Monday, May 30, 2005

i'm in utter AGONY

let the itching, scratching, sniffling, burning, watering eyes, and headaches begin.

yes my friends it's alergy season, oh what fun.


I have never, never been so miserable in my life. I take my daily dose of alergy medicine and it does not help. I was even so desperate today that I went and purchased Visine to help. nope, instead my eyes are burning even more so (could possibly be experiencing an alergic reaction, but hopefully i'm wrong) and to top off the day i have an extreme sinus headache.

oh what a wonderful monday. ha ha who the hell am i kidding.

on the work side of things. we have a practicum student that started today......she so hates me already as i got the job that she wanted (he he he) and i can feel the hate omitting from her. and you know how you get those first impressions that are usually right well, i just feel that she's trouble and i can't quite put my finger on it but mabye i'm wrong......(will keep you posted).


time for some t.v therapy ie. Entertainment Tonight and Canadian Idol

Sunday, May 29, 2005

no more TV

yup i'm a t.v addict, hey at least i admit it.

may i ask where did all the good t.v shows go?? where's desperate housewives, amazing race, lost, american idol, the O.C, CSI, medium.......

i'm completely lost. every good show that i watch is wrapped up for the season and now i have nothing to watch and i'm terribly bored, already.

this shitty ass weather does not help. if it was at least nice outside i might possibly venture out and do other "outdoor" tings, but not now it's cold, dark, dreary and miserable. so i sit in side and rot and pace and sleep and pace some more.

oh soooooo bored

what to do, what to do..................

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Night

da da da dum de de da da da dum

be my baby...............................

just an old tune for my lonely self on a saturday night. i always used to so look forward to saturday's, going out, partying, havin a great time. now. nothing. all alone, feeling ill and my hubby has left me all alone. sob.

just kidding, i'm actually kinda grateful for the time alone. work has been so busy and crazy that i don't have time to think and unwind. so going to do that tonight. a little surfing on the net and some blogging and a nice hot, soothing bath. it's all about me tonight. yup, sounds like fun.......well mabye part of me would like to go out with the girls but i honestly could use the peace and quiet tonight.

besides that nothin else new. weather is still shity and cold. my allergies have been killing me and the black flies are out and wild once again.

i'm out

Friday, May 27, 2005

on my travels to work

On my way to and from work i encountered:

1 Baby moose
torrential rain & wind (well mabye not that extreme but pretty close)
100,000 pot holes (can't the government fix these?)
road rage
getting stuck behind not one, not two but THREE slow drivers!
more road rage
squeaky wipers
2 people who flipped me the bird as one of my front blinkers is burnt out, i just wave and smile.....he he he
sing along with a song on the radio
bitch at my car who i swear is possesed as my radio will come in and out and i was just in the middle of singing a fab tune......
bitch some more at piece of shit car......really need to get a new one but i'm poor
enjoy the vibrating sensation under my seat that my car recently started doing, it's actually rather pleasant
more bitching about car
almost run off of the road while watching something else.....can't remember what now
1 squirrel
more pot holes
some more rain
finally back home.....ahhh....and it's FRIDAY!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

sad but true

so it's Monday, the end of a long weekend. and as i look back and wonder where it wen't too all i seem to recall doing the entire weekend is sleeping. i have never been this tired mentally. i have zero energy, zip, zilch, zadda.

saturday, slept til noon, jilly calls all excited as she has rented the Phantom of the Opera (we loved this as young tweens) and we watch it and cry, and it was just fab! i sooo have to buy it and watch over and over. after she left, back to bed i went for at least 1 hr. eventually crawl out as we have a big party planned for "m" at the camp. shower, get dressed, and wait. it's still early, sleepy again....not sure why. boys show up, eat and head over to the camp, i wait for jilly and "m" to pick me up, stick my nose back into my romance novel that i started reading and can't seem to put down. still waiting. finally jill and "m" show up and were off. my drink of choice this night was back to rum and coke. well, i got a little tipsy, and then a little more tipsy and pretty soon i'm damn close to passing out. at this time though everyone wants to go to the bar and i can hardly keep my damn eyes open, so want to go home and crash and laugh at the same time. can't stop tee heeing. hubby is giving me the evil eye, must have done something or said something. yippee were home and oh sweet darkness.............

