Friday, May 26, 2006

"M" meme

so i've been tagged, sort of by Barry who so kindly left a comment a couple of posts ago. so i guess this is a letter meme (apparantly meme stands for it's all about me as in me me....)

anyways i've been tagged with the letter "M" and i guess you are supposed to list 10 words beginning with this letter and state what they mean to you or just whatever comes to mind. i'm not officially tagging anyone but anyone wanting to play let me know and i'll assign you your letter!

so here goes my 10 meme's for the letter M

Muff - as in holy ole muff! this is one of my favorite sayings when i just can't believe what someone just said or when something take's me by surprize. or it could also be, you know that fashion accessory that us canucks or russian people wear in the winter time that is made from rabbit fur to warm your hands in, or i could also stand for.......well you know.......down there ~wink wink~

Muffin - whenever i think of muffin's i think of strawberry shortcake the cartoon for some reason wasn't there a character that had a muffin head?? i could be completely wrong fer sure but i always think of this or a big ass blueberry muffin..................mmmmmmmmmmm

Money - how could i not think of this when assigned the letter M. i always sing that stupid song you know where they scream "money, money, money .....MONEY!!!" i have issues i know. or i also often thing K-ching! but mostly i never, ever very rarely have money so these instances hardly ever occur

Mole - moley mole! MOLE! classic scene from Austin Powers. i actually have quite a few moles myself (none on my face though thankfully)

Music - ah, the world just wouldn't be the same if we no longer had music. i'm pretty much open to all kinds of music except for country, i cannot stand the twangy, whiny sounds of country music. bout the only country music that i can stand is the more pop sounding artists like Shania, and the Dixie Chicks

Matilda - this is a weird one for me. i rememeber a history class or something where they played us "waltzing Matilda" which is a famous "old" song from Austraila and for some reason it just stuck with me and of course cuttie pie Heath Ledger & his fiance Michelle Williams (these two are so cute together!) recently named there little girl Matilda

Magneto - as in the evil villian from the X men. i so want to see this last installment of the series as it looks amazing and well Ian McLellan is just a phenomanal actor he's one of my favorite mutants to (i always like the bad guys)

Magenta - as in the vibrant color magenta. i luv this color and i think if i was to ever become a porn star/stripper i would seriousily half consider using this as a "stage" name ~ like sound it out really slow " ma gent and then ahhhhhhhhh" now say it fast Magenta!

Munchies - nothing gets you more than these after smoking some of the happy weed or when it's that time of the month. i almost always fall victim to the munchies when i'm suffering from PMS and i will just eat and eat and eat some more until i feel ill. just munch munch munch all nite long, i'm going to munch munch munch while i sing this song............ok i can't think of any more words to this little song diddy of mine

Maddox - as in Angelina Jolie's adopted son Maddox, isn't he just the cutest little boy? and i really am quite growing to like this name. mabye some day i'll use it to name one of my "potential" children some day. and can you believe how lucky this kid is? to be adopted by a rich famous women from poor Cambodia and be spoiled rotten with toys, gadgets and clothes! so not fair! can't some rich person adopt me??

hope you enjoyed & feel free to participate just ask me for a letter!

c'mon you can do it!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

my latest guilty pleasure

aren't these just the cutest?? i'm so in love!!!! and there mine all MINE!

(EVIL laughter ensues)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Idol Finale....who really cares??

so the big Idol Finale is on tonight and i ask myself am i really the only person left that doesn't give a rat's ass who wins this season?

I mean jeez, really the guy who would've been the only album i would've went out and bought was booted off 2 episode's ago. well obiviousily someone out there still cares as they still get millions apon millions of viewers (myself included) but i'm not really sure why i still watch as with each show i get more and more irritated with the way this show is produced/run. i'm beginning to wonder if somehow it is rigged or mabye it is all just becomming more and more predictable as this is what season 5 now and i'm positive there will be a season 6 as they are just making to much money not to. but when is enough enough?

so in my typical blog fashion here is my run down of the two finalists left.....are u excited?? cause i'm like so excited (not)......

