Friday, March 31, 2006

i'm BACK!!


omg i've never been quite so happy in all my life

i have suffered


serious blogger withdrawl


where do i begin??

you all missed my skating experience (i may still blog about it yet...)

you all missed my review of The Cell (which i also may write about but i doubt it as it was a total dissappointment....)

you've all missed my idol picks and misses the last 2 weeks

and that's about it

not much really was it??

ah well i have missd all of you my loyal blog readers!!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

weekly American Idol predictions

so were at the final 12 ~ yee haw!!

sadly though last nights show was a big, BIG disappointment. why you may ask? well as soon as i heard that all the contestants would be singing a Stevie Wonder song, all hopes went right out the window and i almost didn't want to watch the show. i know Stevie is a huge one of a kind talent, yadda, yadda, yadda, but why, why make people sing his songs when nobody can compare???? it's just plain torture and i couldn't put up with any more of it and went to bed so i missed everyone's performance after Lisa Tucker. this show was sooooo BORING and just plain bad. even the people that the judges raved about (i.e. Lisa and Mandeisa) were still bad in my opinion. mabye it's cause i'm not really a Stevie fan. hmm i dunno what were other peoples takes on last night's show??

anyways, in my true blogger fashion here are my pics from last night's show to be in tonight's bottome three.

up first is Bucky. now he was totally out of his element and i give him an "a" for effort but that's as far as this goes. he's just so average, no i take that back "below" average would serve him better and half the time i don't understand a word he says either a)because of his accent or b) because he mumbles so badly so if he doesn't go tonight i hope he goes farily early

next up is pickler. the only reason people like this girl is becuase of her "dippy" personality and her bleach blonde hair. can she sing? no, not really. does it matter. no. probably not. needless to say her performance last night was boring with a capital B, major snooze fest. i'm sure she'll be around awhile yet but she does deserve to be in the bottom 3

and lastly the pimp of this year's show kevin corvas. can you belive this guy called himself a what did he say "chick magnet" or a "stud" or something or other. what frickin crack are you smoking buddy and to sass back at Simon! what nerve. cocky little geek!you so do NOT deserve to be at this stage in the competition. and to think that little teeny boopers love you! god, it's wrong on so many levels.

so my pic to be sent home tonight is Kevin but it'll probably be Bucky or someone completely different. it's going to be a lot tougher picking the ones to go home.

~happy hump day~

i'm out :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

rain, rain go away

it's raining here today


a cold, cold bitter rain

so it's very dark and dreary and may switch over to freezing rain later this afternoon


and ontop of this crapola weather i'm getting the plague i can feel it coming (started yesterday), so i'm coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, sinus headaches & pains and a sore throat so basically i feel like shit on a stick

and i just want to curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb and dream of a happy place as i'm in such utter misery today

and to add to my misery today in my laziness this morning i grabbed quite possibly my tightest pair of pants that i own. i dunno what the hell i was thinking in my foggy hazziness this morning............

so i now have no feeling below my waist because these pants are cutting off my circulation.

and i'm still in a fog and i believe i left my brain either at home or somewhere along my way to work as i just can't seem to function at all today. so if someone happens to locate this let me know asap please and thanks :)

oh yeah i almost forgot! i also have physio at lunch today


what a super duper day!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

shopping mayhem

so you know how the other day i was shopping at wal-mart and i had poor restraint not to buy things.......................well that barely touched the surface as to what i purchased this weekend.

i went wild. no, really i think i went temporarily mad as i had shopping fever this past weekend and i'm feeling such buyers remorse today that i'm just beside myself (mabye not that bad, but ya know it's there).

