Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Idol Finale....who really cares??

so the big Idol Finale is on tonight and i ask myself am i really the only person left that doesn't give a rat's ass who wins this season?

I mean jeez, really the guy who would've been the only album i would've went out and bought was booted off 2 episode's ago. well obiviousily someone out there still cares as they still get millions apon millions of viewers (myself included) but i'm not really sure why i still watch as with each show i get more and more irritated with the way this show is produced/run. i'm beginning to wonder if somehow it is rigged or mabye it is all just becomming more and more predictable as this is what season 5 now and i'm positive there will be a season 6 as they are just making to much money not to. but when is enough enough?

so in my typical blog fashion here is my run down of the two finalists left.....are u excited?? cause i'm like so excited (not)......

here goes

oi, where to start with Taylor Hicks. Simon predicted at the beginning of this season that he would not, absoletely in no way make it to the finals or win this season........seems kinda ironic or mabye "predictable" that he is acutally in the final two now don't you think? oh well, what do i know? and if this guy says "soul patrol" while pumping his fist one more damn time i am seriousily going to lose it. i should create some sort of drinking game as i'm sure by the end of the show i would really have a good buzz on mabye i would enjoy him better if i was loaded....hmmm this may be an idea. sigh. he just irritates the crap out of me. can't he stand still for more than 2 seconds? give him some ritlan pronto ~ PLEASE ~ he's not to bad when he sings the slower songs and he's actually standing STILL but would i buy his album? no, then again the only idol to ever win that i've bought there music has been Kelly so what does that really say. nothing i guess

ah Katherine McPhee when this show first started i really liked you and was rooting for you (i still am actually) but along the way you started irritating me. perhaps it is the way you portray yourself as a sex kitten what with all the fun flirty looks, the struts across the stage, your girating performance on the floor a couple of weeks ago, the incident with your skirt coming undone........it just goes on and on and vocally you just have been hit & miss with me. last weeks performance of R. Kelly's "i believe i can fly" was horrid but then you come back and win me over again with "somewhere over the rainbow" which was so beautiful, why can't you just be consistantly good? either way you really need to put your game face on tonight and bring it as i believe Mr. Hicks is the favorite to win, as much as i hate to say it
so whose my pick to win it this year......
i should put my money on Taylor but i'm going to root for the underdog and pick Katherine to win, that is if she's on top of her game tonight & i just hate Taylor and do not, NOT want him to win although i'm sure he will
there you have it ~ until the next idol
i'm out


mcBlogger said...

WEELLL, first, thanks for the OC update. I missed the show and was very disappointed. Now I know what happened in livid detail. Bless you for that.

Second, I don't want either of those two to win Idol. Your right, Taylor is irritating, and from what I can tell, a total fake. He's putting on a show, like everyone else, but it seems too forced.
Kathrin, I just don't like her. Your right that she's putting on this sex kitten thing, but from where I stand, she's like still a baby and it's just gross, not to mention, it doesn't come naturally for her and looks phony and ridiculous. Like when a 6 year old dresses in mommy's best dress and pretends to be a grownup.

That's just my two cents...

Barry said...

OK, I am soooo excited about it too!!! NOT!! I haven't seen and episode of idol this year, or last for that matter (I think they do air it over here sometime). The part that cracked me up was when whats-his-name (I am too lazy to check back on your blog for his name) Busts on the contestants and busts their bubble.

By the way - is TV your life? I mean i have only read two fo your posts but both about TV ...haha

flea said...

mcblogger - yw glad i could update you on the OC you should keep an eye out mabye they'll re-run it or something....and i totally agree about Kat being a six year old that is totally what it feels like!

Barry - thanks for stopping and making me spit water all over my computer (for laughing so hard about the t.v. comment) and to answer your question i am a total t.v. crackwhore and this time of year is huge for me (tons of season finale's) i'll get over it eventually and won't have anything to post in two weeks

Sadie Lou said...

I'm actually proud to admit that I liked Taylor from the beginning and I hope he wins the whole thing!
I think his voice is unique and I love his taste in music. I'm kind of a blend of old school music I grew up on and my own modern style.
I agree that Taylor has that annoying-dorky quality but I really like it. I'm a bit of a dork myself.
I seriously hope Katherine does not win. She is a poser. I have no idea what stle of music she actuall owns. She comes across as Daddy's Little Girl but then she dresses like Daddy's Little Tart.
I'm sick of grown men talking about how hot she is--she's so obviously TRYING to boost the Hot Factor get votes. I wouldn't be surprised if she was sleeping with Randy Jackson or something equally nasty.
Have fun watching the finale. I'll be thinking of you when Taylor shouts "Soul Patrol!"

Jenni said...

I didn't catch one episode of American Idol this season and when I tried to watch the finale last night I couldn't get past the cheese.

I did however LOVE Prince's performance. I LOVE PRINCE. That man has talent, PLUS he's a Minnesota boy so that makes him that much more awesome in my eyes.

Sadie Lou said...

I love Prince too! My husband bought me his new album (against his better judgment). I think he's so sexy!