Saturday, June 14, 2008


fer shizzle!!

not only is the new video out, but I have tickets to see them in concert in September!!


i think i peed a little


Anonymous said...

Wow, I did not know they were back together. They are looking good! Should be a great concert. They sound so good!

TTQ said...

I could not figure out wherer hat clip was oming from..Finally found Usher halfway down..

You said HEE!

When I find a word I'ver used before.. I have to say it. It's like this time next week my mom will be saing HEE!

flea said...

eileen - i know!! like damn! mind u donnie isn't quite as hot as he used to be and i find Jordan really pouffy? is that a word?? not sure but he looks bloated and just not Jordan to me (botched plaster surgery??hmm) still sexy as hell though and I will DIE when I see them in concert, even though i am like against the back wall..

ttq - you've never used the word HEE?? wow, interesting, perhaps that is a hick thing? glad I introduced you to it though! it's my little happy squel that I do when i'm uber excited, and sorry bout Usher, i should've disabled him...