so i'll go back to the beginning of it all and it's one word "Winners"

evil, EVIL Winners. my mom and aunt are obsessed with Winners and usally i do quite well in there store as i'm not one to paw through every rack just to find a shirt or skirt. but not today, i had the fever and i was burning my way through the isles like the place was on fire. i was on a hunt for a blazer type jacket and tank tops/camisole's and i cleaned house. miss jilly found a killer brown blazer that was super cute so i snatched that up and then i found not one but four tank tops, and then i had to go back and get two "matching" mats for my kitchen. so i get ready for the check out as i've just about had enough of this store (god it's always a zoo) and my total, OMG my frickin total! like holy shit i just got tank tops for godsakes! well, in all excitment i never think to tally the #'s in my head (hello, i'm not a math person anyways) so i quite literally had no idea what kind of ballpark figure i was going to be in and i sure as hell hit it way out of the park. so i thought ok, i'm done shopping NO MORE.

well i was wrong

cause our next stop is my favorite store Ricki's, it's the only store that i know i can go into and the pants will fit and the staff is always so nice and helpful and yeah i did good at first not really looking at anything and then jilly starts grabbing some stuff and is all like "oh, this is soooo cute!" and "that's totally hot!" and the next thing i know i'm grabbing stuff too left and right. there's a cute pair of pants and a shirt to match and then i'm back in the room trying stuff on and everything is just looking so good on and the thought of restraint never even crossed my mind until at the checkout. and again i have no clue what to expect price wise (i'm such a horrible shopper) and OMG i cannot believe i just picked up that much stuff (1 pair of pants, 1 blouse, and 4 dressey t-shirts). oh god the guilt. just like running into a brick wall. and i put on a weak smile and hand over the ole debit card slowly drowning in panic on the inside.

and it's like i tried to explain to my hubby that not like i do this all the time it's only twice a year but still. i had no restraint or any thoughts at all at the time i was in the "moment" and god i felt like a million bucks, and i was on a big time adreline high. and i have some steller new clothes, that has to count for something doesn't it??

so i'm now banned from mcdonald's, wal-mart and any sort of shopping mall for at least 6 months i think it can be done......

Friday, March 10, 2006

diet coke & wal-mart make me happy

i haven't had a diet coke in like forever so i had one today and now i can barely sit still. i'm so hyper and ready to just bounce off the walls. sadly, it is painfully quiet at the office today. no i take that back it has been a tomb in here all week long and the afternoons are just so long and boring that i think i'm really going to go quite mad. it doesn't help that i look at the clock every 5 seconds (i mean this too, mabye every 3 seconds) and it hasn't budged an inch. so i've got lot's of energy just not motovation to do anything (aka actual work, and i have stuff to do just don't wanna do it).

i wen't in to the brand new wal-mart at noon hour to pick up a couple of things that i had pre-planned to buy only to come out with a cart full of stuff that came to close to $90. like what the hell? everytime i'm in this damn store i see things that i need or want and i can never just buy one or two things. i had to pry my hands away from a new pair of pj's and a new pair of shoes. believe me the urge was very strong. i think the only thing that prevented me from buying the shoes was a lady with a cart full of screaming kids behind me. watching me. like how un-comfortable. do i have something on my face or my ass??? geesh. stare much. so i walked away from the shoe section in a hurry and next thing i knew i was eyeing these super cute pink pj's that just screamed "BUY ME" or "pick me! pick me!!" and after consulting my inner self i just walked away. but now i can't stop thinking about those damn shoes and the pink pj's. damn you wal-mart.

oh, and they have goldfish. lot's and lot's of goldfish. like how frickin cool is that?? and do you have any idea how badly i would love to go back there and purchase a huge tank and buy the whole damn lot of them??

can anyone refer me to a shop-a-holic help line?? i need help asap! or better yet a boycott like my one that i installed at mcdonald's like forever ago, but that never worked and seeings how i just ate there today. not good.

i'm a weak, weak person........sigh

~happy friday all~

this is me to a "T"

