Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pictures! (finally) take one..Wedding

moi getting my hair done

Miz Jilly aka the bride getting beautified

musical trio that was playing while the bride walked in & after the ceremony, this truly made it a "festive" affair. If i was technically inclined I would load the video for you so you could hear it, but that ain't going to happen. sorry. but the pic will have to do

this is a shot of the gazebo that they were married in

the bride arriving by horse carriage (so romantic!)

the bride & dad walking in (I love the look on Jill's face, she looks so happy!)

bride & groom exchanging vows

the bride & her girls (Julie on the left and me on the right)

bride & groom celebrating with a toast

brides parents also celebrating to raising a beautiful daughter

wedding party

bride & groom

the bride posing beautifully (so pretty)

bride & all her girlfriends that went on the trip (by this point the sweat was just rolling down my back & legs, so humid & hot and it was only 10:30/11:00 in the morning!)


a fairytale ending
~and they lived happily ever after ~

Jill & Mark
May 13, 2008


Mo said...

First, I'm totally jealous that they got married on a freaking beach. I got married in a courthouse. Blah. lol

Second, the picture of the two of them facing the water? Her hand is totally resting on his butt and it cracked me up.

flea said...

haha! i totally never even noticed that...haha i'll have to tell her

2ndly i'm so jealous too, this is what I wanted to do when I got married too, sadly my hubs is a homebody and wanted to get married @ home. shitty. but at least I got to experience it through her

Beth said...

I can. not. show these to my daughter...she wanted to get married on the beach so. bad.

But the pictures are just beautiful. And I love hoe, everyone is in the pool and everyone has a drink!!!!

You are so cute!!!!

mcBlogger said...

WOW, and WOW, what great photos. Looks like a great time. Love the ass shot with the can. ha ha