Thursday, March 13, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel

there is a god and he is GOOD!

finally some good, no, GREAT, no, what's better than great...?



we just did our tax returns and we are getting some $$$$
now we can pay off our credit cards and breathe a somewhat sigh of relief
a short lived relief but a relief
it's been a long, long winter and it's been rough
the weather has sucked
we've struggled financially
and i can't wait to get those cheques in the mail
speaking of the weather we have another 2 storms coming at us, one Saturday and another BIG assfucker on Monday.
sigh will it ever end
i just hope we can still go to shopping so i can get my dress already! thanks to everyone for the feedback, it was very helpful, i hope they have dress #3 in colors that I like as it's the one i'm leaning more towards
and another thing, not sure if it's becuase everyone is staying in this winter but man there are a lot of freaking pps i know that are preggers. i'm scared to drink the water!
anyways, that's the latest and greatest in my world
peace out :P


Beth said...

if it only WAS the water!!! and $$$$ is heavenly!!! woohoo!!!!

flea said...

beth - haha, i know, no nookie for the hubby, i'm so not getting preggers before my trip down south :P