sunday, awaken early actually but i'm soon crawling back into bed........ahhh sweet, comfy bed. spend pretty much entire day here - again. something has to be wrong with me. i cannot possibly be this lazy, can i?? finally snap out of it when mom calls to invite us to dinner. go in and spend a few hrs with the fam dam, only to get sleepy and more tired in there. came home around 7 slept 2 hrs, woke up for desperate housewives and back to bed.

monday, vow to self not to spend day in bed, up early, reading book only to crawl back in bed until noon. woke up again, did little bit of housework, and back in bed reading, then sleeping. slept the whole damn weekend away and i'm still somewhat tired? is this normal? mabye i am ill, i have had a headache all day but still, all weekend? this has to be a first for me. sigh.

so not looking forward to work this week, going to be super busy and stressfull as i have two land things closing this week. i'm still not getting the whole lingo thing yet. wish me luck :)

Friday, May 20, 2005


anyone remember this song? dunno the rest of the words but those numbers just suddenly popped into my head while awaiting this page to open due to my ancient computer. this thing is soooooooooooooooo slow, not even funny. fer sure.

anyways, what's happened this week. not much.

weather - sucks
news - who cares?
t.v. - so exciting as many shows are having or have had their season finales. v.good tv this past week and next week should be good too.....although the week after that there will probably be nothing on tv. not good
music - favorite songs right now are Mariah Carey's "we belong together" (i know i hate to admit it, but i really like this song, and i so can't get it out of my head!), also really like Simple Plan's song "untitiled" and i know from previous posts i said i could not stand them and that's still in place but this song is just deep and haunting and i can't help but listen, hmm who else has a new track?? oh, right almost forgot the Black Eyed Peas! no no no no, don't funk with my heart! loves it so cool and fun, definete future hit
my mood - all week I feel like i'm walking around in a fog due to the shitty ass weather, and i'm bitchy,tired, whiny, depressed, etc, etc, etc

well can't think of anything else. i just finally realized that this is a long weekend and i have monday off (well i knew of it but it just didn't hit home, i've been in a FOG remember). anyways, party hard

Monday, May 16, 2005

the Zit

everytimg I experience PMS I break out in some form or other of zits, but my latest zit takes the cake. it's in my nose.

yup, you heard me right, in my nose.

it's right there on the underside tip of the inside of my nose. at first I thought it might have just been a hard booger that formed there over night but no I was sadly mistaken.

so as the day progress i cannot (typical me) stop picking at this zit, hence everytime pps looked at me it looked as if I was picking my nose. lovely. great impression to make on my new boss. not only is that bad enought but I think that other pps can see this whitish bump (i'm seriousily paranoid and have issues, i know) so i'm trying to best hide my nose as possible. i did lots of fake nose rubbing anytime someone caught me trying to pick at it, lot's of fake blowing of my nose, lot's of hand over mouth & nose while pondering something complicated and perplexing on the computer screen (this is mostly what I did all day).

so once i'm home i head straight for the bathroom to try to squeeze this stupid bugger of a zit and it's so hard to get at the inside of my nose that i cannot possibly squeeze it. mabye i'll try it at this angle, no, mabye now i'll umm.....nope....uh....ahh..........umm nope, and now i think it's swollen and even redder than before and my nose is really throbbing and i sort of resemble rudolph. great. now not only did i have a wee little white bump, i've got a bigger redder one to deal with.

god i hate PMS

Friday, May 13, 2005

Sing Along

to the tune of "I feel Pretty"

I feel fat
oh so fat
I feel fat, and bloated and fat
oh so fat,
sooooo faattttt

lots of humming here

la de da fat
oh so fat
fat ,

you know i don't think it helps that i'm premenstraul, do you??

