Friday, June 02, 2006

what i need right NOW


thank you god it is freaking FRIDAY

20 minutes and counting before i blow this joint

i have never ever, EVER wanted a drink as badly as i do right now, and no i'm not an alcoholic, at least i never thought i was. although this past week it's all i can really think about and the only thing that brings me any sort of "happiness" that just makes me feel all warm and giddy inside. is that so wrong?

and no i don't really want to talk about why i'm so stressed as it will just bring my blood pressure even higher what with all the bloody car repairs, job related issues, mortgage frustrations i would just rather not go there. so instead my friends i would like to know what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

and oh yeah happy freakin friday


Sadie Lou said...

Same as you, Bacardi & Coke. I also like this drink my dad makes called a Sadico
I have no idea what's in it but it's refreshing...

flea said...

sadie- ok good, everyone at work was making this BIG deal that i drank rum & coke they didn't thing it was a "girl" thing! well piss on them i'm not alone!

Bridget Jones said...

Oh Flea I so get it and am in the same boat as you for the same reason.

As to alcoholic libations: ANYTHING with ethanol in it at the moment, but faves: mohitos, pina coladas (yah they're girly, who cares), gin and tonic, long island ice tea.

Bridget Jones said...

p.s. if you have the ingredients try this: 1 measure cointreau, 1/2 measure B&B, 1/2 measure amaretto.


scrunch said...

Scrunch: Black Velvet (or other) and Coke
My wife (tshsmom): Rum and Coke (but not Bacardi!) She says Bacardi tastes too sweet and actually prefers cheaper (I mean, less expensives) rum.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm not a cheap drunk - I only drink hard liquor found in coctails such as Tom Collins, Alabama Slammer, Singapore Sling. Love margaritas & daquiris.

Hope you're not too hung over...

flea said...

ok sorry i've been away, well i shoouldn't say away but just busy so i haven't had a chance til now to respond (and no sadly i did not get stinking ass drunk on friday nite...but anyways)

bridg -mmm pina coladas yum yum and i'm so going to try your other receipe

scrunch - black velevt?! never heard of it, sounds very old fashioned though...what's it taste like? it's not that stuff that tastes like licorish is it?

wc - mmmmm daquris another one of my fav's very sweet though and same with the other drinks you listed i'm not an overly sweet fan as after 1 & 2 drinks it's just to damn sweet but having just 1 on a hot hot day mmm mmm good