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have low extroversion.
You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.
A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.
You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have high conscientiousness.
Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.
Most things in your life are organized and planned well.
But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have high agreeableness.
You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.
Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.
You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have high neuroticism.
It's easy for you to feel shaken, worried, or depressed.
You often worry, and your worries prevent you from living life fully.
You tend to be emotionally reactive and moody. Your either flying very high or feeling very low.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.
You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.
But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.
You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

idol pics for the week

so another week has come and gone for the next round of American Idol. and this is a big week indeed as we are close to finding out who is in the final 12! so exciting!! well mabye not that exciting, but ya know.

so here's my pics for this weeks bottom three girls:

ah Kinnik if only you would have went home last week and saved us all you sharpe and pitchy performance of an Alicia Keys song. I agree with the judges you started out great but it just all went so wrong for you.

sorry girl but i think Simon is right. pack your bags

next up is Melissa McGee. i like this girl i really do and i don't feel it's fair that the show has selected other girls to follow along and give back stories while leaving Melissa out. the first time we saw her was when the final 24/20 first started. i love her tone of voice and she stands out from everyone else but sadly i think she'll be going home as america has just fallen in love with Kellie Pickard (not sure why cause she can't sing as well as Melissa but they by into her story and personality)

and lastly miss Ayla Brown. i'm not into this girl, she is just meh to me. and i can't really like her for some reason. mabye it's the whole basketball thing and that if she does go to the final 12 she has to make a decision to choose either basketball or idol.....hmmm may be interesting to see what happens with her but i feel she's safe for now but out of the last few remaining she's a weak link

my bottom three boys:

oh, will i wanted to like you really i did cause you have such a boyish charm about you. but you just stank. really quite badly. and i had such high hopes for you but you've let me down over and over and i think it's your time to go this week, but you may hang in there as you will probably get the "tweens" votes as you are just so cute!

america i dunno why, why you are voting for this guy. horrible doesn't even touch the surface of his girly voice. he can't sing. period. and therefore he shouldn't be at this stage in the competition. as soon as he opened his mouth i wanted to hit the mute button. and i'm going to be a bit mean but he's a geek and who thinks a geek should be the next idol.....not me

and lastly the buckster (aka bucky). who the hell names there twin boys bucky and rocky???? well apparantly someone out there does. he's not bad but he's not all that great either and i totally hate the facial hair on him, i think if he'd lose that he'd be at least a little bit cuter and i as always dig the longer hair. his performance was just "ok"

so my final pics to go home are: kinnik, melissa, kevin and bucky

that's all i have to say about that

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

double take

so my last hair appointment left me looking like a Patricia Arquette look alike or as my husband likes to call me "Allison Dube" (pronouced doo-brough), as we are both faithful fans of her hit show Medium. it's an ongoing joke and i've taken to calling him "joe" as that's the husbands name on the show.

so i thought i would poke fun at myself and do up some pics and post them here. now my hair has since grown out quite a bit since my last appointment so my bangs aren't as short and my layers have grown out quite a bit, and the resemblance is there......except mabye my face is quite a bit fatter than hers....but hey i don't have the tools or techniques to slim myself down.....i'm also not very photogenic i'm afraid

so here's another one. this time i was trying to take the pic myself in my bathroom mirror....i was trying to get a good pic of the layers in my hair

and lastly

the best for last!

so what do ya think????

Monday, March 06, 2006

move over ladies here come the MEN!!

i know that reese is in this pic but i just couldn't pass up this drool worthy moment to stare at her hubby Ryan Phillipee.

yum and where have you been??? i know you were in CRASH but i have yet to catch that flick and i must now that it snagged best picture & knowing you are in it.

super smooth and super sexy!

luv him and luv the stuble!

Mr. Jamie Fox aka mr. ultra cool, pulls off the shades and the bright blue silk shirt.

totally diggin his vibe and he's looking so smokin!

oh George, how i could fly across the world and stalk you and then kidnapp you and keep you all to myself.

you are one fine specimen of a man

mmmm mmmm good

is it getting hotter in here??

