Monday, May 08, 2006

busy 'lil flea flea

so i had a super busy weekend i just blinked and poof it was gone (don't they all though) although usually i spend most of my weekends curled up in bed (i could sleep and sleep and still be tired) this past weekend i was actually busy, running around doing house work, going to McAdam for a ATV poker ralley and pulling my shift at a local annual Trade show (which by the way was so very painful) and still trying to get caught up on the housework. geesh. livin life in the fast lane sure takes a lot out of you. but i must say this was the first time in a long time that i've felt good and like my old self, hubby and i had a super time together with a group of friends at the atv ralley and just being outside in the fresh air did me a world of good. we've hit a rough patch again lately and saturday we just relaxed and enjoyed each other which was nice from our normal bickering and bantering. why do relationships have to be so hard?

ah well

in other news

most of my famdam are talking about packing up and moving out west which quite frankly left me speechless at first and i thought oh they'll never go........well it turns out that my aunt and uncle (my aunt that is like my 2nd mom) have found jobs out there and are flying out to meet with the said companies in a week! ya imagine! and my gut feeling says that they are going to go and now of course my mom (this is her sister that is going) is working on my dad to go! ya! so this all hits me like a ton of bricks last night and i just wanted to puke, i mean my mom and my aunt are my life support and then to take my dad too!? i can't imagine not having them here which is just so weird and wrong as i should support them no matter what as they do for me but it just feels wrong. and of course i always see both sides to things and i can see why they want to go what with the stupid mill being so messed up and with an uncertain future and to try and regain what they lost and blah blah blah mabye i'm just being selfish but i don't want them to go!! and then they tell me that we should u and move and i'm like hello we just built our "dream" home and have a mortgage up the ying yang and will never get what we have into it due to our location and quite frankly i don't want to move to alberta. so it looks like it will probably just be hubby and i and my grandmother (whom is also not taking this news so well). so yeah this whole thing is messed right up.

can u say Drama people?? with a capitol "D"

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mcBlogger said...

So sorry about your fam. It's hard not having any around.