Wednesday, March 15, 2006

weekly American Idol predictions

so were at the final 12 ~ yee haw!!

sadly though last nights show was a big, BIG disappointment. why you may ask? well as soon as i heard that all the contestants would be singing a Stevie Wonder song, all hopes went right out the window and i almost didn't want to watch the show. i know Stevie is a huge one of a kind talent, yadda, yadda, yadda, but why, why make people sing his songs when nobody can compare???? it's just plain torture and i couldn't put up with any more of it and went to bed so i missed everyone's performance after Lisa Tucker. this show was sooooo BORING and just plain bad. even the people that the judges raved about (i.e. Lisa and Mandeisa) were still bad in my opinion. mabye it's cause i'm not really a Stevie fan. hmm i dunno what were other peoples takes on last night's show??

anyways, in my true blogger fashion here are my pics from last night's show to be in tonight's bottome three.

up first is Bucky. now he was totally out of his element and i give him an "a" for effort but that's as far as this goes. he's just so average, no i take that back "below" average would serve him better and half the time i don't understand a word he says either a)because of his accent or b) because he mumbles so badly so if he doesn't go tonight i hope he goes farily early

next up is pickler. the only reason people like this girl is becuase of her "dippy" personality and her bleach blonde hair. can she sing? no, not really. does it matter. no. probably not. needless to say her performance last night was boring with a capital B, major snooze fest. i'm sure she'll be around awhile yet but she does deserve to be in the bottom 3

and lastly the pimp of this year's show kevin corvas. can you belive this guy called himself a what did he say "chick magnet" or a "stud" or something or other. what frickin crack are you smoking buddy and to sass back at Simon! what nerve. cocky little geek!you so do NOT deserve to be at this stage in the competition. and to think that little teeny boopers love you! god, it's wrong on so many levels.

so my pic to be sent home tonight is Kevin but it'll probably be Bucky or someone completely different. it's going to be a lot tougher picking the ones to go home.

~happy hump day~

i'm out :)

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Jimmy said...

haha! C'mon now Jessica is "mmmmm! mmmmm!" yummy. An, oh, that southern drawl! She has a country singing background, doesn't she?