Eric Banna

yum yum i could eat you like a bananna

you are ultra delicous in a tux and love the wavy hair

and lastly my boy toy Jake Gyllenhal

boy does the stuble ever do wonders for you, i always thought you were cute but man you just moved up several notches on my ladder

the best dressed nods

honorable mentions go to: Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Uma Thurman

my 1st overall best dressed pic goes to michelle williams wearing a marigold yellow chiffon gown with tulle pleats. i love this vintage 40's look and i love, love her makeup and hair.

so romantic and a step back to the golden days.

luv it and luv how her and Heath seem so in love (let's hope it lasts!)

i had to post this close up pic of Keria's necklace with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. this necklace is truly breathtaking and goes so well with her dress (seen below)

at first glance i loved this dress then i looked again and i wasn't really digging the mermaid skirt but after a 3rd and 4th look i'm loving it again.

the color, the hair, the makeup and that showstopper necklace!!! it's all perfect and true hollywood glamour at it's finest

ah Felicity Huffman such a breath of fresh air on the red carpet, i loved her black gown by Zac Posen with a plunging v-neck keyhole back and sheer panels on the sides.

she looks so sleek and sexy and just stunning as everything falls into place perfectly, just like it should.

Salma Hayek, wow what a show stopper twice in two years! i love this gown and i love her curves! if only there were more women in hollywood like her.

she is so flawless and stunning in this blue slate gown.

two thumbs way up

and lastly, i almost hate to paste her here but kudos is due to Jessica Alba. this girl makes me sick but she has great taste (or her stylist does) to wear this gold versace halter gown with floral beading.

i read somewhere that she looks like an OSCAR which is probably the only time she'll ever get near one. mean but true as she's usually only in films to attract the oppisite sexes attention

worst dressed nods

Honorable mentions: Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner and Rachel Weisz (i know she's pregant and all but very plain and dull in black, color people, COLOR!!)

oh good lord where to start with miss Dolly Parton. all i see when i look at this picture is her bleach blonde hair (ahem wig), big ass boobs and pink lace/frills.

i had originally planned to post a pic of her "elvis" tribute outfit that she wore during her performance of "traveling" but i think one horrible outfit is enough to display, don't you?????

next up is Jennifer Aniston. one word here people. BORING. i love ya jen really i do and i'm rooting for you what with the whole brangelina thing but really put your hair up for the love of god!!! and you need dramatic movie glamour makeup badly and i'm digging the dress but the hair and makeup is totally ruining this whole look for me. i'm sorry to be putting you here really i am but your just so ~blah~

luv the vintage necklace though

next up is Naomi Watts. i've said it before and i'll say it again. i hate, hate nudes espically on blondes. this gown by Givenchy is nice until you see the tumor like thing growing on her side and it all goes to hell.

i will give her kudos though as i dig her hair

onto anohter "good lord". miss helena bonham carter must have been trying to out doo her husband/boyfriend tim burton in the hair department that's the only excuse i can think of for this hair. that or her hairstylist jumped into a time machine from the 80's to come and do her hair just for the OSCARS.

god the hair. my poor eyes!!!!!

and what's up with the horrible clunky white shoes?



and the red bag.....oh god.......

and lastly, Charlize what on earth were you thinking? you are always so flawless and perfect on the red carpet and the giant bow is almost, almost bigger than your head except your stylist decided to poof up your hair to try and cover this little fact up.

fugly doesn't even begin to describe this dress designed by John Galliano

Oscar rundown

so what did everyone think of last nights big show?? personally i was v. dissappointed (but then aren't i always.....). the hour countdown before the show is supposed to be all about the fashion and the dresses. heck where is joan rivers when you need her. i was so bored. and what was up with all the flashes of past movies (i.e villans, romance, etc) hated it! i want the fashion people not this boring crap.

