Sunday, June 03, 2007

could i possibly be any duller?


my life is pretty much the following






housework (very minimal)


watch oprah

walk (sometimes not so often..)

and oh yeah eat some more

i've at least gained 5 pounds, well ok maybe that's exaggerating but i have gained my boobs are bigger, which the hubby pointed out much to his pleasure the other day, i on the other hand not so happy. not only have i been emotionally eating, i'm putting in bluntly by stating that i'm depressed. there it's out there. or i should say this whole situation has me depressed, either way i'm depressed, down in the dumps, moody, feeling sorry for myself, i can go on and on but i won't :P

so what does one do in this sort of peril? she has a girls nite out, that's what she does!! and i must say i had a really great time, lot's of laughs and it was nice to be social again, you can only take so much of being around your hubby and dogs ppl! so yeah, i'm feeling a little tincy tiny bit more positive today (despite the headache and pains). so yeah that's all i've got going on. sorry for the lack of posts but i haven't really got much of anything to blog about, no people to make fun of anymore, no rants about work.....ah well i'll post when i can. i do want to thank everyone for there positive comments it really helps me in the state of mind i'm in to have some encouragement. so yeah, thanks!

peace out


Miss 1999 said...

Don't apolgize for not being around more-- I know how it feels. SO sorry that you've been down. Being depressed SUCKS. I've been there many times, too. Glad at least you got to get out for girls night out! That's a MUST from time to time! *Hugs*

Swishy said...

Oh, I'm so glad you went out with some friends! I know all about the depressed/emotional eating ... lol. Right there with you.

Hails said...

oh im with you on the putting on weight and emotional eating.

girls nite sound like the rite medicine. Must try myself!

Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, yes, the joys of unemployment. I know them well. It takes a lot of energy to get yourself going when there is no motivation. I hope things turn around for you soon. But you know what? Enjoy the time off! Do stuff you wouldn't normally do that you've always wanted to. There's nothing wrong with that.

secret lady said...

good luck

Nelly said...

Flea, you posted about an on-line challenge about weight loss and I wanted to let you know it already exists. I don't know if you were a part of it when it first started but it is on my blogroll as Busted Can of Buscuits. Clew started it and we went strong for a long time but then everyone fell off the wagon and now it is just non-existance. It does help to know other people are dieting with you and it worked for awhile, but like all good things, it died.

"said" Woman said...

hang in there!

flea said...

miss 1999 - aww thanks, (hugs) back to you!

swishy - well at least i'm not alone in that aspect...haha!

hails - it was really nice fer sure, glad i wen't even though i really didn't want to

wc - i'm trying to enjoy my time but it's very difficult when all i can think about is finding another job...i feel guilt or shame or something and i shouldn't be but yet i totally am

secret lady - thanks!

nelly - oh, i so didn't know, shitty that nobody stayed with it but that's the norm sadly. thanks for letting me know though!

"said" woman - thanks i'm trying!