Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's a new day

no more whining, bitching, rantings, complainings whatever's about work related stuff...

i'm stickig to what's important:

my health & happiness
staying close to loved ones and friends
being positive and not dwelling on the negatives in life (ahem work)
not worrying about things that i cannot control

it's a new day and a new attitude

Monday, January 29, 2007

blah blah blah and oh yeah blah!

so my life is a wee bit chaotic and anxiety filled lately, not sure why, oh wait i do know why it's all connected to work.

u see about 2 wks ago it was casually mentioned that "hey, we don't currently feel that your living up to your potential so were going to move you to the dungeon aka downstairs, to another department where we feel u are better suited", thus leaving me highly confused and a little excited as i initally from the start wished to be in this position where they are moving me too, but yet at the same time hurt. make sense? probably not, but over that week my emotions were/are in turmoil and after that 1st brief encounter nobody has said boo to me about anything, thus my anxiety runs full throttle and i've become parnoid and a bit resentful. so finally about a 1 1/2 later i can't stand it anymore and corner my supervisor and ask wtf is up. i wanted to cry, scream as all these emotions needed to come out. although he couldn't really provide me with any more info than what i already knew it did somewhat make me feel better, and i do get a somewhat piddly raise, but, i'll happily take what i can get as we are lacking in funds right now.....


so that about brings me to date, i am now back with the intial company i started out with, they have yet to decide if i am offically moving to the dungeon, although i think it's inevitible as i really can't see how i can be the only person working from upstairs when everyone else is down....but whatever, what the fuck do i know??! i'm still highly confused and to top all that off i'm somewhat sick to my stomache today, or perhaps it's nerves....or i have once again caught the GD flu, as everyone and their dog has been freaking sick lately.


and did i mention my freaking head hurts too!

change is a good thing right? then why does it feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me? and that my gut feeling is that they want to stick me back on the main front lines, the dreaded "receptionist" position? overall i feel like i've been given the run around and i am quite tempted to search for another job, yet, they are so hard to find and i hate to start the whole procedure over again. and they do treat me somewhat good here, sometimes...despite the shitty bonus and the crap they've put me thru the last 2 wks

what to do, what to do

i need a drink, that's what i need, or a good cry, mabye both........

Thursday, January 25, 2007

who would've thought...

you know back in 1994 my favorite show on the whole planet was "My So Called Life", i loved this show and everything about it, but, more importantly i loved Jared Leto who played the hot yummy love interest for Claire Danes, but even more sadly due to another new show Friends stealing the ratings this show was canned after only 1 awsome, life altering season.

ah the memories

i even had multiple posters, pics (swipped from a teen mag i'm sure) hanging/taped in my locker, one very similar to this in fact....
so what my question is how can one go from this, total, undeniable hotness to this????!!!!:

positively SCARY!!!! like what the hell has happend to you Jordan...ahem Jared i mean. i get that you probably didn't dig all the young screaming girls screaming at you and calling you a "pin up" but honestly did you have to go quite this far?? and i also get that your in some sort of punk rock band but still they have cute lead singers.....take the guy that fronts All American Rejects, he's totally yummy and doesn't look like he's a vampire reject.
sigh i miss the good old days

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


here's the best pic i came across, guess it was also a cartoon back in the 80's, the one i had was white and blue (i think), and one year for Christmas this was all i wanted
update: just found this over at Wikipeda
Popples were characters in a Saturday morning cartoon by the same name that aired in the United States from 1986 to 1987. They first appeared in a one-time Shelly Duvall special called "It's Popple Time", in which they were puppets and marionettes. The special went over very well, so it was decided to make a cartoon series with the same characters. Popples were created by Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC), a subsidiary company of American Greetings, and the plush toys were manufactured by Mattel. The cartoon was produced by DiC Entertainment and LBS Communications in association with The Maltese Companies.
Popples resemble brightly colored teddy bears with long tails tipped with pompoms. They have pouches on their backs that can be everted, so they are in the pouches. The name "Popple" is a reference to the popping sound they make when unfolding themselves from such a ball. In the cartoon Popples commonly pull large items from their pouches that couldn't possibly fit inside, which presumably come from hammerspace.
The Popples live with a brother and sister, Billy and Bonnie. Billy and Bonnie think they are the only kids who have Popples until a neighbor family moves in and they have their own Popples, the Rock stars, Pufflings and babies. The Popples tend to come around and mess up whatever the kids are trying to do, such as if they are trying to brush their teeth the Popples end up spilling water, toothpaste and soap all over the bathroom. If the kids are trying to clean their rooms, the Popples come along, mess up the room even worse and then help them get everything back to normal just in the nick of time. The plot revolved around the children's efforts to hide the existence of the Popples from the adults around them.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

when i was growing up...

a little trip down memory lane......

