Tuesday, April 04, 2006


so you know how i've been away (due to tech issues which so were not my fault) and out of the loop on everything that i would have tons, tons of stuff to write about...........well not so much~ i'm drawing a blank in that section of my brain department

did i also mention that my sister is home?? like hello! that's huge frickin news! sadly though i think she's leaving this weekend and i don't know where the time has gone but i'm not going to think about that right now as it depresses me

happy happy people!

i'm also taking a belly dancing class ~ yeah like how awsome! i'm super stoked about this, we even have to buy a veil and everything by the 4th class and my mom, aunt and sister all went last week and it was just so funny, we could not stop laughing. i highly recommend it to anyone and can't wait for the next class (which isn't until tomorrow nite)

which also ties into my new god i hate to say it diet

yeah i'm on that wagon again too

time to start walking (again), eating right and all that jazz. i really feel like the dancing is kicking things into motion though along with our planned trip to Dominican next January for jilly's wedding. so these are BIG factors to take into consideration and not only that but i'm just so tired of feeling frumpy and flabby so it's time to crack that whip baby!

hmmm what else is new/going on in my world right now?

work is getting a little better i'm gradually getting more to do and there's a big meeting planned for this Friday ~ not sure what to make of this but hopefully all will go well. the last few weeks have been terribly quiet arond here and it makes for a very long day when you have nothing to do besides surf the net.

the weather has been (up until today) very warm and spring like can't wait to do landscaping to our yard. i just hope it holds out they are acutally calling for some possible flurries tonight! yuck! i know it won't last but still ~ no more snow please for the love of baby jesus

is it just me or are a lot of the shows on hiatus or something? all i keep seeing is repeat after repeat

what does everyone think of idol lately? don't know about you but i'm thinking that this year really, really BLOWS major goats. for example, last weeks show in my opinion was the worst idol show EVER. everyone did really badly and i felt like anyone of them could have been in the bottom three, and i hate how this year they seem to be basing votes on peoples personalities and not their vocal performances (i.e. kellie pickler) and i just don't really have a favorite this year. i really like Catherine McPhee so i guess she'd be my top pick overall. i did like chris daughtery but like simon said he needs to broden his horizion's a little as the whole "rock" is just getting old, yeah we know he can sing and rock it out but to see it week after week it just gets tiresome. really my overall reason for watching is just to laugh and make fun of paula and the contestants.

can't seem to think of anything else at the moment the phone keeps ringing here at work and its hard to stay focused on one thing so i guess that's a wrap for today :)

i'm outta here


Bridget Jones said...

Hey Flea we're on similar kicks. Haven't signed up for dance class yet but am looking.

Gave up on Idol. Got tired of it...glad you and sis got to visit!

Sadie Lou said...

welcome back!
You're right, American Idol stunk last week. I'm still voting for my boy Taylor Hicks. He's gonna win this thing if Madisa doesn't eat him! Good luck with the diet!

flea said...

bridg - i've been wanting to do something like this for awhile and i'm loving it!

sadie lou - thanks!!! so glad to be back.

i give tons of kudos to mandeasa as she does have amazing confidence in herself but her legs are massive! i mean it! have you seen the size of those things??? HOLY COW! and it totally wouldn't surprize me if she ate one of her fellow competors....gosh were so mean but it's so funny!

Wandering Coyote said...

I have friends that swear by belly dancing. I'm not that brave, but they think it's fab. And great exercise. Go you!