Wednesday, April 26, 2006

at a loss of words

so i have nothing new to report

nothing new to gossip about, talk about, joke about, bitch about



how lame and boring am I?

just thought i would share that with yall

Thursday, April 20, 2006


have been sort of busy/hectic at work lately or just at a lack of words to do up a post

things have just been sort of ~humph~ lately, not really happy, sad, glad, mad whatever just meh

the weather has been really shitty here all week but on the positive side i think we are in for a nice warm weekend ~bring on the sun baby!

i'm hoping that we can a) get our grass planted b) get the yard cleaned up and c) start preparing to make flower beds ~i'm so exited just thinking of it!!! cannot wait

ever since this past weekends dance~ca~pade i've been sort of lame (mostly my bum knee) and not quite the same since, of course this could be due to all this rain too as i'm sure i now have arthritus in this said least this is what i prefer to tell myself instead of re-injuring myself dancing like a stripper........

sadly my sissy is heading back to the glory land of Ontario tomorrow morning :( i can't believe how quickly the time has gone since she has been home

belly dancing class was a riot last night we had to bring our "veils" and learn to dance with them, mine is a pretty turquoise blue/green. could. not. stop. laughing. and i cannot do the turns due to said poor sad patheic knee & i'm just not coodinated enough. will be very sad when our six weeks is up.

there are major things happening at work "behind" closed doors and i always hate how this happens and you know the shit is going to fly but you have no clue as to what or whom they are discussing. this drives me crazy!

been having a lot, LOT of bad headaches lately. i know a lot of it is pertaining to my allergies and sinuses but last nights was getting to be pretty bad like almost borderline migraine bad and it's still sort of there today. do not know the reason as to why i'm having a lot of headaches but i know i need to de-stress and push out the bad vibes but that's easier said than done

can you frickin believe american idol? i'm so disgusted that i've decided to dis-continue writing up my 3 bottom pics to go home. kellie pickler does not, NOT belong in this stage of the competition. the girl cannot sing at all and she's purely there because of her sad (sob) story, her quirky/ditzy personality and becuase she's cute as a button. it makes me sick. she should have at least been in the bottom 3 last night for sure for totally, totally butchering her song and she knew it! but she's all like "i'm sorry" in that twangy twan voice of hers ~shudders~ i cannot stand this girl!

anyways moving on i'm feeling quite flushed with the anger over kellie stupid pickler

totally just lost my train of thought as i keep getting interupted by co-workers who just want to chit chat before 5! like go away i'm trying to type here people.......


well tomorrow is another day

Monday, April 17, 2006

dreary, weary easter monday

so. not. fair.

having to work on easter monday :(

damn all of you gov't employees all to hell!!!!!


i'm kidding (not really) but still it's so not fair!

anyways 'nough bout that depressing shit

onto other fab things happening

so my cutie pie Sean didn't win the Much VJ search :(

he lost out to Tim, whom i really feel did not, NOT deserve to win but whatever

cause the really, really GREAT news is that Sean has recently been signed onto STAR! which is a sister station to CHUM who in turn owns Much Music! He will be a fashion corespondant! WAY TO GO SEAN!! you so deserve it and you just go on with your fabulous self!

can't think of anything else up lifting or positive today. v. dark dreay day here in the maritimes and i so just want to curl up under the warm cozy covers of my bed. but no. i have to hall my still sorry hung over ass (partied it up at the B&G with the girls Sat nite) here to work and sit here and try to be perky and all that jazz and it's just not happening today my friends. oh well only 1 hr to go.

man did we ever, EVER have a rockin time on saturday nite! was feelin no pain and i don't think i have ever dance so much or so hard in my life. my ass and sides still hurt so i must've been bustin a move out fer sure. was so much fun. definetely need to do shit like that more often.

anyways that the latest and greatest

Monday, April 10, 2006

holy MOSES!

now if your like me and read everything under the sun on the internet (msn, yahoo, Perz Hilton, etc, etc) than you may already know that miss paltrow to the left has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy.

or if you haven't and live under a rock here's the latest BIG news in tinseltown

now after there first child (Apple) you would think that gwen & chris (chris martin lead singer of coldplay) would decide to give their new bundle of joy a good ole plain jane name.

sadly, they have failed again in the name department.

yes my friends they named their baby boy Moses. MOSES. can you imagine what this poor child is going to indure growing up!!!!???? i just can't picture going around my house saying MOSES don't do that or don't touch that MOSES!!! and bad MOSES bad!! like i know easter is coming and ABC has a whole new mini series coming out of the 10 commandments and all but comon! MOSES!?


what is it with celebs naming there children this way? are they trying to make a statement of some sort or trying to pass off Apple and MOSES as appropriate names for small children? i have no clue any more. totally confused.

what's you thoughts??

