Thursday, May 29, 2008

back into the grove

sorry ya'll, my bad for not posting or talking about my fab trip

but ever since i've been back i've been, well in a funk

i feel like i'm in a fog, numb and to be honest sort of stupid. people ask me things here at work and i'm all "deer caught in headlights" like "huh", "what did you just say". really not good, at 1st I thought it may be due to alcohol withdrawl but that should've passed a couple weeks ago...

just plain weird

and the weather is shitty ass and cold here

yes, i'll be posting pics of the trip (someday), i'm just lazy and tired, ok

i thought i'd come back from vacay all fresh and revived, that lasted a day


same old same old in this neck of the woods

i'll get back to normal eventually.....i hope


Swishy said...

Awww ... it is post-trip fatigue. It'll be over soon! Welcome back!!!

flea said...

aww, thanks swish, at least I hope that is what it prob. is,i just wish it would go away

mcBlogger said...

The worst thing about vacation is returning from vacation and going back to normal times. it'll get better, the sun will come back and the warm weather will be here soon enough.

Beth said...

you's just vacation withdrawl...and it sucks ass.

can't wait to see pix!

TTQ said...

One good pop in deserves another! So ta-da! I popped in! The Wedding looked great! I'm aboutto hit my two year anniversary with Honey!

I can't say I get withdrawels too bad, I live in Florida and we vacation in the Caribbean every year.