here goes

oi, where to start with Taylor Hicks. Simon predicted at the beginning of this season that he would not, absoletely in no way make it to the finals or win this season........seems kinda ironic or mabye "predictable" that he is acutally in the final two now don't you think? oh well, what do i know? and if this guy says "soul patrol" while pumping his fist one more damn time i am seriousily going to lose it. i should create some sort of drinking game as i'm sure by the end of the show i would really have a good buzz on mabye i would enjoy him better if i was loaded....hmmm this may be an idea. sigh. he just irritates the crap out of me. can't he stand still for more than 2 seconds? give him some ritlan pronto ~ PLEASE ~ he's not to bad when he sings the slower songs and he's actually standing STILL but would i buy his album? no, then again the only idol to ever win that i've bought there music has been Kelly so what does that really say. nothing i guess

ah Katherine McPhee when this show first started i really liked you and was rooting for you (i still am actually) but along the way you started irritating me. perhaps it is the way you portray yourself as a sex kitten what with all the fun flirty looks, the struts across the stage, your girating performance on the floor a couple of weeks ago, the incident with your skirt coming just goes on and on and vocally you just have been hit & miss with me. last weeks performance of R. Kelly's "i believe i can fly" was horrid but then you come back and win me over again with "somewhere over the rainbow" which was so beautiful, why can't you just be consistantly good? either way you really need to put your game face on tonight and bring it as i believe Mr. Hicks is the favorite to win, as much as i hate to say it
so whose my pick to win it this year......
i should put my money on Taylor but i'm going to root for the underdog and pick Katherine to win, that is if she's on top of her game tonight & i just hate Taylor and do not, NOT want him to win although i'm sure he will
there you have it ~ until the next idol
i'm out

Friday, May 19, 2006

O.C. Shocker

wow, i'm speechless after last night's episode, like i knew that there had been rumours going around that Mischa Barton (below) wanted to leave the show but like OMG!

i'm sorry for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet so major SPOILER alert ahead

so the show was all about the gangs (the gang consists of Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa) graduation, lot's of laughs, lot's of reflections on what all they have been thru and it was very upbeat and happy, so i knew that something fishy was going to happen but man did they ever pull one over

so at the very end Marissa is going to leave Newport to go live with her dad for a year and travel around on a sailing boat thru the greek islands and everyone has said there good byes and her and Ryan are going to the airport, the reason behind this is because Marissa was the first person Ryan saw when he arrived in Newport and Marissa wanted him to be the last person she saw as she was leaving Newport....make sennse? probably not. anyways.

so they are headed for the airport driving along when Volcheck (marissa's ex) rams them from behind in a van (he had been drinking and wen't all pyscho after he lost marissa) and is trying to run them off the road for them to pull over, eventually they come apon this construction site and end up being "rammed" off the road over an embankment going end over end (my mouth at this point is hanging wide open) and then land upside down on a road below where they were a second ago. Ryan wakes up bout a minute after and breaks the window to get out, goes around the car and tries to wake Marissa up which doesn't happen, he then notices that the fuel line is leaking and sparking flames so he pulls her out (right before it explodes of course) and is carrying here away from the car (which i forgot to mention was a gift from his "real" mom), and if your a true O.C. fan you knew that they were mirrioring the eposode where Marissa OD'd in Mexico and Ryan had to carry here back to the hotel.....anyways i'm so sidetracked right now...

back to the current show and he's carrying her and stops ~ i should note that the makeup crew did one hell of a job as she truly looked like she had been in a car crash, she was bleeding from the head, pasty white complexion and she was just so limp and she kinda comes too and sees Ryan and he's like "i gotta get help" and she's like "no, stay.....stay" and she's coming in and out of conceiousness and she's actually gurgling, you know how people just sound when they die and i'm like NO! omg no! and then they get playing that stuipid halleluja (which always makes me cry) and flash back to when Ryan first arrived in Newport and see's marissa standing at the curb as him & sandy drive by then they flash back (still playing that damn song, the tears are rolling now....) and she comes to one last time and then that's it she's gone and then they flash back one more time and show her standing on the curb with the sun setting behind her and ryan is looking back at her and SHE'S SO DEAD! like omg i can't belive they just did THAT and it ended just. like. that. like wtf!?


and i was so upset by all of this last night (and obiviousily today) and it's just a stupid show but it really bothered me. mabye it was the whole car accident thing and i think it just reminded me of Lisa (who died in a car crash) or something but i was really, really and still am upset.

or mabye it's just cause it's that time of the month

my husband refuses to believe that she is dead, he thinks it's all a plot to snag people in to watch next season but from what i've read online today it sounds legit

so what are they going to do next season? follow Catlin around? whom i do not like at all. all the other people in the show are going off to college.......

i just don't know what else to say i guess and i'll leave it at that. i just needed to rant someplace as i'm so shocked

anyways, peace out :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006


way to go guys! Congrats on making the Stanley Cup finals this year let's hope you keep the momentum up and take down your competitors the "mighty ducks", what a wimpy crappy name, sadly there team isn't wimpy though and i'm sure they will be a challenge but i know you can do it! your the underdog, the upset team of the season and you haven't won the cup in 14 years ~so your due fer sure

so bring out those gloves baby and come out swiginging it's The Stanley Cup for godsakes!

omg i'm so excited i could pee my pants right now

oh and did i mention hockey players are hot?? yeah even though most of them have no teeth and are beat all to shit they are HOTT with two t's! tee hee. if you don't watch girls you have to check it out ~ seriousily

i probably shouldn't put this out into the universe as i'm sure to jynx the team as any time i support something to this extent they always lose.......but i'm just so darn excited that they won the western division, it's been forever and ever since they last won anything and they soooo deserve to win it's not even funny

anyways i'll stop now

Friday, May 12, 2006

a little too much drinky poo

i had to share this and add my two cents to it

happy friday ~ enjoy ~

Titled : When girls drink to much

1. WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE OUR PURSE IS. how does this always, always seem to happen?? i've resorted to not even taking my purse with me

MOVE AROUND. or dancing like a stripper (or thinking that you are a stripper....)and being unable to move or walk the next day....