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Steak & Potatoes


it's BBQ season!!! I love, LOVE BBQ steak and potatoes and it's just that time of year. Mom & Dad invited hubby and i in for supper last night for BBQ and just the smell of it when we pulled in had my mouth watering. so delish! yum yum. ate way to much and felt gulity the rest of the night but who really cares except me??

so my so called diet isn't going oh so well. Monday and Tuesday I did ok (heck I even walked on Tuesday) but the last two days have been well mmph. no energy and all i can do is think how damn fat my stomache is and i just can't get up and do anything about it. i need a personal trainer to get me motivated, but like i have that kinda money. sigh. just no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. i'm up for suggestions should anyone have any. i should probably join a gym again but I have been enjoying having that extra cash around......what to do, what to do.

well i lost my total train of thought all together and don't really have much else to talk about. tommorrow is friday and i have not one but two pay cheques to go into the bank. yippee! place from hell is finally paying me for my last week there and my new fantastic employer pays weekly! tee hee hee. so exciting! mabye i'll go shopping............or better yet pay off some bills.

happy friday pps

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Betcha wouldn't guess that

I have a NEW job. yup, i'm finally free of the call centre and it couldn't be better timing as i'm sure we would have been starting outbound calls again and i would have quit fer sure. so i am now a legal assistant. yup, into the "virtual unknown" for me. definete learning curve dead ahead but i am up for the challenge.

i'm 24 years old an i have serious acne problems not on my face but on my neck and back. so ewww and uck and i don't know what is causing it. mabye my new fab body lotion that smells like Mexico in a bottle? mabye i'm over doing it? could be, but i'm in major zit mode right now and I can't stop picking at them.

i finally broke down and purchased myself some crest whitestripes. so uber excited and I have almost a week in already and i think they are definetely whiter! can't wait for the end results, will keep you posted.

I had a serious crush on Constaine from American Idol and i'm really missing his prescence on the show. I know he was really into him self and he pouted and all but man did he ever turn me on.

i'm dying in anticipation for the Amazing Race finale on Tuesday night. Will Rob and Amber pull out a win on this as well or will Uchena and Joyce sneak in from behind to win. The wait is killing me.

i'm now on a mission to lose at least 10 pounds before full fledged summer hits (bathing suit season). no more french fries, no more eating out, none. i'm actually half considering becoming anexoric but i don't think I could go an hour let alone all day without eating. but i am going to make cut backs BIG TIME. feeling really fat and fugly lately and definetely need to change that. will keep you updated on progress good or bad.

wen't shopping with jilly and her mom and her sister in-law Erin on Saturday in the big city of Fredericton. was major fun and I got to purchase new fab shoes/sandals. loves it & could have bought several more pairs but i restrained myself. did really well i might add as i only bought my shoes and a mat for the house and a really cool decoration. mabye next time i will go all out on clothes.

i love sandal season but i hate how i have these certain pair of sandlas that make my feet sweat really, really bad and i know that other pps can smell them too. really embarassing.

i'm paranoid to pee at my new office as it is a smaller office and their is only the one bathroom that we all have to share and i hate the thought of other pps being able to hear me pee. the other day i finally had to cave as i just could not hold it any longer and honestly once i had done it i didn't really care (well part of me still does but everyone has to pee). just praying to the one above that i never, ever have to do number two. cause i would DIE.

I used to love Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces but now when I watch him on ABC with his new show (can't think of the name) I really cannot stand him. He is overly loud and out there and he's just not as cute or something. Does anyone else feel this way??

I recently located this birth mark on the back of my head right around my hair line, I honestly thought I had come down with some rare disease until my mom looked at it and was all like it's just a birth mark and don't scratch it. but now since she has said that it's always itchy and i can't stoop scratching it!

I think all that my weight that i have put on has gone to my boobs. they have never been this big ever (i'm a small B) but now they are definetely a bigger B. i want my smaller ones back. which is weird as everyone always wants bigger boobs but now i don't. strange.

and finally my secret wish to win the lottery is still in place so big guy up above pls do something for me soon -k-.

