Thursday, March 09, 2006

idol pics for the week

so another week has come and gone for the next round of American Idol. and this is a big week indeed as we are close to finding out who is in the final 12! so exciting!! well mabye not that exciting, but ya know.

so here's my pics for this weeks bottom three girls:

ah Kinnik if only you would have went home last week and saved us all you sharpe and pitchy performance of an Alicia Keys song. I agree with the judges you started out great but it just all went so wrong for you.

sorry girl but i think Simon is right. pack your bags

next up is Melissa McGee. i like this girl i really do and i don't feel it's fair that the show has selected other girls to follow along and give back stories while leaving Melissa out. the first time we saw her was when the final 24/20 first started. i love her tone of voice and she stands out from everyone else but sadly i think she'll be going home as america has just fallen in love with Kellie Pickard (not sure why cause she can't sing as well as Melissa but they by into her story and personality)

and lastly miss Ayla Brown. i'm not into this girl, she is just meh to me. and i can't really like her for some reason. mabye it's the whole basketball thing and that if she does go to the final 12 she has to make a decision to choose either basketball or idol.....hmmm may be interesting to see what happens with her but i feel she's safe for now but out of the last few remaining she's a weak link

my bottom three boys:

oh, will i wanted to like you really i did cause you have such a boyish charm about you. but you just stank. really quite badly. and i had such high hopes for you but you've let me down over and over and i think it's your time to go this week, but you may hang in there as you will probably get the "tweens" votes as you are just so cute!

america i dunno why, why you are voting for this guy. horrible doesn't even touch the surface of his girly voice. he can't sing. period. and therefore he shouldn't be at this stage in the competition. as soon as he opened his mouth i wanted to hit the mute button. and i'm going to be a bit mean but he's a geek and who thinks a geek should be the next idol.....not me

and lastly the buckster (aka bucky). who the hell names there twin boys bucky and rocky???? well apparantly someone out there does. he's not bad but he's not all that great either and i totally hate the facial hair on him, i think if he'd lose that he'd be at least a little bit cuter and i as always dig the longer hair. his performance was just "ok"

so my final pics to go home are: kinnik, melissa, kevin and bucky

that's all i have to say about that


Sadie Lou said...

uh oh.
I like Bucky.
The others can go bye bye.

Bridget Jones said...

Bucky should shave.

Wandering Coyote said...

Flea: just catching up on some of the posts on your main page here, since I've been out of the loop for so long. Girl - you can make me laugh! Thank you for your humour! It was so refreshing after a humourless week!

flea said...

sadie - you sound like my hubby, he likes him too and it turns out he is safe for another week

bridg - i couldn't agree more!!!

wc- well i don't find myself funny but i'm glad someone does