Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my sissy is coming!!

my fabulous sissy is flying in tonight and my dad and I are on our way to the airport later this evening to pick her up!!!

*update, her flight was cancelled and she's now coming in at a later time (boo)

i haven't seen her since October, so i'm really stoked for her visit and thankfully she is here for a longer period this time around.

oh and i forgot to mention

were planning on getting majorly shit faced to celebrate miss jilly's up-coming wedding, a sort of stagette if you will

this is much needed

so needless to say it should be a sweet visit


and happy Easter everyone


Swishy said...

Yayyyyy! Have fun! Happy Easter :)

Beth said...

HAppy Easter Flea!! And SO MUCH FUN with your sissy!!!!!