John Stewart in my opinion did an outstanding job, his jokes were dead on and he has impecable timing. a job well done my friend!

but what was up with that icky god awful set?? i felt like i had been sucked back in time to view a Lawrence Welk show. did not dig it.

also almost died laughing when Ben Stiller came out in a green leotard for best visual effects and then almost peed my pants laughing when good ole Dolly Parton came out strutting her stuff in an elvis nock off. could this womens boobs possibly be any bigger and why was she all alone on the stage?? she looked so small yet her chest is so huge, and again the stage was just so awful.

so over the course of the day i'm going to be breaking down my favorite dresses of the night and my worst pics, i may even decide to do something for the men as there were quite a few hotties floating around. so stay tuned!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

the OSCARS are coming!!!!!!

omg i'm so excited, in fact today is the first day that it fully hit me. why you may ask?? well in case you live under a rock or just don't give a shit the oscars are only 3 count them three (well two if you don't count today) days away. omg!!


i'm so excited i could pee my pants! but i won't, i promise

god i love this time of year

the glamour, the dresses, the hair and makeup, the jewlery, the acceptance speeches, the crying, the happy moments

yes i love it all!!

so it's offical the countdown is on until sunday

Thursday, March 02, 2006

AI - round two "the boys"

so here is another run down of american idol. god i'm such a t.v. junkie crackwhore! i luv it!!!!!

the top ten boys were a little better than the girls performances the night before but again i found myself quite often bored and there was no real strong standout except for Chris Dougherty who i think should be signed like "now" as he's that good but anyways onto the crap-ola of the evening.

1st up is David Radford, he's a young one and a crooner and last week he sucked and he sucked even more so this week. he just didn't have the sauve, charismatic charm to pull off singing a Frank Sinantra tune. he needs to step it up quite a lot if he hangs around for next weeks show (probably not...)

next up is Jose "Sway" Penata. at first i was like who the heck calls themselves Sway but the more i here it the more i like it....anyways i'm rambling. he crashed and burned and i think he was having a bad nite like he said but i really dunno if he's going to pull through this week as his performance was just the weak. not cool at all Jose!

and lastly the guy that i hate and cannot stand. god i'm so cruel but comon his performance was painful to watch and the fact that they showed and compared him to chicken little should state it all my friends. he does not belong here. but sadly i'm sure he'll pull through and get the sympathy vote yet again as for some reason people are actually digging him.

so my two guy picks to be sent home are David and Sway

that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

exciting news

so this afternoon my mom calls me up all excited and rambling on about getting some tickets to go check out this show....

you see my mom loves figure skating and she loves this guy

(in case you don't know this is Kurt Browning)

even more. so when she asked me if i would go with her to attend their stop in the big city of Fredericton i was on board as i grew up watching and loving Kurt right along with her.

so now i'm stoked and cannot wait for the 22nd of march

mabye this will make this long winter month fly by in anticipation??

god i hope so!!!!

the girls part 2

ok, time for my hits and misses from last nites show

honestly i was so bored and un-impressed with this show i had no real standout performances that just struck me as wow last nite so i have no "best of the night" pics for this week. and what the heck was with everyone (well not quite everyone) but there seemed to be a lot of country music pics this week ~ like hello theme weeks aren't until the final 12.


anyhoo, now onto the bad stuff

oh heather, heather i truly wanted to like you as we share the same name but to pick a Mariah Carey song and then to botch it like you did and then to stand there and sulk after the judges harsh comments about your performance. shame on you!!

for this alone you deserve to get the boot!!

Kinnik Sky your so far under the radar it's not even funny. and what the heck is up with the cow girl getup and the fugly, fugly cowboy hat that was so not sitting quite righton your big ass head, i know that you sang a Gretchen Wilson song and really you did exhibit some great energy and enthusiasm but overall i didn't buy into you singing/diggin country music. bad, bad song choice girlfriend!

and lastly the drama diva miss Brenna Getters herself. i actually like this girl she cracks me up, but singing wise she aint got it. she murdered a Donna Summers classic and it was all very karokeish and just wasn't that great. either America is going to send her packin or keep her hanging around for entertainment value only as she was the only thing remotely interesting last nite

so my final two to be sent home are Heather Cox and Kinnik Sky