Monday, March 13, 2006

shopping mayhem

so you know how the other day i was shopping at wal-mart and i had poor restraint not to buy things.......................well that barely touched the surface as to what i purchased this weekend.

i went wild. no, really i think i went temporarily mad as i had shopping fever this past weekend and i'm feeling such buyers remorse today that i'm just beside myself (mabye not that bad, but ya know it's there).

so i'll go back to the beginning of it all and it's one word "Winners"

evil, EVIL Winners. my mom and aunt are obsessed with Winners and usally i do quite well in there store as i'm not one to paw through every rack just to find a shirt or skirt. but not today, i had the fever and i was burning my way through the isles like the place was on fire. i was on a hunt for a blazer type jacket and tank tops/camisole's and i cleaned house. miss jilly found a killer brown blazer that was super cute so i snatched that up and then i found not one but four tank tops, and then i had to go back and get two "matching" mats for my kitchen. so i get ready for the check out as i've just about had enough of this store (god it's always a zoo) and my total, OMG my frickin total! like holy shit i just got tank tops for godsakes! well, in all excitment i never think to tally the #'s in my head (hello, i'm not a math person anyways) so i quite literally had no idea what kind of ballpark figure i was going to be in and i sure as hell hit it way out of the park. so i thought ok, i'm done shopping NO MORE.

well i was wrong

cause our next stop is my favorite store Ricki's, it's the only store that i know i can go into and the pants will fit and the staff is always so nice and helpful and yeah i did good at first not really looking at anything and then jilly starts grabbing some stuff and is all like "oh, this is soooo cute!" and "that's totally hot!" and the next thing i know i'm grabbing stuff too left and right. there's a cute pair of pants and a shirt to match and then i'm back in the room trying stuff on and everything is just looking so good on and the thought of restraint never even crossed my mind until at the checkout. and again i have no clue what to expect price wise (i'm such a horrible shopper) and OMG i cannot believe i just picked up that much stuff (1 pair of pants, 1 blouse, and 4 dressey t-shirts). oh god the guilt. just like running into a brick wall. and i put on a weak smile and hand over the ole debit card slowly drowning in panic on the inside.

and it's like i tried to explain to my hubby that not like i do this all the time it's only twice a year but still. i had no restraint or any thoughts at all at the time i was in the "moment" and god i felt like a million bucks, and i was on a big time adreline high. and i have some steller new clothes, that has to count for something doesn't it??

so i'm now banned from mcdonald's, wal-mart and any sort of shopping mall for at least 6 months i think it can be done......

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Wandering Coyote said...

You know, I was never a fan of Winners. Some people I know just love it, but I could never be bothered to go through the stuff just to find one thing. I do love Value Village though. There's a good place for you, actually! It's a guilt-free kinda place because it's so cheap!