Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pictures! take two...randomness

calgon take me away (again)

jilly & I at dinner (nite before wedding), hammered out of my tree here (which is so obivious)
I would also like to note that as usual, i look bad and miz jilly looks fab

hee! don't ask, this is after one to many daiquiris

view of our room (I ment to take before all our crap was in it..ah well)

part of the gang at dinner

the hubs and I

i'm not sure why i'm posting this other than the fact that it is somewhat humourous (and yes that's my ass, and no that's not a big mole on the right that's my gay ass tattoo of a lady bug)

moi on the bunch reading

ok, i must mention that we lost our camera for 2 days and this was our 1st 2 pics (the one above and below) that we took after getting it back. we were just so happy/greatful to have the camera back, we had to take a pic...


and again

view of another boat from our boat (we went snorkeling)

view of our pool & swim up bar

view of the beach

view from our balcony

so pretty! they were everywhere, and the noises they would make...sigh I wanna go back

my mamma and I

the hubs

my dad (he looks so happy here) you'd have to know that every pic of my dad he is always either a)fake smiling or b)so somber/serious so this is a rare find to get one where is is actually smiling for real

the gang in the pool

doreen/moi/momsie/julia chillin in the pool (drunk, again)
and lastly, I leave you with.....
my husband's ass!!


secret lady said...

WOW!! that place looks amazin :D nice get away

Mo said...

Nice ass! LOL

flea said...

secret lady - oh it was fab. we were in the royal services section, well worth the extra $100 or so to get it, we had our own section of beach & pool

mo - isn't it sexy!! hahahahaha

Eileen said...

I don't know how you could ever come home. It looks like heaven there, pure bliss. That is how real life should be.

So glad you had fun and rest. I LOVED seeing the pictures.

flea said...

eileen - aww thanks, it has been very difficult trying to get back to normal, so want to go back. the week just didn't seem long enough and went by so fast...

Beth said...

these pictures are amazing!

flea said...

aww, thanks beth! I can't take credit though as most of these were another friends (again lost camera for a few days & we all know,or at least I know that I am a horrible picture taker...)