~one of my favorite shows to watch was Reading Rainbow
~other favorites consisted of Seasme Street, Mr. Dress Up, and Sharon, Lois and Bram
~Ernie was initally my favorite character on Seasme Street and i did a mean impression of his laugh
~ other favorites: snuffy, grover, oscar and of course cookie monster
~my first pet (that i remember) was Sassy (my poodle) and she was my dog, i loved her more than anything
~i had a popple
~ i also had a pound puppy
~i loved to go visit my grandmother after school, she would usually fed me donuts and we would watch All my children, or do word search puzzles
~my first recollection of having a crush was in the 4th grade, i liked him for years afterwords to no avail
~i was terribly shy and quiet until junior high
~i once sang "i think were alone now" with three other girls in front of the entire class
~my favorite group was New Kids on the Block (jordan was my fav)
~ i have lots of memories of my sister and I and other various local kids (mostly neighbors) playing house, in the cluster of woods beside our house
~ i idolized my sister, she was the one i ran to if something wen't wrong at school
~ i remember lot's of camping trips with the family, and how i got stuck sleeping on the inside (by the tarp "fake" wall) of the bed in that old camper of ours (thanks sissy! :P)
~ i knew the Phantom of the Opera by heart
~ i was in brownies and girl guides
~ i played basketball but wasn't really all that into it, just did it becuz my sister and everyone else in the fam dam did, that, and it was the only sport our school offered besides badmintion and honestly who would submit themselves to that....sadly i did for like 1 year in the 7th grade... ~ i lost a tooth by eating a crunchy/burnt french fry
~ i once, during a winter storm (not sure why) stuck my tongue to the outside front door, and of course it froze to it, needless to say momentary panic ensued, but i did eventually break free without too much damage
~ i thought that chucky lived in my closet
~ i also thought that my toys/teddy bars came to life at night time
~ i also thought that during a full moon i would invision a person's eye filling that moon as if peering in on us from another world...i had a vivid imagination....
~ i had a skip it, it was blue
~ i never dared/could do a kart wheel, my one attempt to do so almost resulted in me breaking my wrist, i never tried again
~ my dad was my hero
~ i remember one time he came to pick me up at school during recess for something (prob a dentist appt) and i was so embarassed as it was just wrong for him to be there with my friends watching, those two worlds should never collide! (at least that's what i thought)
~ i was quite a sick kid really, with my asthma and allergies, thankfully i don't remember most of it but i do remember my allergy test (excruciating) and getting lots of aerosol treatments
~ i loved the noon hour sock hops
~ my first encounter with Stephen King was in the 5th grade, our homeroom teacher read us "the eyes of the dragon", i was mesmerized
~ oh how i hated math classes
~ i almost failed a couple of times actually, but due to it being a small school i think they just pushed me thru out of the goodness of there heart
~ strangely enough i enjoyed biology
~ i got to discet a cow's eye in this class (so Awsome!)
~ i had a crush on my older cousin (i know so lame and grose but as if anything would ever come of it) but everyone else in the school did too, and i tend to be a follower sometimes....
~ at his graduation i asked him to save a "slow" dance for me in front of all my friends (thinking i was so cool!) and he said yes, sadly, he left and never gave me my 4/5 minutes of fame to rub it in to all my friends :( i was morified and left crying
~ another favorite t.v. show in my tweens/teens was full house and saved by the bell, i think i saw every episode and i loved Zack (still do)
~ i had paula abdul's "straight up now tell me" CD
~ i also loved, loved Millie Vinillie's "girl u know it's true" song before the big scandal
~ i used to tape songs from the radio all the time
~ i played my nintendo all the time, espically my little mermaid game. i so kicked ass in this game!!!!
~ i had a my child doll, remember those? sort of a much fanicer version of a cabbage patch doll, and i loved her more than life it's self
~ i had a jordan knight poster on my ceiling so every night he would be the last thing i saw
~ i also had a really cool poster showing the top of the ocean and then the under neath, with all the fishy's & dolphins, this thing was huge (floor to ceiling) and i loved to stare into it
~ i had a teddy bar called carmel, and his girlfirend was jilly's bear lilly
~ i remember one time both jill and i had strep throat and we were at her mom's house, both sicker than dogs and sharol making chicken noodle soup (my fav), unfortunately, it didn't stay down and i didn't make it to the bathroom in time
~ one of my first memories of seeing a movie in theater was going to see Robin Hood (with Kevin Coster), i loved this movie and was sooo in love with Christian Slater
~ i remember packing a suit case and wanting to run away (dont remember why now) and making it clear down the road before my sister came and got me, i was bound and determined to go somewhere
~ we (sissy & jilly) used to make up dance routines and perform them on the lawn
~ we (sissy & jilly) also used to cut our barbies hair and style it with gel/moose along with designing them cool outfits that we made from cutting up old nylon stockings and any other fabric we could find

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Golden Globes - the "good"

so i did end up having time today to run down my fav dresses of the night (a meeting was cancelled that i was supposed to have been in this afternoon), so, here we go!!

