Friday, May 26, 2006

"M" meme

so i've been tagged, sort of by Barry who so kindly left a comment a couple of posts ago. so i guess this is a letter meme (apparantly meme stands for it's all about me as in me me....)

anyways i've been tagged with the letter "M" and i guess you are supposed to list 10 words beginning with this letter and state what they mean to you or just whatever comes to mind. i'm not officially tagging anyone but anyone wanting to play let me know and i'll assign you your letter!

so here goes my 10 meme's for the letter M

Muff - as in holy ole muff! this is one of my favorite sayings when i just can't believe what someone just said or when something take's me by surprize. or it could also be, you know that fashion accessory that us canucks or russian people wear in the winter time that is made from rabbit fur to warm your hands in, or i could also stand for.......well you know.......down there ~wink wink~

Muffin - whenever i think of muffin's i think of strawberry shortcake the cartoon for some reason wasn't there a character that had a muffin head?? i could be completely wrong fer sure but i always think of this or a big ass blueberry muffin..................mmmmmmmmmmm

Money - how could i not think of this when assigned the letter M. i always sing that stupid song you know where they scream "money, money, money .....MONEY!!!" i have issues i know. or i also often thing K-ching! but mostly i never, ever very rarely have money so these instances hardly ever occur

Mole - moley mole! MOLE! classic scene from Austin Powers. i actually have quite a few moles myself (none on my face though thankfully)

Music - ah, the world just wouldn't be the same if we no longer had music. i'm pretty much open to all kinds of music except for country, i cannot stand the twangy, whiny sounds of country music. bout the only country music that i can stand is the more pop sounding artists like Shania, and the Dixie Chicks

Matilda - this is a weird one for me. i rememeber a history class or something where they played us "waltzing Matilda" which is a famous "old" song from Austraila and for some reason it just stuck with me and of course cuttie pie Heath Ledger & his fiance Michelle Williams (these two are so cute together!) recently named there little girl Matilda

Magneto - as in the evil villian from the X men. i so want to see this last installment of the series as it looks amazing and well Ian McLellan is just a phenomanal actor he's one of my favorite mutants to (i always like the bad guys)

Magenta - as in the vibrant color magenta. i luv this color and i think if i was to ever become a porn star/stripper i would seriousily half consider using this as a "stage" name ~ like sound it out really slow " ma gent and then ahhhhhhhhh" now say it fast Magenta!

Munchies - nothing gets you more than these after smoking some of the happy weed or when it's that time of the month. i almost always fall victim to the munchies when i'm suffering from PMS and i will just eat and eat and eat some more until i feel ill. just munch munch munch all nite long, i'm going to munch munch munch while i sing this song............ok i can't think of any more words to this little song diddy of mine

Maddox - as in Angelina Jolie's adopted son Maddox, isn't he just the cutest little boy? and i really am quite growing to like this name. mabye some day i'll use it to name one of my "potential" children some day. and can you believe how lucky this kid is? to be adopted by a rich famous women from poor Cambodia and be spoiled rotten with toys, gadgets and clothes! so not fair! can't some rich person adopt me??

hope you enjoyed & feel free to participate just ask me for a letter!

c'mon you can do it!!


Jimmy said...

HA! You said Muff! ;o)

flea said...

jimmy - lol i know! don't u just love that word! tee hee!!!!

Barry said...

yeah, I skipped the 'shoe' post - what can I say about shoes?

At least your moles don't move ... I hope! fun meme. I still dunno how that word applies to this but what the hey?

flea said...

barry - ha ha! nope sorry they don't move

scrunch said...

I could have fun with this. Gimme a letter. Just comment here with my letter and I'll post it at my blog.

flea said...

scrunch - your wish is my command! i give you the letter......R

scrunch said...


1. for Read, as in you can never learn enough...READ! books, newspaper, tripe, cereal boxes; I don't care, It's the greatest thing you'll ever learn.
2. a robot vacuum cleaner...(I'm waiting for the lawn mower).
3. Rolf... (the muppet)..Play it again, Rolf.
4 and 5. Rock and Roll (cheat, cheat)..
6. Ring, ring...(sorry for the delay..had to answer the phone)...
7. Ravioli...atsa good...
8. in the forecast, 'Clear and Still'...yup, clear up to your butt and still Raining...
9. Ripper...(an old PC game that I thought of for no reason whatsoever)...
and 10. Raggedy Ann, the only doll that looked beat up RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!