Monday, November 27, 2006

bringing Whoville to life

so recently my fellow co-workers and myself submitted a float in our local Christmas parade, here are some pics and i'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out what we were portraying......

(Andi-Ann Who, Lissa-Lou Who, Cindy Lou Who (me), and Mandy-Mae Who, and oh yeah the Grinch)

some last minute touches.....

the ginch's mountain/home

and lastly Andi-Ann Who with her cute as a button nephew Aiden

and sadly despite all our efforts we only came in 3rd, we were totally robbed!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Freeplay - take 2

5 songs i'm listening too this week

Say it Right - Nelly Furtado

Patience - Guns and Roses

Gods Gonna Cut U Down - Johnny Cash

Hero - Foo Fighters

Tell Me - Diddy feat Christina Aguilera

Thursday, November 23, 2006

GNR Review

one word people, well two really.....


they blew me away, it was unbelieveable and i'm still stunned/amazed and it's now 2 days later. as you know i'm not a huge fan, i'm really more of a tag along fan as my hubby is quite possibly the biggest "Axel" fan out there, honestly, he like worships him or something, so i was going into this thing with my doubts and lot's of headache medication on hand as some of there stuff just plain gives me a headache. i'm proud to say that i didn't need it, i was rocking it out with everyone else and this was a non-stop, loud, fast, furious, ride that i did not want to end. any doubts that these guys could not pull it off are long gone, Axel sounded amazing and was dead on with his performance, and the new guys (i can't remember all there names but check themout here : ) were all top of the game performers. so if you haven't checked out there tour dates i encourage you to do so, and get your tickets now, trust me you have to see it, the electricity/anticpation in the air before they took the stage was just so beyond words, i'm so glad that we wen't and didn't let this pass us by

other performers of the evening were some band i can't remember the name of, but they were pretty good, The Suicide Girls, who were so called "burlesque" dancers but in my opinion they were strippers, and we got to see plenty of titties, which made hubby happy and had me secretly wishing that i could join them and become a member myself (GASP!) mind u i'd have to lose at least 20 pounds to get up there and be half nekid on stage, and the opening act to GNR was none other then a local Canadian band (i consider Nova Scotia local as it's only a province away) The Trews (to check them out go here ), they were freaking awsome too and really put there guts and soul into there performance, true die hard rock musician's fer sure, i loved them and must pick up there album like now!

all in all it was a long night as GNR didn't take the stage until midnight and played well into 2:00AM so we didn't get home (2 hr drive to concert site) until after 4:00 AM i just thank god i had enough sense to take the following day off as i'm stilln ot 100% yet and still really tired and feeling like ASS, guess that's what staying awake for 23hrs will do to a person.....

anyways, happy turkey day to all my U.S. bloggers, stay safe and have a piece of pie or something sweet for me would ya..... :P

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

drunken flea flea take 3....or is it 4...??

you know it really doesn't take much to make me a happy little flea flea

first of all i received my Sephora order (aka Christmas gift to myself, a little early...) which totally lifted me out of my "down in the dumps" phase and i now smell positively delightful as i purchased body wash and lotion that is just scrumpshious and makes me want to lick myself all day long as it's so yummy....



me and miss jilly wen't out (all by our lonessome's as several friends bailed on us but hey i give us major props for still going out as normally we would've just given in and not even bothered...but anyways that's off the topic.....) and man did we ever have a fantastic time!

highlight of the evening had to go to when i was dancing on this stage like area thingy doing my thing and two, count em TWO! super hot, YOUNG! guys jump up on the stage and head for little ole me, thus sandwhiching me between the two of them as we dance, grind, and shake our asses and oh yeah baby it was so FUCKING HOT!!!!! miss jilly almost peeded her pants laughing her ass off at me and when i was finished and came off the stage all she could muster was that they looked like fucking they were Abercromie & Fitch models!! SWEET!!!!

to much fun fer sure and the rest of it's sort of a blur but i recall repeatadly calling some guy dirty dan (his name was Dan) and jill and i snickering over it......asking some guy that i just met last weekend on my last "outing" for a smoke (miss jilly was plain out of) and lot's and lot's of dancing, in fact i can still not walk right today, i feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ as my legs just won't bend and they hurt so bloody bad! but man it was so worth it and i can't wait until the next time we go out....HEE!!! SO BAD!! i luv it

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Freeplay

five current songs i can't get enough of

Smack That - Akon ft Eminem

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani

When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44

It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects

happy friday all have a great weekend!

peace out :P

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

down and out

so well all know how much i hate november and honestly i couldn't possibly be any more down in the dumps, i'm feeling terribly sorry for myself and want nothing more than to curl up in my dark bedroom under my cozy, comfy, fuzzy blanket that i love oh so much (purchased at HomeSense, luv that store!), anyways, back to my whining, and lay there and cry and cry and cry some more, i've also been suffering from terribly migrane like headaches lately, although i don't think it's a full fledged migrane but pretty damn close if u ask me

not only is everything reminding me of lisa but work is really stressful lately (year end) and the weather is just down right shitty, and i think i'm sort of going thru some sort of mid twenties crisis or something as i just want to drink and party all the time, or mabye i'm trying to repress other "serious" stuff, i dunno but man i could use a good drink right now

speaking of which i got totally smashed on friday afterwork with a group of fellow co-workers, was an awsome good time and i hope we do it again as it's a major stress reliver

i have nothing else really to report my life is rather blah lately therefore i have no funny nor entertaining stories to report or share with you all

i will note though on a positive spin that i am now 1 week away from seeing GNR live baby! and having a much needed vacation day next wednesday, i'm thinking/hoping that this might just be what the dr. ordered!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

stop. pause. reflect. rewind.