Honorable Mentions: St. Angelina herself, even though i'm still not really sure if i totally dug the dress (it was dark grey afterall) but needless to say she was still breathtakingly stunning, Ali Larter and Hayden Pinette from the show hero's which i still have yet to start watching and Hilary Swank

1st up is Reese Witherspoon, also recently split from her just as cute ex Ryan Phillippe, now cameron diaz should take notes, this is how you attend an awards show showing everybody that you are single and HOT! at first i hated the dress, but the more i looked at it i luv it, and her hair is smoking!! in fact i may just try to mimmick this the next trip to my salon...anyways my main point of focus here is her Red, yes RED shoes!!! so freaking hot & sexy and i so want a pair of these!! You go Girl!

next up is America's sweet heart America Fiera (i'm too lazy to google her and get the proper spelling), better known as Betty from the hit show Ugly Betty. now this is a girl that young women/girls should look up too and want to aspire too. she's a real women with curves and shape, and beautiful on the inside and out, and she pulls off this gown spectacularly. luv the color, luv how happy she is and way to go on snagging best actress in a comedy! you so deserve it

up next is Drew Barrymore, remember last year's show where she showed up not sporting a bra in a whore-en-dous green ensamble? so sad yet it's almost worth it to see her here like this. she looks AMAZING! the dress hugs her in all the right places and the healthy tan just makes her look so relaxed and flawless, luv everything about this look, here's to hoping she's on a comeback as i luv her from way back

i think this is Helen Mier? Meir?? can't remember, anyways, man if i look this good when i get up to her age.....wow, simply amazing, classsy, and perfect. the color is superb what else can u say really?

and lastly, i've saved my favorite for last and it's none other than Jennifer Lopez, man would i love to be her for like a day, or better yet have access to her wardrobe for a day. geesh. she's just so gosh darn perfect it's almost sickening but yet you can't help but love her at the same time for channeling her inner goddess in this dress. the dress, the hair, it all is goregous! simply amazing

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe fashion run down

will start off with none other than the "bad" or "wurst" of the evening

honorable mentions go to: Vanessa Williams, Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt

who better to start off with than the diva herself, miss Beyonce, now not only is she really striking quite the "diva" pose here, and thinking that she is really working this gold dress, which of course hugs all her bootylicious curves, which normally would be a good thing but sadly this shiny gold number really doesn't do it for her, and neither does the tacky, icky blonde hair extensions, she looks like a fake plastic doll or something, it's just wrong on so many levels, sorry B but you get an F on this one

next up is recently dumped Cameron Diaz, oh boy, where to start here and be nice about it......hate the dark hair, it really needs to go, go back to your happy perky blonde days, and the dress, oh boy the dress, girl one would think where you were attending an awards show where your ex is going to be at, you would want to look amazing and make him green with envy, unfortunately for you i think u just confirmed why justin just dumped your ass....to many ruffles, the color is whore-en-dous, and yeah, it's just all around nasty

next up is nicolette sheridan from the not so much hit show (at least not for me, i haven't watched once this year...) Desperate Housewives, and that's about what she is Desperate, with a capitol D. she never, ever chooses a gown that i say, wow, she looks really amazing or better yet at least current and hip and in this decade, when was the last time a mermaid skirt was cool? the 80s?? ick i hate this dress so badly! time to move on

now i really wanted to give patricia arquette the benefit of the doubt, i love her show and i love her (she's a great actress and she's proud of her "normal" curvy figure) so i wasn't go to be all harsh on her ass, but frankly she deserves it. like what the hell. what's up with the black bra like top, and the icky, dull grey color, or better yet why if you know that you are curvy would you pick such an un-flattering dress? and to top all that off, her hair is well nasty to say the least, sorry girl but you could have done, way ,way better and where's your cute adorable hubby??

and lastly, i can't remember this girls name but i think she stares in the movie babel, if that tells you anything. but i just couldn't resist this, i mean she had to know that she would be put on several worst lists by chossing this, or perhaps that's what she was going for.....better to be on that than fall into the just "meh" category and be totally forgetten. overall i like the soft purple color but it stops there, the floating balls, the black shoulders and her bleach blonde hair really washes her out, in fact i almost feel somewhat sorry for her, but she had to know before she left her house what she looked like, so i don't, you my dear are by far the wurst dressed of the night, even beating out over the top beyonce in her golden shiny number

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tagged Again!

