Tuesday, November 21, 2006

drunken flea flea take 3....or is it 4...??

you know it really doesn't take much to make me a happy little flea flea

first of all i received my Sephora order (aka Christmas gift to myself, a little early...) which totally lifted me out of my "down in the dumps" phase and i now smell positively delightful as i purchased body wash and lotion that is just scrumpshious and makes me want to lick myself all day long as it's so yummy....



me and miss jilly wen't out (all by our lonessome's as several friends bailed on us but hey i give us major props for still going out as normally we would've just given in and not even bothered...but anyways that's off the topic.....) and man did we ever have a fantastic time!

highlight of the evening had to go to when i was dancing on this stage like area thingy doing my thing and two, count em TWO! super hot, YOUNG! guys jump up on the stage and head for little ole me, thus sandwhiching me between the two of them as we dance, grind, and shake our asses and oh yeah baby it was so FUCKING HOT!!!!! miss jilly almost peeded her pants laughing her ass off at me and when i was finished and came off the stage all she could muster was that they looked like fucking they were Abercromie & Fitch models!! SWEET!!!!

to much fun fer sure and the rest of it's sort of a blur but i recall repeatadly calling some guy dirty dan (his name was Dan) and jill and i snickering over it......asking some guy that i just met last weekend on my last "outing" for a smoke (miss jilly was plain out of) and lot's and lot's of dancing, in fact i can still not walk right today, i feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ as my legs just won't bend and they hurt so bloody bad! but man it was so worth it and i can't wait until the next time we go out....HEE!!! SO BAD!! i luv it


Molicious said...

Geez I love me some Sephora. I've spent WAY too much money there. I should own stock or something.

Dawn said...


flea said...

molicious - OMG!! me too, words cannot express how much this store means to me....and i so could have one of EVERYTHING

dawn - haha right back at ya!

Miss 1999 said...

I'm glad you got your "early Christmas present"- don't ya just love makeup! Sounds like ya'll had a great time out! Glad you had a good time! Happy Turkey Day! :0)

Anonymous said...

Much better than being down in the dumps for sure.

So, just how much did you lick yourself

Nancy Drew said...

Way to go FLEA!!! Party on!!!