Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's about moi

I am so wanting to pack up and get the "f" out of this job, feel like i'm in way over my head and have a gut feeling that i'm going to a)suck b)not make any money and c)both a & b. right about now my old desk job answering phones is looking pretty sweet, but i will stick with this for at least (hopefully) another month and go from there....

I am so lacking in the self confidence dept, hence my issues with above probably

I need to stop eating. period. better yet EXERCISE. but who the hell wants to do that when its so Freakin HOT! not that i'm complaining about the heat....

I am worried about my sissy, guess she's going thru a tough time, just want her to know that i luv her and that i'm here for her.....

I am LOVING the new season of "so you think u can dance", this show is off the CHAIN! and it's the only thing that i look forward to each week, if you love dancing (and a few hotties) you must check out this show. TRUST ME.

I am stressed out. job woes, possible purchase of a "newer" car i can't seem to relax, oh and having Zil for $$ is downright painful, i hopes i's is getting paid tomorrow.....

I am stoked however for the long weekend, and God Bless Canada Day!!!

I am pretty sure the devil made Ice Cream

I am also pretty sure nobody gives a damn that Paris Hilton is now out of jail....although i must care to mention it...weird.....

I think Paris Hilton is the devil

I would really like to win the lotto, would so be the answer to EVERYTHING, well ok mabye not but it would help

I never compalin about the heat, like Ever, but man it's BLOODY hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's wrong for car dealers to charge us more a)for a automatic and b)air condiontioning (bastards)

I hate having a cubicle

I just realized today that I have "phone fear", never thought I did but man i so don't want to make that 1st i don't....

I'm stunned and shocked about Chris Benoit (WWE wrestler), although i never really liked him as he always seemed "off", it's still such a tragic story and my condolances to family and friends

I'm over and out :P

Friday, June 22, 2007

sometimes u just need to cry

oh the pressure of it all finally caught up with me today, i was on my own today (paper work wise and offically on Monday out and about), and i was feeling, well very overwhelmed and un-prepared. i actually half considered throwing my hands up and walking away from it all..and then i had my first actual call and the guy was to put it frankly "a major jerkassfucker", yup that's right all three, and i was so put on the spot and didn't have my #'s right and well i was made to feel really small and stupid. so then i cried. well not really, i held them back and then i sat there wanting to quit and thinking to myself "flea, what the hell are you doing?" honest to fuck. like 10-15 minutes later a co-worker happens to come by to ask me another question and i cracked.

but she was so sweet and understanding and helped me through it and i ended up getting the stupid jerkassfucker to place an ad.

i still feel like crying my eyes out though, whenever i start bawling i can't seem to stop. thankfully i tapered off enough to get me home and now i can't seem to snap out of this funk. must be hormones or something AND on top of that i want ice cream. thank jebus i don't have any here in the house.

in other news, hope to god i have a relaxing weekend i'm so wound up and stressed i don't think i can handle anything else. the only thing we have planned is a baby shower tomorrow afternoon. oh what fun, and man are baby things freakin expensive!! no wonder i keep pushing baby thoughts away.....

hope everyone else has a good one! i'm out :P

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear Mr. Ronald McDonald:

First of all I have to commend you for building your little McHappy empire, bravo! However, I do seem to have a small little problem with your establishment. You see every time I drive by the Golden Arches or just so happen to be in the vicinity of one, I cannot seem to resit the lure to order a Quarter Pounder and fries (option #2 from the menu, sad that I know that I know isn't it?) with a Diet Coke, like that somehow makes it all "OK".

I realise that you are now "promoting" a new "healthy" menu but who the hell wants to order that after getting a whiff of those oh so yummy fries? umm, hello?! NOBODY! Exactly, my point. No I'm not suggesting you get rid of your fries, OK maybe possibly but we all need to live on the edge once and perhaps maybe you should restrict some sort of rule or something like what they do for alcoholics, put up our pictures in every store like were on America's most wanted list and ban us from having more than one order of fries a week or something.....OK maybe that didn't come out exactly as i had planned...that's a bit much isn't it?


In conclusion, I suggest that you Mr. Ronald McDonald should be forced to drink a Texas Mickey and be recorded on a web cam performing ludicrous acts so all the little children will become afraid of you and therefore no more McDonald's...

oh bloody hell, I'm just going to have to do this on my own. I HOPE YOU DIE!!!!!


Miss Flea Flea

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

getting into the grove again SUXS!

so the new job is going, along with my brain at a 100 miles an hour...

so much info to take it it's all a bit overwhelming, and it's funny how as soon as you walk across that parking lot and into a new office or job all your previous 1st days come back at you at once and it's like "oh yeah this is why i HATE starting a new job".

sweaty hands. check
fast heart rate. check
unable to ask questions/lack of speech. check
glazed eye look. check
massive headache. check
mentally exhausted. check

ok, it's not so bad, no wait it sort of is but then again being out of the work loop for a month probably doesn't really help, but i'm adjusting. i just hate not knowing when to "snack" or go the the washroom and becomming comfortable in my new washroom settings. i just thank god they don't have stalls, that is one bonus. oh and i have a cubicle, that's a new adjustment too, thankfully though it sounds like i'll be out of the office more than in, so that's another plus...

all in all it's a change and a start and hell it's only tuesday!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

things are going to change!


i got a job

happy dance
happy dance

it's a whole new world (sales) and i'm scared shitless but i'm up for the challenge and change and better yet i start on Monday. i'm on a 3 month probation period and i get to go on a course and everything. i really feel like this is a new beginning.

thank you jeebus!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

could i possibly be any duller?


my life is pretty much the following






housework (very minimal)


watch oprah

walk (sometimes not so often..)

and oh yeah eat some more

i've at least gained 5 pounds, well ok maybe that's exaggerating but i have gained my boobs are bigger, which the hubby pointed out much to his pleasure the other day, i on the other hand not so happy. not only have i been emotionally eating, i'm putting in bluntly by stating that i'm depressed. there it's out there. or i should say this whole situation has me depressed, either way i'm depressed, down in the dumps, moody, feeling sorry for myself, i can go on and on but i won't :P

so what does one do in this sort of peril? she has a girls nite out, that's what she does!! and i must say i had a really great time, lot's of laughs and it was nice to be social again, you can only take so much of being around your hubby and dogs ppl! so yeah, i'm feeling a little tincy tiny bit more positive today (despite the headache and pains). so yeah that's all i've got going on. sorry for the lack of posts but i haven't really got much of anything to blog about, no people to make fun of anymore, no rants about work.....ah well i'll post when i can. i do want to thank everyone for there positive comments it really helps me in the state of mind i'm in to have some encouragement. so yeah, thanks!

peace out