A - Available/Single or Taken? sadly i am taken, although i still look :) mwhaaa!
B - Best Friend? Sissy and Jilly
C - Cake or pie? cake
D - Drink Of Choice? is this with alcohol? guess not....water i guess
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? toilet paper
F - Favourite Color? blues, purples and browns
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Neither
H - Hometown? Canterbury, NB
I - Indulgence? chocolate and or shopping for myself
J - January Or February? February, because winter's closer to an end! (agree withWC here)
K - Kids & Their Names? have none at this time (thank GOD!)
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? family and friends (and my pets)
M - Marriage date? August 23, 2003
N - Number Of Siblings? 1 older sissy
O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples
P - Phobias/Fears? the dark, pretty much every insect on the planet
Q - Favourite Quote? "make love not war", some hippie chick/dude
R - Reason to Smile? waking up every day healthy and alive
S - Season? Spring or Fall? spring
T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Nancy Drew, Miss 1999, Beth
U - Unknown Fact About Me? my arms are double jointed
V - Vegetable you don’t like? califlower
W - Worst Habit? chewing my nails
X-rays You’ve Had? knee
Y - Your Favorite Food? french fries, ice cream
Z – Zodiac sign? Leo

i've been tagged

by Sadie Lou, mind you it's a little late, but better late than never......

3 things I got this (past) year for Christmas:

my fav gift hands down was from the hubs, and it's my pink, yes pink, razor cell phone *luv's it! will eventually take a pic of me with it and show u all, HEE!!

hubs did well this year as he also bought me a perfect, dainty, silver dressy watch for me, that even has some bling bling on it, or fake bling bling, but whatever it's still sparklie and suits me to a tee

and lastly my mommy bought me a really nice sheet set that matches my bedroom perfectly, and who can't use a nice sheet set?

honorable mentions: Stephen King's latest book (Lisey's Story), thanks Auntie Sharol!, really cool sweater from Old Navy from my mother in law, which i was surprized as she usually gets me really fugly stuff that i end up giving away....but shhh don't tell the hubby....., a whole box filled with Dessert makeup - lotions from my sissy, so i smell super sweet, and a bunch of other stuff that i can't remember

3 things to not buy me next year:

this is actually sort of hard....

umm note to mother in law, please do not buy me clothes from Northern Reflections ever again! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
photo albums, i have enough already!
cook books, ok i take the hint i should learn to cook but really lay off

so that's that

oh yeah and 3 pps i want to spread the joy too:

Nancy Drew
Ben O

or who ever feels like it :P

Friday, January 12, 2007

friday freeplay (3)

5 songs i can't get enough of

Pink - U and Ur Hand Tonight (luv this!!)

Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape

Champion - No Heaven

Mario Vasquerez - Gallery

K- Os - Sunday Morning (he's Canadian, so you probably haven't heard of him the in States but i highly recommend you check his music out, like seriouisly)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Read this and SIGN


i just stumbled across this on CTV's website @ www.ctv.ca

if you read this article and don't sign the petition (espically as a women) then you have no heart

please do the right thing and Sign the petition NOW

that's all i have to say about that


Monday, January 08, 2007

i have been challenged

yes my friends it is offical, i have signed up here at the office for.....

are ya ready


and the topper of this cake is that not only did i sign up but i'm my teams team leader. which is really almost sort of comical but i'm hoping to turn it around and really focus on the task at hand.


but no really, i'm taking this very seriousily, honest and it's not really about losing the weight (well sort of) but more importantly living my life healthy and choosing healthy "food" choices, which i so do not do right now

so today is day 1

we have weighed and measured our selves and honestly i'm ok with what i way, which really scared the bee jebus out of me but i know what i have to do and by all that is holy i am going to do it.

yes my friends i have sworn myself off of mcdonald's

sob :(

but it had to be done

next step in the works is to actually cut french fries entirely from the diet but that one is going to be ruff , but i shall try, or at least only have them once a week

and i'm taking this all in stride, i'm going to try to exercise 4-5 times thru the week and i'm even contemplaiting purchasing one of thos pedometer counter thingies

so bring it on team 2, bring it on!!!

p.s. god i hope i can stick with this for the 3 months........

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

say IT is SO!



please someone out their in blog land back up perez hilton and tell me it is true that JT & that whore (not really, i do like her but just not with him) Cameron Diaz!!

like holy friggin shit i think i just creamed my panties !!!!!!!!!

now he can totally save brit brit and they can live happily ever after as they are so ment to be together, you know what they say about first loves and they totally were!!!


you know i probably should be ashamed of myself right now but i'm soooo not! one would think i was like 12 years old, sadly that isn't the case......