Friday, September 30, 2005

you might be a little overweight if.........

(these apply to myself and myself alone)

you might be a little overweight if your blouse your wearing gapes at every button every time you move or slouch a little. giving the perverts in your office a "nice" little peek at your breasts and fat rolls on your stomache.

you might be a little overweight if you go to put on your favorite pair of boots and you are unable to zip them up the entire way as your calves are just either a) to muscular or b) a little rounder than this time last year (i prefer to hope that they are muscular but i know they are not as i don't work out.....)

you might be a little overweight if the pants you used to wear quite frequently cut into you rather painfully in the middle but they fit fine everywhere else.

you might be a little overweight if your only pair of jeans looks like you have literally been poured into them with a little extra overflowing around the waist. but sense they are your only pair of jeans you wear them anyways, despite the fact that you know they look awful and don't flatter you in the least.

you might be a little overweight if while your eating you know that you should stop as you are getting full but yet you continue to clean off your plate as your parents and or grandparents always used to threaten you as a child to finish your plate as there are plenty of "starving" children all over the world that could live for weeks on what i would be wasting if i did not eat it. so i continue to clean off my plate and hate myself for it.......

you might be a little overweight if you continue to say to yourself i'll start my diet next week

you might be a little overweight if you know that you shouldn't give into temptation and eat that raw cookie dough but your craving it sooooo badly that you just don't give a damn about your waistline and to hell with that diet! heck i'm not dieting until monday anyways so why not!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

going CRAZY

you know i have often heard people say that if a person thinks they are going crazy then they are not crazy but i beg to differ.

i think i have reached the tip of my ice berg.

i'm bored out of my mind at work and at home. all we've been doing is watching t.v. (which i love) but it's getting kinda mundane. the job is non challenging and all i do is answer the phone and some filing which puts me to sleep. i've asked a few pps for some stuff to do and nothing!!! give me something, ANYTHING. i need more!!! so i'm left to either a)chatting on msn (which they are ok with) or b) serfing the net (not so sure they are ok with) but what else am i to do stare at the walls?

constantly restless but have no energy to do anything about it. remember my walk from yesterday. ha!!! so did not move off the couch just like i said i wouldn't but i could not get off my ass and out the door even though part of me wanted too.....

i talk to myself and will laugh at myself if i do something stupid. most times it's while i'm driving in my car. like when i happen to run up over a curb or cut someone off. yeah nothing but good times with me and my alter ego.

i'm paranoid about everything like work (don't make enough money, nobody tells me anything, nobody trained me, what am i supposed to be doing), life at home (hubby not really talking lately), money (never enough) you name it i think that there's a hidden agenda or something wrong.

sleep deprived yet i'm always tired

will cry over nothing or anything that sets me off and then i cannot stop and i will laugh at myself for crying over nothing. ha ha ha look at you cry baby! then i just cry some more............

i think i need anti depressants or some kind of drug, i'm in for a long winter

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hump day

yup it's wednesday aka hump day. i never got why pps referred to it as thus but it makes sense now. not quite tues or thurs just in the middle like a hump.


not sure what to do with myself of late i'm so restless. i know that there is stuff that i could/should be doing here at work but i just can't seem to muster up the energy to do it. i started to sort through some files this morning and almost fell asleep so i gave that up and don't want to touch it again today as it's now like 3-4pm and that's so nappy time for me without doing something totally boring and mundane.

so i changed my template figured it was time for a change. i really like the green it's kinda soothing. oh and i finally figured out how to do links! so cool and rather impressed with myself!

looking forward to LOST again tonight. pretty bad when all you look forward to in life is a few t.v. shows.

planning to take dogs for a walk tonight when i get home as the weather turned out to be really quite nice and warm today. mind you when i get home i'll probably be unable to move from the couch but it's nice to think that i will............

anyways. not much else going on right now life is pretty boring.

i'm out

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

mumblings and grumblings

there are just some songs that need to be band from radio. want some examples?

here goes:

hey ya - outkast ~ man did i love this song when it first came out. shake it like a poloroid picture....then local stations picked it up like the end of summer and played it and played it. they still play at least twice a day and one of the radio host picked up this song except with different words in reference to hillbillies and it's sooooo annoying beyond words. hate it must go!!

old school love - divine brown ~ i never ever liked this song. hate it. yet they play it over and over. grates on my last nerves.

crazy in love - beyonce ~ they just love to ruin a good song don't they again overplayed waaaaaayyy to much. cannot stand it anymore.

crapbucket - k-os ~ now normally i enjoy k-os and i digged this song at first but again enough already, mabye i should be emailing our local radio station?? like they would listen.

have a nice day - bon jovi ~ first time i heard it i hate it. second time no better. they play this like 4 times a day. wrong on so many levels plus i don't like bon jovi (well he's hot but there song's suck).

matchbox twenty and or the lead singer, was his name?? hate them hate there songs. pls don't play them no more.

