

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ok, i at first was torn, yes this is a somewhat nice dress, except for the big ass fugly bow by her neck, i love the color red but that's about where this ends. now if you were to say google Nicole Kidman from about 10 years ago on the oscars you would discover that she was at one time human and quite beautiful but something has severely gone wrong with her these last few years, that gangly godawful blonde hair for one (miss her red days), and her pinched pained face for another, and how she continues to just wither away and that you could probably snap her in half just like a twig also doesn't the girl in the background in the red dress i much prefer...

oh gweneth where has thee gone wrong? at first glance from a further distance i truly liked this dress but again the hair!! what's up with you and nicole anyways are you trying to compeat or something? gah!! for the love of god put it back!!!!!! PLEASE! ok focus, back to the dress......i like the vintage thing you are going for her but something is quite wrong with the top, i can't quite pinpoint what it could possibly be....oh perhaps that it's SEE THROUGH! and that GODAWFUL hair! from the waist down i actually like this sad is that??

again i hesitated on this one, at first i liked, and then i remembered that i wasn't that big on cameron and her fashion choices and then someone pointed out that this is a bad 80's prom dress and that about hits it on the head, and why does she continiousily choose to wear white? for someone that swears up and down that she doesn't wish to ever be married she's sure sending us the wrong signals

oh Kiki, why, why must you do this to yourself? this is so not a flattering dress or color for you, and the hair....and better yet the feathers! honestly what on earth possesed you to leave the house like this, see those women in the background laughing, yeah , they are laughing at you. you could really pass for casper's long lost sister here, and omg is the bottome of this thing see through!!!!! GAAAA! OMG i was just informed that Kujo on Entertainment Tonight selected miss kiki as one of his best dressed!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!

next up is divalicious Jennfier Hudson, i love you to death really i do, and kudos for snagging the Oscar for best supporting actress and i know you wen't all out and even hired the "big guy" from vogue (drawing a blank as to what his name is..) to help you find the perfect outfit, and really i have no complaints about the dress, love the color and style, but what, What is up with that futuristic silvery thing with the scary ass coller? is it cold in hollywood? i. don't. think. so. so why is this piece necessary? and thank god you lost it once inside, everything else though is well perfect and your much better off then some of the others here but i still had to ding you for that fugly nasty jacket thingy

sorry for Perez's notes/squibbles on this but it was the only photo i found with the back of this dress (, and you need to have both to truly get the total fugliness of this monstrosity. oh Anne you are so pretty so why, why?! not one but Two bows? sigh. one would think where you were in a movie about fashion that you would've learned a thing or two (obiviouisly not), major thumbs down

next up is Jodi Foster, where the hell has she been the last 10 years? love her from the neck up, her hair and makeup looks fab, and i really do like the color of this gown but that's about where my kindness ends. who decided to place the fabric draping (and that's what this resembles) down from her bust? in fact if this wasn't there i would probably be ok, except for mabye the halter neck, oh and the small belt....she looks to be in great shape though....

i lately wen't on a rant about how inhuman John Travaolta looks, but what i'm more focused on here besides his nasty ass hair (ahem plugs) is what his darling wife Kelly Preston has adjorned. is she pregnant? is she trying a new mating ritual? lepoard print? ick. and better yet to wear it to the Oscars of all places? give your head a shake. could not possibly be any more unflattering, and it shows all your womenly flaws that we all want to hide as women, in fact i almost feel more sorry for you than making fun of you

oh my goodness who or better yet why are we still letting these two attend these awards? i personally cannot stand either one, and for them to judge people and what they where should not be allowed as just look what they pull out of there closets ~shudders~ i almost can't bear to look at it, all i see is bad hair, bad wardrobe and teeth, oh and fake fur (at least i hope it is fake)


Beth said...

man, I could not wait to get here, cuz I knew you'd be talkin about the Oscars!!

Anne Hathaway? Come on...she should know better, like you said. UGLY! And who really cares about Jodie Foster anymore? and Jhud! She's from the 80's or something with that foil thing around her neck!

Okay, I'm done now, since I am prefection and can talk about all those so-called celebrities! ;)

Wandering Coyote said...

I actually liked Anne Hathaway's dress from the front, though I didn't see the back until I came here. I also thought Gwyneth Paltrow looked stunning in her gown. Over all, though, the dresses were quite boring this year. I just did a post about Nicole Kidman...Man she's scary skinny.

flea said...

beth - haha yes! this is what i love to be known for!

wc - yeah, i forgot to add her, she will definetely be mentioned though, i was torn, i somewhat liked the dress, but she looks so freaky and no human that she needs to be here...must add her

Miss 1999 said...

Kelly Preston and Joan Rivers-- Bless! That's just so wrong!!! *LOL* I missed the Oscars, but have caught some clips here and there on tv.

PS: I love the pet pics on the side :0)

Hails said...

Ahh the oscars. I have to say I wasnt very impressed with many of the dresses either. None really made me go oh wow.

Swishy said...

TOTALLY agree with you on all of those! Meryl Streep looked crappy too ... like some kind of hippie soccer mom.

Wandering Coyote said...

Cameron's dress was terrible...very strange and 80s-ish, if you know what I mean. I actually liked Gwyneth's dress. And as for know what I think. She looks like she's been in a concentration camp. The red is stunning but she's just a stick insect.