Saturday, May 03, 2008

from the desk of flea

*from mizz flea flea's exec. assistant on behalf of mizz flea flea who is "stressing out" to the max trying to pack and all that "shit" becuz she is now 7 days away from her much needed vacay. she would like to sincerely apologize for her lack of visits to your blog sites & the shortage of her posts here (note, she wasn't blogging much in the first place, duh, i'm so not paid enough..). She would like me to point out (and oh yes she's here but she is hollering from another room on what I should be saying here, I may point out that she is frantically searching for a pair of Capri pants that I sooo ruined last summer by spilling soda on them and I totally ditched them without her knowing! haha ok what was I/she saying??)

oh right

she's "stressed"

ok ok we get it already

moving on

she also doesn't want to "rub it in" that she will be in sunny paradise for a week (biatch), sipping on fruity tropcial drinks while sunning herself on the beach

so she prob. won't be around here for a couple of weeks (thank god!)

she would like me to say much love to you all & see you on the flip side!

miz flea flea (whateverh)


Wandering Coyote said...

What do you need to pack other than bikini, hat, and sunscreen?

Have a wonderful trip! I hope you come back refreshed and rejuvenated!

Beth said...


drink some fruity drinks for me and take lots of pix!! have FUN!!!!! you sound like you need it!

Swishy said...

Ohhhhhhhh!! FINALLY! The vacay! Have fun!

Eileen said...

Have fun! Enjoy every second, you deserve it.

Just telling it like it is said...

I would have totally gotten rid of the evidence too and acted like I had no idea which pair of capis she was talking about?? I like to play dumb is that bad?

Miss 1999 said...

*Hopes you had a WONDERFUL vacation* Must see some pics! *hugs*