Wednesday, June 25, 2008

checked out

man I've been such a bad, bad blogger which is totally my bad, er um laziness

dunno what is wrong with me lately but i'm so tired/lazy. could. sleep. 24 hrs. I swear no word of a lie. and while I have been busy/stressed with stuff.

example A
hubs and I purchased my grandmother's house/property (as we lived just above her) and we wanted the land NOT the house, but they wouldn't sell without the house, which I understand as proprty value in our little community is shitty and that is putting it gently. anyways long story short we now have a 2nd mortgage and we are left to clean out her house as the fam dam (the brothers) didn't want to clean it out. Mean while it is left to pretty much me, the hubs and my mom to go through ALL and i mean there is a lot of just stuff. what does one do with it all? have a yard sale?? but who would buy it, honestly i'm just so frustrated I don't know what to do with myself. and I so don't want to organize a yard sale, i've never done or had one and have no clue where to start...

example B
said grandmother above is well an issue itself. she is in early stages of dementia and was doing very well in her new accomodations (at first). then she had a set back. and while I can't or am not willing to share it all here it is just sad and frustrating as she is sinking deeper into the depths of dementia and I'm losing my grandmother and seeing my mom trying to cope with it ALL isn't exactly helping either

so needless to say, i need to "check out" which is sad cuz I just had a vacay like a month ago

perhaps I can get a "check out" this weekend i'm hoping to lay low and just "chill"

that's what's been on my mind, just thought I would bring ya'll up to speed

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tick tock

you know as a kid Alice in Wonderland was like my favorite, a) cuz she was blonde (like me) b)it was totally off the wall and c)the little white rabbit that was always late, whom I have a love/hate realtionship with (i'll explain after)

In the 80's there was an actual movie made (not the cheap cartoon, hate that) called Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass (or something like that - pic above), with a white and dark night, the jabberwalkie, etc. I loved this movie. In fact I loved it so much I hunted it down on eBay and bought both VHS tapes. yeah, crazy I know but I had to have it. (i'll google it and try to post a pic for ya later)

just one of those things

also another one of those things and the reason i'm so off topic here is that I hate, hate being late for anything. doesn't matter what it is, if I have an appointment i have to be on time or early. in fact I think i inherited this from my father as he doesn't like to be late either, I was early for my own wedding. who the hell is early for their wedding! isn't the bride supposed to be late??

anyways, so whenever i'm late I always here that damn rabbit in my head from Alice in Wonderland screaming "I"M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE LATE LATE!"

weird i know, but I can't help it

and it totally puts me on edge

oh, and I also hate when things do not go my way


can't I control everything? I feel like I could turn into the hulk here....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


fer shizzle!!

not only is the new video out, but I have tickets to see them in concert in September!!


i think i peed a little

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pictures! take two...randomness

calgon take me away (again)

jilly & I at dinner (nite before wedding), hammered out of my tree here (which is so obivious)
I would also like to note that as usual, i look bad and miz jilly looks fab

hee! don't ask, this is after one to many daiquiris

view of our room (I ment to take before all our crap was in it..ah well)

part of the gang at dinner

the hubs and I

i'm not sure why i'm posting this other than the fact that it is somewhat humourous (and yes that's my ass, and no that's not a big mole on the right that's my gay ass tattoo of a lady bug)

moi on the bunch reading

ok, i must mention that we lost our camera for 2 days and this was our 1st 2 pics (the one above and below) that we took after getting it back. we were just so happy/greatful to have the camera back, we had to take a pic...


and again

view of another boat from our boat (we went snorkeling)

view of our pool & swim up bar

view of the beach

view from our balcony

so pretty! they were everywhere, and the noises they would make...sigh I wanna go back

my mamma and I

the hubs

my dad (he looks so happy here) you'd have to know that every pic of my dad he is always either a)fake smiling or b)so somber/serious so this is a rare find to get one where is is actually smiling for real

the gang in the pool

doreen/moi/momsie/julia chillin in the pool (drunk, again)
and lastly, I leave you with.....
my husband's ass!!

pictures! (finally) take one..Wedding

moi getting my hair done

Miz Jilly aka the bride getting beautified

musical trio that was playing while the bride walked in & after the ceremony, this truly made it a "festive" affair. If i was technically inclined I would load the video for you so you could hear it, but that ain't going to happen. sorry. but the pic will have to do

this is a shot of the gazebo that they were married in

the bride arriving by horse carriage (so romantic!)

the bride & dad walking in (I love the look on Jill's face, she looks so happy!)

bride & groom exchanging vows

the bride & her girls (Julie on the left and me on the right)

bride & groom celebrating with a toast

brides parents also celebrating to raising a beautiful daughter

wedding party

bride & groom

the bride posing beautifully (so pretty)

bride & all her girlfriends that went on the trip (by this point the sweat was just rolling down my back & legs, so humid & hot and it was only 10:30/11:00 in the morning!)


a fairytale ending
~and they lived happily ever after ~

Jill & Mark
May 13, 2008