i'm out

Monday, May 02, 2005

funniest thing ever

just goes to show you that it does not take much to excite the foster clan (hubby and me), were just sitting around chillin watchin the good ol tube when my kitty cats decide that they want out. they are meowing and scratching at the door just itching to be outside. so i let them out and i think to myself i wonder where they go and what they do........hmmm how interesting would that be, when i spot something black moving in the corner of my vision in my is that!!?? OH MY GOD THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE DRIVE WAY HONEY AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT ISSSSSSS........ OMG THE CATS ARE CHASING IT!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT IT IS A PORCUPINE AND THEY ARE GOING TO GET NEEDLES IN THEM AND DIE!!! As I am yelling all this i'm running barefoot out the drive way calling here kitty kitty trying to get them away from this thing (which is huge by the way), meanwhile jynxy (my baby kitty who is none to bright) is running alongside this rodent like it's his long lost best friend. NO Jynxy NOOOOOOOOOOO! hubby runs past me in a blur to the rescue to make sure that i acutally did see it....ummm hello didn't you just hear me yelling???? "oh my god he says I can shoot it" and he gets all excited and runs back into the house. huh??? as i stand here in the cool May night i'm thinking to myself that these sort of things must only happen to myself. it is starting to get darker and darker and I can't see shit now & i'm cold and i lost site of the damn porcupine i head back to the house to get a coat & a flash light and i hear hubby tearin the house apart to get his big bad gun out and off he goes. luckily i was not there for the murder of this poor little bastard but I can't feel bad as my dogs fer sure would have tried to get this thing and try to kill it or eat it and thus they would just have ended up with needles in their faces or rabies. What is the purpose of porcupines in life anyways? they are the fugliest things ever and they cause rabies and only hurt things. i know, i know this is v. cruel and mean and I do apologize and i mean no offense to anyone but really he's better off gone and not causing me problems. (i.e garbage ripped to shreds this am, dogs getting hurt, cats getting hurt, stupid jynxy, stupid, stupid cat.....) so there ends the fate of one porcupine and one funny story (at least i'm laughing not sure if you are) for myself. Good night my friends, sleep tight.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A day in the Marne

I live in a quaint little suberb (this is what I have been calling it) of Canterbury (just 5 minutes out) called Marne. What kind of name is that you may ask, good frickin question as I do not know myself. Anyways I am sitting her today home alone as hubby is away taking first aid training for work and i'm sitting her half playing on the computer but mostly I am watching (actually spying would be a better word) on my strange/bizarre neighbors.

Now the Marne probably has about 10-15 houses total in all but their is a cluster of houses (mine included) that sit on a stretch of road that joins and connects with another road and this is where all the action occurs. Most of the action streams from the Diddler house as they come and go quite frequently. But the funniest one that I like to watch is Donnie Woody who is actually an in-law to the diddlers. Donnie or as my hubby and i like to call him "the woodmiester" is an alcoholic and he is constantly on the go walking down the tracks or like today he is getting on and off of his bicycle just around amusing himself. This torments the hell out of my dogs and thus annoys and pisses me off, if only I could let them loose out of their electric fence zone......he he that would be a site to see him run! oh i'm evil.

Other traits of the Marne are the two white dogs down the road that roam and torment myself and my two dogs. These dogs chase cars, wheelers, deer etc. They piss and shit in my door yard and I know this is really cruel but if I could shoot a gun I would kill them. I HATE these mofo dogs. The wurst part is that I have not only called the dog catcher once but we have also contacted the home owner several times on this and yet they still run around pissing everyone else off. grrrrrrrr one of these days i am just gonna snap and run over them with my own damn car and be all like whoops guess you should keep your dogs at home like any other person would.

There are four wheelers and dirt bikes glaore, dogs barking, chickens clucking, owls hooting, etc etc etc. you can hear every frickin thing here. v annoying as i don't want everyone (espically the diddlers) knowing my business. Some days you can even hear things happening in Canterbury which isn't that far away but just shows how much sounds carry.

onto other things, i'm running our of steam on that topic. Today is my hubby's B-day, I am baking him supper and I even made a cake (for the first time) all I can say is thank god for betty crocker! cause there is no way in hell i could do it from scratch. not even sure if this will be good or not but it will do. His grandma would usually bake his cakes for him so it's sad to think that she is not here any more to do it.

so the weekend is almost over, a new week begins tommorrow let's hope it brings some better/brighter possibilities than last week.

Happy Birthday Baby ~ I love ya and 29 is a great number