Sunday, August 29, 2010

who are you?

I cannot possibly believe that I have been away from the blogging world for so long. I am totally out of the loop.

I also can't believe how summer is practically over. and wow what a great summer it has been! the weather has been amazing and I have been soaking it all up. so lucky to be able to enjoy that and my baby girl (although she is rapidly becoming a non-baby). She has changed soooo much just in the last couple of months, it is astonishing and amazing to see. sometimes I look at her with such wonder (like how could I have partaked in creating her?) and I get all teary eyed and have a moment

times moves way to fast for my liking

what else is new

so I did get accepted into school (yay! but yet scary at the same time) and would start in January of next year taking nursing (licensed practical nurse), it runs for 2 years and i've been hearing rumours that some day they may except this program at the college level and that I could eventually get my BN (bachelor or nursing) should I so choose to do so....

but all of this is sort of up in the air as i'm waiting to find out if un-employment will help pay for me to go back, because if I can't get help then I likely can't afford to go back on my own. so cross your fingers and pray for me!

I guess what will be will be and if it is ment to be then it will be. seeings how I have applied to this program several times before it just sort of seems like it is....but will see.

so that's my big news of the summer

i'm also trying to work out a visit with my sister in ontario as I haven't seen her in months and its a perfect opportunity to do so as I am home/off work right now and I know she is just dying to see little miss so I hope we can work it out

and that's about it I guess. i'm loving my new laptop and just enjoying life to the fullest that I possibly can

time to catch up with you all

Saturday, August 21, 2010


no i have not been sucked into a black hole just been really busy and without my own computer...

thankfully one has been ordered so future posts are well overdue

just know that all is well and will catch up soon