5 years ago today my life as i knew it changed in an instant

therefore ever since on November 9th i stop, pause, reflect and rewind to remember my dear friend Lisa Marie Nicole Sharpe, who was on her way to work, just like any other day, when her car spun out of control and into an on-coming lane of traffic, she wasn't killed instantly and hung on for another day before leaving all of us and moving on for bigger and better things

it blows my mind to think that 5 years have gone by in an instant faster than a blink of an eye, when in fact i still feel like i'm 21 (and super skinny), that my group of friends and i were going to live forever and concur the world....

it's raining here today, just like it was on that dreaded god awful day, almost feels like deja vu except so many things are different now.....where to begin really? if i could sit with you now and tell you what you missed i don't even know where i would begin?

you wouldn't know about text messaging
you wouldn't know what America's next top model was a t.v. show or that Tyra Banks hosted it
you wouldn't know who Kevin Federline was
or who Paris Hilton is
you wouldn't know about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused
you wouldn't know that the Boston Red Soxs won the World Series thus ending there curse
you wouldn't know that the Crocodile Hunter is dead
you wouldn't know who the hell TomKat was and probably wouldn't believe me when i told you that Tom Cruise has lost his marbles.....
you've missed so many good movies and awsome songs

more importantly you've missed the changes in all our lives
"J" is now with another women and happy and they just recently bought a house
Sandy is well Sandy, she hasn't been the same since you left us
Marsha & Jason now have two beautiful little girls
Shelly & Jamie now have a son
Jilly & "M" are engaged and living together
and hubby and I have been married for 3 years! imagine that!

i like to think that you watch out for all of us though, and i'm sure you do, sort of a guardian angel for "the circle"

i miss you terribly and i think of you all the time

Monday, November 06, 2006


we had our first "official" snow today and driving to work was hell, why is it we always forget how to drive in snow?

i tried my first ever Twix bar last week (i know, i know, i've been in the dark way to long when it comes to some chocolate bars), anyways, omg! i died and wen't to heaven, they are now one of my fav's (almost up there with snickers)

i've also had my first ever mcsteamy dream with another man (not my hubby) and it sort of left me, ah, umm breathless.....and thinking nasty thoughts, which has also led to more fantazing on my part

i'm also having my "first" social event @ my home, i'm rather nervous about it all and i hope to god at least 5 people show up

i oh so badly wanted to go out this weekend, get drunk and party it up, but sadly becuz miss jilly is away and i have only 1 other friend to call to do so, and she turned me down........ so i was left to suffer @ home, how BORING! thank god miss jilly is back this weekend and i sure as hell hope she's up to doing something, so jilly you have been warned :P

i bought my first CD in like a year, wondering whose? miss Xtina herself in Back to Basic's and it's a kick ass album if i do say so myself, i'm hooked on her new single "hurt" as i was in a downright depressive mood last week

i'm also dying for miss gwennie gwen's new album which is due out before Chriastmas

and well that's it, can't think of any more firsts at the moment........

peace out :P

Thursday, November 02, 2006

tra la la la la

so i had no title, and i really have no pupose of being here today really but i had a minute, and here i be

random muslings/rants

is anyone else having a difficult time adjusting to the time change? like honestly, i am freaking exhausted this week and pulling my sorry ass out of bed every morning is becomming more and more difficult as the week progresses

so far today we have had rain, snow and sunshine, how's that for a fall day?

LOST is still as good as ever, finally glad that the story has picked up some, who the heck was the guy with the eye patch? and what's up with them trying to introduce 2 new pps? hello! i can barely keep up now, let alone to add another two.....although the guy is sorta hot

major drama happening in the work environment, can't really explain, nor do i want to but some major shit is going to fly come tomorrow (thankfully does not involve me)

we are now entering miss flea flea's dreaded least favorite month. blah. how i hate november

lot's of stuff to plan for and do though, like christmas shopping, another chore i dispise

in fact if it wasn't for all this damn left over halloween candy that everyone keeps bringing in, i probably wouldn't be happy, but, due to all the sugar i have consumed i can't stop grinning, last count i have had 5 blow pop's, at least 20-30 mini snickers bars and my stomache now hurts, but do u think i can stop eating candy, hell no!

bugger, i have to get groceries tonight and i totally forgot, man that suxs

anyways, i'm out too tired to write today, just had to get that halloween post outta the way, take care all! :P