AND HONESTLY BELIEVE WE COULD DO IT TOO. hell yeah bring it on baby i could take anyone on i feel like superman.....are u looking at me? didn't think so biatch!

HOURS AGO can't say that this happens to me at least not til the next day as i always pass out before taking my makeup off i always think i'm the hottest thing on the planet until i wake up in the morning and it all comes crashing back

THEM SOOOOO MUCH. oh my god this is so true.....and oh yeah i sooooo luv you!

NEW SONG PLAY'S BECAUSE "OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS SONG!"you cannot prye me off of the dance floor after having a few and every song is my favorite


8. WE'VE SUDDENLY TAKEN UP SMOKING AND BECOME REALLY GOOD AT IT. dammit, true again (although i haven't touched one in forever but you always just want to)


LIKE THE KITCHEN FLOOR can't say i've ever done this personally i usually make it to the bed but i can so see me doing this


12. WE TAKE OUR SHOES OFF BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IT'S THEIR FAULT THAT WE'RE HAVING PROBLEMS WALKING STRAIGHT. the shoes almost always come off if not for walking because they hurt, or i trip or i just feel like running around barefoot channeling my inner britney spears it doesn't matter cause i'm loaded baby and i feel sexy and fine!

man i feel like going and tying one on now fer sure!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

do you smell curry???

here's my afternoon chuckle to myself

so i'm sitting here at my desk after just consuming my lunch and i just so happen to just let a 'lil fart sneak through which is very hard to do here considering that i'm out in the open and right in the area that the "main" traffic flow passes through. so i let it out hoping that nobody wanders through in the next few minutes or so. and usually they don't or at least my farts don't smell but it just so happens that it did today and what do you think happens next?


it just so happens that one of the "hotties" (not the hottest but still attractive) wanders our from no where and immedietly starts smelling......

omg ~ omg ~ omg

so i quickly shoot up outta my chair (before he gets super close trying to dissapate the smell) and get up and pretend to be doing something and he's like

~ "sniff"~

~"sniff" ~

do you smell curry? and i'm like ummmm what?! still trying to be busy and he's like did someone have curry for lunch? i nervously giggled (always play dumb when put on the spot in a situation like this.....) and manage to stammer out that another girl had something with cheese on it for lunch. geesh i didn't think it smelled that bad. but curry!? C'mon!!


what a day

Monday, May 08, 2006

busy 'lil flea flea

so i had a super busy weekend i just blinked and poof it was gone (don't they all though) although usually i spend most of my weekends curled up in bed (i could sleep and sleep and still be tired) this past weekend i was actually busy, running around doing house work, going to McAdam for a ATV poker ralley and pulling my shift at a local annual Trade show (which by the way was so very painful) and still trying to get caught up on the housework. geesh. livin life in the fast lane sure takes a lot out of you. but i must say this was the first time in a long time that i've felt good and like my old self, hubby and i had a super time together with a group of friends at the atv ralley and just being outside in the fresh air did me a world of good. we've hit a rough patch again lately and saturday we just relaxed and enjoyed each other which was nice from our normal bickering and bantering. why do relationships have to be so hard?

ah well

in other news

most of my famdam are talking about packing up and moving out west which quite frankly left me speechless at first and i thought oh they'll never go........well it turns out that my aunt and uncle (my aunt that is like my 2nd mom) have found jobs out there and are flying out to meet with the said companies in a week! ya imagine! and my gut feeling says that they are going to go and now of course my mom (this is her sister that is going) is working on my dad to go! ya! so this all hits me like a ton of bricks last night and i just wanted to puke, i mean my mom and my aunt are my life support and then to take my dad too!? i can't imagine not having them here which is just so weird and wrong as i should support them no matter what as they do for me but it just feels wrong. and of course i always see both sides to things and i can see why they want to go what with the stupid mill being so messed up and with an uncertain future and to try and regain what they lost and blah blah blah mabye i'm just being selfish but i don't want them to go!! and then they tell me that we should u and move and i'm like hello we just built our "dream" home and have a mortgage up the ying yang and will never get what we have into it due to our location and quite frankly i don't want to move to alberta. so it looks like it will probably just be hubby and i and my grandmother (whom is also not taking this news so well). so yeah this whole thing is messed right up.

