Monday, April 10, 2006

holy MOSES!

now if your like me and read everything under the sun on the internet (msn, yahoo, Perz Hilton, etc, etc) than you may already know that miss paltrow to the left has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy.

or if you haven't and live under a rock here's the latest BIG news in tinseltown

now after there first child (Apple) you would think that gwen & chris (chris martin lead singer of coldplay) would decide to give their new bundle of joy a good ole plain jane name.

sadly, they have failed again in the name department.

yes my friends they named their baby boy Moses. MOSES. can you imagine what this poor child is going to indure growing up!!!!???? i just can't picture going around my house saying MOSES don't do that or don't touch that MOSES!!! and bad MOSES bad!! like i know easter is coming and ABC has a whole new mini series coming out of the 10 commandments and all but comon! MOSES!?


what is it with celebs naming there children this way? are they trying to make a statement of some sort or trying to pass off Apple and MOSES as appropriate names for small children? i have no clue any more. totally confused.

what's you thoughts??


tshsmom said...

Do they honestly think that just because they're rich and famous, other kids won't make fun of those names?
Poor kids!

LOL, how DO you discipline a child named Moses?

Bridget Jones said...

Yes I have an explanation: She is an IDIOT!!!!

flea said...

tshsmom - i have no idea! i just can't imagine!!

bridg - lol, i don't think she's an idiot but it does make one wonder doesn't it?

Bridget Jones said...

Well, flea, that is a harsh word but it sure felt humorous to type!!!

OK let's say eccentric then......

Sadie Lou said...

There isn't a super star out there in Hollywood that doesn't cave under the pressure of trying to out-do everyone with the craziest child name.
I'm serious!
I think Julia Roberts was insane when she named her children. They sound like total snobs! Phinneus and Hazel? Are they 100 years old already?

Demi Moore and Buce Willis have some funky kid's names, Rumor and Scout?

Frank Zappa's kids--Helloooo Moon Unit?

Moses is bad. Very.

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, biblical names are in vogue. I personally think this could have been way worse after Apple. I always envisage Moses as a stressed out old man, so the connotation for me is kinda funny.

Bridget Jones said...

OK how about what Grace Slick did to HER kid? god? Can you imagine that poor little thing's first day in kindergarten, trying to tell the teacher her name??? Yah right.

I think it was a her....