Tuesday, June 13, 2006

shhh can u keep a secret

whenever someone calls into the office and is either mean/rude/abrupt just plain nasty i always flip off the phone as i am transfering them....a sort of take that you @#$!@$%!

i cannot stand the smell of tuna it makes me gag

which is weird cause i don't have a sensitive gag reflux.....wink wink (HA HA)

i hate it when people always call me "cute" or the "quiet one"

i feel that a lot of my friends and or family do not know the real me

i would say that i am fake with quite a few people

i secretly really like Paris Hilton's new song even though i cannot stand her. the video is way hilarous though you must check it out if you are in need of a laugh

i can't cook

i don't ever sew or iron anything (i don't even know where my iron is)

i can do laundry though, that's at least something

and i do clean.......at least sometimes, usually when i know people will be over

i only brush my teeth twice a day and i never floss

i'm addicted to tanning beds but i only allow myself to go twice a week

that's only when i can afford to go

i will only use tampons when it's that time of the month i plain out refuse to buy pads. uck!

sometimes i wonder what the heck i'm doing with my life

other times i'm pretty content

Canadian Idol really blows this year & the judges are just plain rude/mean so thinking of not wathcing this year (i'll give it one more week)

i'm scared shitless at even the thought of having children/giving birth

i despise living pay check to pay check and it drives me insane

no really it does even though i have no control over it.....well i do sorta but we just can't seem to stop spending

i usually get my way

and pitch a holy ole fit if i don't get it

i luv listening to the oldie's there are some wicked tunes from that time and you just don't get them now-a-days, truly you don't

i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up

some of my favorite shows when i was a kid were Seasme Street, Mr. Dress Up, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers

i don't really remember a lot from my childhood, it's a blank except for the odd memory here or there or when someone says "remember when" (must've been all that weed i smoked from 18-20)

i haven't smoked a joint in months, in fact it's probably more like a year

i have tons of stuff to do today but i just had to take 30 minutes to chill and de-stress

at the office people tell me when they come/go and i'm supposed to make a note of it so that if anyone calls then someone knows where they are......i so don't do this.....in fact when they tell me they are leaving i'm silently thinking in my head "i don't give a sweet f@!*#!"

i forget stuff a lot too

and i'm so not observant

in fact i really don't know why i picked this career choice as it's so not right for me but yet at the same time it somehow is. weird

~i'm out~


Ben O. said...

Being able to cook is overrated.

Ben O.

Jimmy said...

HA! "i don't give a sweet f@!*#!" - good stuff! ;o)

Sadie Lou said...

i only brush my teeth twice a day and i never floss

me too!
how gross are we?