Friday, April 07, 2006

name game

ok i'm obiviousily totally bored today......

i snagged this from Pink Kitty's blog (her link is in my favorites on the side...check her out sometime she just got a fab new layout!)

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street name)- Sassy Mill

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your mother's side, your favorite candy)- Allison Skittle

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your last name)- h-fos

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite animal, favorite color)- Lion Blue

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)- Yvonne Woodstock (this is so not cool)

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)- fos mac mim

7. PORN STAR NAME: (middle name, street you grew up on)- Yvonne High (oohhh so sexy!)

8. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, the automobile you drive)- The Blue Grand damn!

brain fried

i dunno if it's due to when i used to smoke quite a bit of weed or being overtired but lately i've been coming out with some really dumb jessica simpson like remarks or just doing totally off the wall things.

some examples

i got groceries like any other time and my husband had put in a special request for me to pick up hamburger buns and tuna fish (which is so grose but anyways). so i did, i picked up a 12 pack of buns and a shit load of tuna as it was on sale (i think 12 for something or other so i got 12 cans) anyways making a long story short i get home and i'm unloading the groceries (with his help of course) and he's like "why did you only get 12 buns" and i respond god this is horrible "well there's 12 cans of tuna!" and he just looks at me and i just stare at him blankly and he's like you think 1 can goes into 1 bun, that would be one hell of a sandwhich and sadly i'm still not really cluing in and then it hits me and i'm all mad and now he WILL not let me live this one down. 12 buns and 12 cans!!! ha ha ha

the next instance was at work

we had a big company meeting today and ordered in pizza for everyone, plates were set out and we all get our food go eat and like a "good" employee i was going to load up my dishes into the dishwasher. meanwhile everyone is standing around the kitchen and the counters are all full so i open the dishwasher peek in and see a shit load of dishes not really looking at them so i load in my plate and close it up when one of the guys there is like you know those are clean dishes in there don't you?? umm no, so then i get totally red and take out my plate and i try to brush it off by blaming it on being blonde

another instance at work

everyone was ordering food from murray's esso which is just down the road from us and i didn't want to get fries and everyone else is getting clubs and BLT's. well i don't eat that stuff and i had no clue as to what is in a BLT so i just so happen to blurb that out and everyone looks at me like huh? how could you not know that it's bacon, lettuce and tomato! well like i said i've never eaten one! omg how could i not know that??? did i just blank that out in my 25 years on this earth.......

i also get halfway thru something and then all of a sudden i'm like "what??"

i also will sometimes just sit and totally drift away and stare into space for various minutes at a time, like totally out there, i go numb and everything and i come to and i'm again like "what"

sadly i just totally lost my train of thought guess that's a wrap today ~ happy friday

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

reality t.v. fix for the week

so last night was country night on American Idol. god how i dislike country music and why do they have to torture us all with these stupid music nights? it's plainly obivious that Simon hates these song nights as well, so why do them?


needless to say the show was very boring and such a snooze fest. nobody stood out for me (well mabye Catherine) but i'm biased as she is my fav if i had to pick someone. i wasn't impressed with Taylor's performance at all, seemed to me that he just didn't care or mabye it's that this show has sucked the life right out of him....who knows? anyways, here are my bottom three pics from last nights show:

miss Mandisa, we all know this girl can sing there's now doubt about that but her rendition of a Shania Twain song was just hard on the ears, way to much over singing and what the heck was up with her outfit. ~shudders~ one word here nasty. i'm going to be very mean here but big people should never, ever wear horizantal stripes and was that made out of crochet? god it was just ugly and man are her legs ever huge! still though she'll be around awhile yet, i just didn't dig her performance at all.

