Monday, November 06, 2006


we had our first "official" snow today and driving to work was hell, why is it we always forget how to drive in snow?

i tried my first ever Twix bar last week (i know, i know, i've been in the dark way to long when it comes to some chocolate bars), anyways, omg! i died and wen't to heaven, they are now one of my fav's (almost up there with snickers)

i've also had my first ever mcsteamy dream with another man (not my hubby) and it sort of left me, ah, umm breathless.....and thinking nasty thoughts, which has also led to more fantazing on my part

i'm also having my "first" social event @ my home, i'm rather nervous about it all and i hope to god at least 5 people show up

i oh so badly wanted to go out this weekend, get drunk and party it up, but sadly becuz miss jilly is away and i have only 1 other friend to call to do so, and she turned me down........ so i was left to suffer @ home, how BORING! thank god miss jilly is back this weekend and i sure as hell hope she's up to doing something, so jilly you have been warned :P

i bought my first CD in like a year, wondering whose? miss Xtina herself in Back to Basic's and it's a kick ass album if i do say so myself, i'm hooked on her new single "hurt" as i was in a downright depressive mood last week

i'm also dying for miss gwennie gwen's new album which is due out before Chriastmas

and well that's it, can't think of any more firsts at the moment........

peace out :P


Molicious said...

If you liked the Twix try a Take 5 bar. YUMMERS.

flea said...

molicious - sounds delish! i must try now! thanks for the tip

Blazer1234 said...

Your first time trying a Twix??? Oh my, where have been? I eat anything covered in chocolate.

Have fun this weekend! I hope it goes well. Are you making anything yummy-special?

Miss 1999 said...

Sister- you have SO like, been deprived! I wish you lived closer, so that I could help you live! *sending ya big hugs* ;0)

flea said...

blazer1234 - i know, i am so ashamed! honestly i'm a very picky eater and i never try anything new, hence the reason i have been in the dark so long, and my party's not until next weekend and i'm still trying to think as to what to serve as i'm not a cook either.....i was thinking of finger foods......

miss1999 - oh lord i know! ROADTRIP!! haha

Ben O. said...

Dude, you need to get out more - TWIX rocks. Go eat another one for me.

Ben O.

I agree with mol - Take 5 is my new guilty pleasure . . . really good.