Monday, March 06, 2006

worst dressed nods

Honorable mentions: Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner and Rachel Weisz (i know she's pregant and all but very plain and dull in black, color people, COLOR!!)

oh good lord where to start with miss Dolly Parton. all i see when i look at this picture is her bleach blonde hair (ahem wig), big ass boobs and pink lace/frills.

i had originally planned to post a pic of her "elvis" tribute outfit that she wore during her performance of "traveling" but i think one horrible outfit is enough to display, don't you?????

next up is Jennifer Aniston. one word here people. BORING. i love ya jen really i do and i'm rooting for you what with the whole brangelina thing but really put your hair up for the love of god!!! and you need dramatic movie glamour makeup badly and i'm digging the dress but the hair and makeup is totally ruining this whole look for me. i'm sorry to be putting you here really i am but your just so ~blah~

luv the vintage necklace though

next up is Naomi Watts. i've said it before and i'll say it again. i hate, hate nudes espically on blondes. this gown by Givenchy is nice until you see the tumor like thing growing on her side and it all goes to hell.

i will give her kudos though as i dig her hair

onto anohter "good lord". miss helena bonham carter must have been trying to out doo her husband/boyfriend tim burton in the hair department that's the only excuse i can think of for this hair. that or her hairstylist jumped into a time machine from the 80's to come and do her hair just for the OSCARS.

god the hair. my poor eyes!!!!!

and what's up with the horrible clunky white shoes?



and the red bag.....oh god.......

and lastly, Charlize what on earth were you thinking? you are always so flawless and perfect on the red carpet and the giant bow is almost, almost bigger than your head except your stylist decided to poof up your hair to try and cover this little fact up.

fugly doesn't even begin to describe this dress designed by John Galliano


Sadie Lou said...

looking at Charlize in that picture is like a lesson in Star Trek glamour. What is THAT dress? It's got sharp angles and doesn't cling to her fabulous curves at ALL!! Horrible dress.
Jennifer Anniston is just one of many girls that wore boring old black.
Would you wear black?
I don't care if it's the most stunning dress in the universe, black is dull.
I'm with you, nude gowns are awful. Naomi Watts has a weird body. At first I thought she had to pee but then I thought maybe she's preggers. Nope, I think she just has a swollen abdomen.
Nichole Kidman was so white that she was glowing. Did you see her? She was wearing white too. Bad choice.
Dolly Parton did look pretty ridiculous. I don't know how she could tone down those boobs though. What could she do with them?
More pics!

flea said...

sadie - lol i agree with you 100%, and there are more to come!

Jimmy said...

I'd have to agree that Charlize needs to be wearing a more...well...revealing...dress. Show me some skin for the love of all that's holy, girl!

flea said...

jimmy - lol, i agree with a body like hers she should be walking around naked! i know i would be!