Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i couldn't resist

here is my rundown of idol last night

were really gettnig down to the nitty gritty now aren't we? gosh where has the time gone, seems like just yesterday that lil ole kevin corvis was still on this show. remember that? no, i take that back let's not refresh those tramatic times.

oh where to begin with last nights show. you know i am so bored with this year's show i have no highlights from last night, mind you chis's first performance was really good but it just didn't blow me away. oh and katherine was good on her second song but i thought she looked like a stripper wanna-be or something with her jerking gi-rating moves on the floor. i really like her but sometimes i really wonder what was she thinking? whatever.

onto my bottom 3 (which is so obivious this show has become so predictable we all know it's Chris and someone preferably Katherine in the bottom 2)

oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor i'm so sick and tired of you seizure like spasms on this show. at first i thought it was kinda different and unique but as the weeks progressed it really started to annoy me that and the fact that you haven't improved on yourself at all and i didn't really like your singing to begin with either. i'm sure you'll be around awhile yet but in my eyes you need to go and soon that or do something to really impress me

onto the youngest competitor left. now again paris can sing i'll give her that but it's her talking voice and her annoying bubbly personality that i think is kickin her in the butt that and all the older competitors are just blowing her right out of the water. i'm sure she'll get some sort of record deal after idol but in my opinion she is just not ready yet. give her 2-4 years and she'll really be something. she's in serious, serious danger of going home tonight as she's been in the bottom three way more than kellie pickler can count

and lastly goat boy as sadie lou likes to call him (and it's just stuck with me) everytime i see him i picture a goat, mind you his looks have improved somewhat since this fugly picture to the left he looks much better with longer hair but still this guy is sooooo BORING and to pick two songs with the words "go home" or "they said i wouldn't last on broadway" & he was also the first to go in the dreaded first spot. he should be sweating bullets tonight with good reason.

so my pic to go home tonight is......


yup you read it right i think it will be the surprize vote of the season you know how they always have those? a heavy favorite (i.e. Tamyra Grey, LaToya London, etc, etc)

anyways that's my two cents worth

happy hump day bitches!


Sadie Lou said...

Goat boy! *laughing* Did he put a bowl on his head for that haircut in that picture?
I'm thinkin' Paris is going home tonight. Like you said, she's always in the bottom three and she has that strange personality.
I think it's gonna be the boys right down to the end.
and Goat Boy will be our three last contestants. Just guessin'.
Thanks for the run down! I always enjoy it.

flea said...

sadie - yw i enjoy doing them and yeah it probably will be paris tonight although you just never know do ya?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks. Enjoy your hump as well.

Sadie Lou said...

Bye Bye Paris! Can't say I'll miss ya.

mcBlogger said...

Hi, it's me...I have a new blog. Wanted to send out a hello and let you know I still read faithfully. Hope all's well.