can u say Drama people?? with a capitol "D"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i couldn't resist

here is my rundown of idol last night

were really gettnig down to the nitty gritty now aren't we? gosh where has the time gone, seems like just yesterday that lil ole kevin corvis was still on this show. remember that? no, i take that back let's not refresh those tramatic times.

oh where to begin with last nights show. you know i am so bored with this year's show i have no highlights from last night, mind you chis's first performance was really good but it just didn't blow me away. oh and katherine was good on her second song but i thought she looked like a stripper wanna-be or something with her jerking gi-rating moves on the floor. i really like her but sometimes i really wonder what was she thinking? whatever.

onto my bottom 3 (which is so obivious this show has become so predictable we all know it's Chris and someone preferably Katherine in the bottom 2)

oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor i'm so sick and tired of you seizure like spasms on this show. at first i thought it was kinda different and unique but as the weeks progressed it really started to annoy me that and the fact that you haven't improved on yourself at all and i didn't really like your singing to begin with either. i'm sure you'll be around awhile yet but in my eyes you need to go and soon that or do something to really impress me

onto the youngest competitor left. now again paris can sing i'll give her that but it's her talking voice and her annoying bubbly personality that i think is kickin her in the butt that and all the older competitors are just blowing her right out of the water. i'm sure she'll get some sort of record deal after idol but in my opinion she is just not ready yet. give her 2-4 years and she'll really be something. she's in serious, serious danger of going home tonight as she's been in the bottom three way more than kellie pickler can count

and lastly goat boy as sadie lou likes to call him (and it's just stuck with me) everytime i see him i picture a goat, mind you his looks have improved somewhat since this fugly picture to the left he looks much better with longer hair but still this guy is sooooo BORING and to pick two songs with the words "go home" or "they said i wouldn't last on broadway" & he was also the first to go in the dreaded first spot. he should be sweating bullets tonight with good reason.

so my pic to go home tonight is......


yup you read it right i think it will be the surprize vote of the season you know how they always have those? a heavy favorite (i.e. Tamyra Grey, LaToya London, etc, etc)

anyways that's my two cents worth

happy hump day bitches!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

something interesting...

well not really but i snagged ya in didn't i??

probably not but that's ok

so i must honestly admit i haven't really had the blogger bug lately. have no interest to write or i should say i have "nothing" witty or funny to write about. i usually like to bitch here or whine but frankly that gets a little old rather quickly and usually just depresses me. my whole reasoning for blogging in the first place was to keep in contact with my cousins or relatives that live far away from me. at first it was great they all stopped by said "hi" left an update on their lives and what nots. bout a month or two later they were gone off into there own worlds again but i kept blogging as it was theraputic to me and i enjoyed it and gradually i made new friends and more of my "old" blogger friends quit blogging entirely (ahem jilly and andy) then i stumbled across some positively delicious gossip sites and that brings me to today. some days i just can't wait to read up on everyones lives and goings on's and other days (mostly of late) i just haven't had the energy or time. i don't think i will ever give up on my blog entirely i just may not post as often or at least until i snap out of whatever the heck i'm in. i think i'm suffering a dose of the "blues" or something i just haven't felt like myself lately. which could possibly be due to all the severe headaches i've had lately or just plain old depression which i hate to admit to myself but i just may have to go down that road again.

anyways nough of that depressing shit my main reason for coming here today (although i'm glad i got that off my back) was to post about something rather amuzing that i witnessed this morning.

where to begin this story...........

hmm well it's raining here today and on my drive to work i got to thinking that i'm not the type of girl that cares if i get my hair wet (it's just hair) so i got to thinking of all the prissy girls out there that just have the utmost kinniption if they get there hair wet so before i tell the story i should mention that yesterday the girl from downstairs (who work for a different company than i do but are in the same building) whom i sort of despise anyways as she flirts with an office hottie (one of many i might add) and it's sooooo obivious, anyways that's a whole other story for another day, so this chick comes upstairs and introduces this new "student" that will be working with them for a bit and i just knew that they would work there way down to flirt with office hottie and sure enough they did. what ensued was pretty much a continuous string of annoying giggles and every time this new girl would laugh i wanted to scream or poke my eyes out. such an air head and no she's not blonde she has this long dark curly (pretty sure it's a perm) hair. so anyways back to this morning and me silently making fun of chicks that put up there hoods or make a mad dash from the car to the office (shopping mall whatever) when all of a sudden in she comes on the run with her hood up! now isn't that just too weird? i think i'm psychic or something but i couldn't help chuckling to myself.

just had to share