Tuesday, June 28, 2011

to blog or not to blog

that is the question?
what has happend to the blogging world? is it the same for everyone else as it is for me?
just don't have the time or energy
or is blogging being pushed out by facebook and twitter (which I can say I don't do)
I can say that I do miss blogging and my few friends that I have made on here I do still read, I just don't comment
I can also say that I cannot possibly delete or remove this site as I have so many near and dear memories and some great posts on here that I can't part with. perhaps someday (if I get time) I will transfer them somewhere other than here so I can keep them to look back on
or better yet perhaps I will get the blogging bug again now that i'm on summer break from school?
who knows
I sure as hell don't
I have missed you
life is good, i'm happy, doing well in school, little miss is growing up before my eyes, time moving much to fast
life moves along
and so are the days of our lives


I sit and think and wonder
I can feel invincible and on top of the world one day
other times
I feel so alone, scared and vulnerable
we are part of such a vast and mighty universe it frightens me sometimes
I could sit and sob and cry
other times
I could laugh out loud and smile all day
I sit and think of you, an unknown you who may be thinking of me too
I wonder if i'm on the right path
have I chosen right?
Is everything pre-planned ahead of time?
my imgination runs wild
and i'm far away from here, having chosen that other path
would things be any different?
sometimes, I miss my old life
I miss blogging
and sleep
would I change it if I could
but sometimes, I just wonder and imagine

Saturday, February 26, 2011

busy busy flea flea

I haven't forgotten you my dear old blog, i've just been, well, umm busy to say the least. Since I started school back in January (which seems like a lifetime ago), life has become an utter whirlwind. My life consists of school, homework, more school, spending time with my daughter whom I can't help but feel that i'm also neglecting - its that hardcore. I keep telling myself that it is only temporary and it will be worth it in the end but it is exhausting.
I have no clue what i'm running on anymore - i'm that tired
but strangely i'm happy
this is what i'm meant to do, it feels so right
just wish I would've done it years ago when I thought of it and was just to chicken to do it. would have still been hard i'm sure but at least it would've been number one priority where as now that is my daughter. not saying that I wish I hadn't had her (never in a million years would I take that back) but just sayin. ya know?
probably not making much sense, again, i'm sleep deprived people cut me some slack
just thought I would post a quick update for anyone out there that still reads or cares - i am still alive, and doing alright :P