Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the girls part 2

ok, time for my hits and misses from last nites show

honestly i was so bored and un-impressed with this show i had no real standout performances that just struck me as wow last nite so i have no "best of the night" pics for this week. and what the heck was with everyone (well not quite everyone) but there seemed to be a lot of country music pics this week ~ like hello theme weeks aren't until the final 12.


anyhoo, now onto the bad stuff

oh heather, heather i truly wanted to like you as we share the same name but to pick a Mariah Carey song and then to botch it like you did and then to stand there and sulk after the judges harsh comments about your performance. shame on you!!

for this alone you deserve to get the boot!!

Kinnik Sky your so far under the radar it's not even funny. and what the heck is up with the cow girl getup and the fugly, fugly cowboy hat that was so not sitting quite righton your big ass head, i know that you sang a Gretchen Wilson song and really you did exhibit some great energy and enthusiasm but overall i didn't buy into you singing/diggin country music. bad, bad song choice girlfriend!

and lastly the drama diva miss Brenna Getters herself. i actually like this girl she cracks me up, but singing wise she aint got it. she murdered a Donna Summers classic and it was all very karokeish and just wasn't that great. either America is going to send her packin or keep her hanging around for entertainment value only as she was the only thing remotely interesting last nite

so my final two to be sent home are Heather Cox and Kinnik Sky


Sadie Lou said...

Brenna BUGS me. She's the new Mikayla (sp). I think she's cocky and over confident. She'll get nixed soon but not soon enough!
I'm voting for Taylor--the grey haired guy.

Sadie Lou said...

You nailed this one too!