next up is hottie mcnaughty, god he's so drool worthy but he ruins everything as soon as he starts singing and god eww touching himself in very provacative manners. and what's up with that stare into the camera. tres creepy. his song choice last night was a major snooze fest and again he probably has a fan base but he has been in the bottom three once or twice before so you never know

and lastly the buckster my hubby luv's this guy for some reason but in my opinion he's like a C- performer. you can hardly make out a word he says half the time as he mumbles so badly, but you know when he goes kinda raspy (like at the end of the song) he doesn't sound that bad. still though his creepy looks and stringy hair need to go, he's so not good enough to be at this stage of the competition

so there you have it as to who goes home.......hard to say and very un-predictable as there are a few people (Elliott) being one of them that just doesn't have a fan base but in my eyes i feel that Bucky deserves to be booted off.

should be interesting tonight fer sure

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

now onto one of my other fav new shows on Canada's Music Station ~ Much Music.

the VJ search! were down to the final four contestants and it's up to us the loyal viewer to chose the next much music vj. my pick for the win should be Sean. i love his energy and his personality. when the show first began i almost couldn't stand him (he is gay and proud of it) but as the show progressed he toned it down at appropriate times and he's just such a riot to watch and he toally makes this show. for anyone that hasn't watched this show the finale is on next monday (April 10th), i think it's on at 8:00 PM eastern time, but not 100% sure.

here's some info on my pick to win!

Sean thinks MuchMusic needs more sass and attitude and he plans to be the one to provide it. The Regina native has tons of pop culture knowledge, is a diehard Cher fan, and has a style that is constantly evolving. One of his goals is to be fabulously wealthy, at almost any cost.

go here now to vote for Sean to be the next Much Music VJ!
select the vote now button and then click on Seans's pic
(like the one here to the left) and that's that!!!

so please take a second and throw a vote his way he deserves to win this thing ~ seriousily

that's all she wrote for today folks ~ i'm outta here

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


so you know how i've been away (due to tech issues which so were not my fault) and out of the loop on everything that i would have tons, tons of stuff to write about...........well not so much~ i'm drawing a blank in that section of my brain department

did i also mention that my sister is home?? like hello! that's huge frickin news! sadly though i think she's leaving this weekend and i don't know where the time has gone but i'm not going to think about that right now as it depresses me

happy happy people!

i'm also taking a belly dancing class ~ yeah like how awsome! i'm super stoked about this, we even have to buy a veil and everything by the 4th class and my mom, aunt and sister all went last week and it was just so funny, we could not stop laughing. i highly recommend it to anyone and can't wait for the next class (which isn't until tomorrow nite)

which also ties into my new god i hate to say it diet

yeah i'm on that wagon again too

time to start walking (again), eating right and all that jazz. i really feel like the dancing is kicking things into motion though along with our planned trip to Dominican next January for jilly's wedding. so these are BIG factors to take into consideration and not only that but i'm just so tired of feeling frumpy and flabby so it's time to crack that whip baby!

hmmm what else is new/going on in my world right now?

work is getting a little better i'm gradually getting more to do and there's a big meeting planned for this Friday ~ not sure what to make of this but hopefully all will go well. the last few weeks have been terribly quiet arond here and it makes for a very long day when you have nothing to do besides surf the net.

the weather has been (up until today) very warm and spring like can't wait to do landscaping to our yard. i just hope it holds out they are acutally calling for some possible flurries tonight! yuck! i know it won't last but still ~ no more snow please for the love of baby jesus

is it just me or are a lot of the shows on hiatus or something? all i keep seeing is repeat after repeat

what does everyone think of idol lately? don't know about you but i'm thinking that this year really, really BLOWS major goats. for example, last weeks show in my opinion was the worst idol show EVER. everyone did really badly and i felt like anyone of them could have been in the bottom three, and i hate how this year they seem to be basing votes on peoples personalities and not their vocal performances (i.e. kellie pickler) and i just don't really have a favorite this year. i really like Catherine McPhee so i guess she'd be my top pick overall. i did like chris daughtery but like simon said he needs to broden his horizion's a little as the whole "rock" is just getting old, yeah we know he can sing and rock it out but to see it week after week it just gets tiresome. really my overall reason for watching is just to laugh and make fun of paula and the contestants.

can't seem to think of anything else at the moment the phone keeps ringing here at work and its hard to stay focused on one thing so i guess that's a wrap for today :)

i'm outta here