Monday, March 31, 2008

it IS TRUE!!

I just did the running man cuz i'm soooo freakin excited for this!!
I know nobody else prob cares, like I care but it's official, New Kids are somewhat back, at least performing on the Today show (according to the Queen Perez Hilton @, and what's even crazier is that it's the 20th anniversary since Hanging Tough came out.
now that just makes me feel old
and it is possible that maybe a reunion tour is in the works
come to Canada please!! cuz i'm so there
i should be ashamed
but i'm not

Saturday, March 29, 2008

razzle dazzled frazzled!

so much to do and so little time...

time is flying lately, i only have 6 weeks before we go away and i have not lost a single pound. have i been trying very hard, not really, but i have been doing my tae bo at least 3 times a week & snowshoeing on the weekends. i know i am in better shape as i don't get quite so winded/short of breath, but my outer appearance has not changed a bit.

i need to kick it in full diet mode

my 1st accomplishment this week (a round of applause please) was, no McDonald's this week, none, zilch, zero, i'm so proud of myself!!! i typical at least have this once a week (on some occasions twice..) so this is HUGE. if i can cut this out, and not eat after 7 plus continue working out heavily, surely to god some weight will come off...!!??


and I got the DRESS!!!

the winner was option #3 (see post below, i'm not technically inclined to do a link to it), in the fab color purple aka "grape" which is the official color name. it's quite fab i must say and just what I was looking for, flowy but not too flowy and purple is my fav color

gram has moved and has improved a lot the last couple of weeks, she's doing so much better and i'm surprized at how well she is taking everything in stride. jilly and i met her for lunch the other day and witnessed her making a new friend!! she's never really been a social butterfly but i think that is what she has been missing/lacking and hopefully this will be a really good thing for her and the new digs she is in has me jealous, everything is brand sparking new and top of the line, this place is absolutely gorgeous!!

my poor ole car has finally caved, had the biscuit, going to the junk yard. i shouldn't have been surprized i knew it would happen eventually, but i was so not expecting it. in fact i just registered the GD thing again for another year (ahem $90) 2 days before the piece of shit broke down on me. we called several junk yards to see if we could get the part that is needed and they all told us "good luck", said its very hard to find and i'm not paying $500+ just for a new part to put on a car that is on its last leg, so now i'm car less and missing it like crazy. its weird how attached i was, i mean it was my 1st car and all and frankly the last few years i was hating it a little but i still loved it in a way. so not i'm driving the hubs half ton, which feels like i'm driving a tank compared to my small little car and costs a bloody fortune to run.


rants are so much fun!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my sissy is coming!!

my fabulous sissy is flying in tonight and my dad and I are on our way to the airport later this evening to pick her up!!!

*update, her flight was cancelled and she's now coming in at a later time (boo)

i haven't seen her since October, so i'm really stoked for her visit and thankfully she is here for a longer period this time around.

oh and i forgot to mention

were planning on getting majorly shit faced to celebrate miss jilly's up-coming wedding, a sort of stagette if you will

this is much needed

so needless to say it should be a sweet visit


and happy Easter everyone

Thursday, March 13, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel

there is a god and he is GOOD!

finally some good, no, GREAT, no, what's better than great...?



we just did our tax returns and we are getting some $$$$
now we can pay off our credit cards and breathe a somewhat sigh of relief
a short lived relief but a relief
it's been a long, long winter and it's been rough
the weather has sucked
we've struggled financially
and i can't wait to get those cheques in the mail
speaking of the weather we have another 2 storms coming at us, one Saturday and another BIG assfucker on Monday.
sigh will it ever end
i just hope we can still go to shopping so i can get my dress already! thanks to everyone for the feedback, it was very helpful, i hope they have dress #3 in colors that I like as it's the one i'm leaning more towards
and another thing, not sure if it's becuase everyone is staying in this winter but man there are a lot of freaking pps i know that are preggers. i'm scared to drink the water!
anyways, that's the latest and greatest in my world
peace out :P

Sunday, March 09, 2008

ennie, meanie, mineie, moe

so we all know (or you may not) that I am Maid of Honor for my fabulous cousin miss jilly's wedding in May, in Punta Cana. I've tried well, several dresses that just aren't what i'm looking for, and alas most don't fit or flatter my "hour glass" figure.

so miss jilly and I have been scouring the Internet, Macy's, Sears, David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo, miss jilly has contacted a local Bridal shop that is closing and has Alfred Angelo's dresses at 50%, these are a few that she has in stock, in my size (and no i am not telling what size that is :P )

Dress #1, I have no idea if they have it in this color, but it's the color that I like most for a tropical wedding..
Dress #2, again not sure what color they have or even if this burnt orange would look good on me (i tend to be kinda pasty white), but I really luv this color for some reason....

Dress #3, again no clue what colors they have but this is more what I want or am looking for it's flowing, lose, and simple..

Dress #4 isn't really an option as the store doesn't have it in stock, but I just had to put it here because if i wasn't such a procrastinator this would be the dress. i absolutely love this dress, but sadly not an option, so instead I can look at it and wonder... and dream

so i need help, which one do you like most??
i won't know until next weekend as we aren't going to the shop until Saturday but any help or suggestions would be appreciated as i'm totally lost on this one

Friday, March 07, 2008

wind me up

ugh, the last few days have just been crazy

and i'm so glad it is the weekend

i'm even happier that i only have 20 minutes left to burn here at the office, this has to be the longest day ever! EVER!

Gram's out of the hospital, currently at home with care but she will be moving into a residential seniors complex that offers full-time care, provides meals, cleaning services and all that jazz. I just hope that this works, something tells me that it won't but that's putting the cart before the she's moving next weekend, which makes me really sad as i'm sure that the family will probably sell the house which is hard as I have so many fond memories of that house and it also means that I will have to deal with a new neighbor as we live right next door.

a lot to deal with and process

and i hate change

oh, and i'm freaking out about finding a "brides maid" dress for miss jilly's wedding in May. I have a certain image & color in my head and I cannot find a dress that I like at all, and i've tried several on. i'm getting very frustrated as nothing seems to flatter me or i can't find anything that fits. i need to do some type of cleansing diet where I can lose like 10 pounds in a week, or maybe i just shouldn't eat a la Nicole Ritchie....


i like to eat too much!

i've also still been exercising 5 days a week and I feel better and maybe a little toner, but other than that nada.

and is anyone else really sad about Patrick Swazye? man i had a huge crush on him from Dirty Dancing and to here that he's dying. sad, sad sad

other than that i got nothing

happy friday