other forms of irritation today:

i was given the job to make up some flyers for work which i don't mind doing love it in fact but having to cut them up with the thing (you know from grade school that the teacher's use) where you line them up and cut them in half with the huge blade....? am i making sense? probably not oh well, anyways i hate these and i mean hate this piece of office equipment. every time i cut a piece of paper it's crooked even though i'm lining it up with the lines on my paper and the lines on the piece of crap. crooked. grrrr no wonder my eye is twitching. plus to make matters worse this machine has haunted me from my first admin job as my old boss was such a precise/picky ass and lectured me several times on how to keep it straight, blah blah blah. it's a piece of paper who cares????!!!!!! so now every time i use this stupid thing (what's the proper name anyone??) i think of that bastard. and again anger rises within me and my eye twitch's.

i have no wardrobe and desperatly need to go shopping for pants espically since my waistline is not going to be diminishing anytime soon. not only is that an issue but i have no hip/trendy clothes. they are all just blah or old looking as i have had them for like 5 years. must go shopping will hopefully go this sat if i can get someone to go with. only problem is i will have to use credit card as i'm poor and this only makes me more depressed. sigh. it never ends. but i have to have new clothes, i must!

can you believe it's the end of september already? where the heck did the summer and time go? i'm having a major issue adjusting to the new weather and waking up in the dark in the mornings is not fun. so cannot get my ass out of bed in the mornings.........

praying that my old piece of crap car will get me through the winter. hey better yet pray for me i'm sure it's a death trap. it rattles and shakes and vibrates and goes it. i'm sure something will brake in the next month or two it's been awhile since something has happend.

Monday, September 26, 2005

cold, wet, damp ~ ucky monday

monday again. ugh!!! how i hate monday's.

not only is this monday crappy enough it's rainy, windy, damp and cold.

now that i mention it not only do i hate monday's but i hate fall. because you see fall leads to winter and that does not make me happy. another thing that does not make me happy is "hunting" season which has begun. everywhere you look (trust me you don't have to look hard in my area) you see men in trucks everywhere sporting the lovely fashionable hunter's orange hats and camoflauge jackets, pants and boots too! oh how fun!!

so the boys got there big old bull moose ~ how exciting!!!!!!! not. how bout how disgusting. poor little ole moosey, well okay he wasn't little but you get my drift. i just don't agree with the whole hunting thing i mean it's not like we have to hunt now-a-days to live/eat do we? were not in the olden days anymore so why slaughter an animal for it's antlers and what little meat you get off of it? "it's a sport" my hubby says. blah blah blah. i hate it. he loves it. something i'm going to have to get over and used to i'm afraid. still doesn't mean i have to like it though.

so i spent my weekend alone. doing nothing for once and ahhhh the peace and quiet. so nice to have a break for a change.

my mom's b-day was yesterday so we all got together for dinner & b-day cake. mmmmm chocolate cake. yum yum. it's also my cousin tommy's b-day today. so happy birthday to him!

well not much else new really have nothing funny or amuzing to write today it's just so BLAH. don't wanna be working today rather be home curled up in bed, ah well the things we do to earn a dollar.

Friday, September 23, 2005

all about Me

i hold my pen wrong and everyone always comments on it, my grade four teacher Mrs. Farrell used to come around the classroom watching everyone as they worked and she would always tap my desk with her ruler and say "your not holding your pencil properly". if only she could see me today!

i have asthma and was really quite sickly as a child, in and out of the hospital having allergy tests and on an aersol machine until i was a teenager. i still have it but i tell myself that i don't and most times i'm fine except when my allergies flair up or when it's really cold i always cough.

i give blood every 2-3 months as i have a rare blood type.

i wish that i could have lived through the original 1969 Woodstock concert. i love this era and i truly belive that i am reincarnated from this time as i love the music, fashion, the whole vibe of it all as everything was changing.

i am very insecure and have no self confidence in myself and i constantly compare myself with others which sucks and i wish i would stop doing it.

i have an uncanny resemblance to my late grandmother it's eerie as i kid everyone would tell me this and i would get so embarssed and mad as i just wanted to be me but now that she's gone i truly feel honored and even closer to her. i miss her terribly and think of her everyday.

i was quiet and shy all through elementary school and had very few friends. even to this day i take awhile to warm up to people and talk to them. not so much shy i just don't talk all that much to pps i don't know. i'm very much like my dad in this way.

as stated above i resemble my dad's mom and have my dad's nose but i have all of my mother's personality traits. i was first very disturbed by this revalation (nobody wants to act like their mom) but i've grown used to it and really who else in the world would i want to be like anyways.

im not religous and do not go to church but i do believe that there is something BIGGER guiding us. i just don't feel you have to sit in church to show your beliefs. you can meditate, walk in the woods, lock yourself in a room to think, whatever it may be you can still be spirtual without going to church.

i've also never read the bible and hardly know anything about it.

i feel really bad for saying all this but it's how i feel (i'm so going to hell!)

my most embarssing moment happend when i was in grade seven. it was at a school dance and i finally got up enough nerve to ask the guy that i liked and whom i liked from like grade 4 thru grade 8 to dance. so we danced and i was in absolte heaven the whole time and then the song is over and we break apart and he's walking away when another girl (much older) comes over and pulls me aside to tell me that i have "something" on the back of my pants. i immediately run to the bathroom to discover that i had started my period (which i only started at the beginning of that year) and i was soaked right through my jeans. i had a huge red blob on my ass and i did not want to leave that bathroom. luckily in my haste to run to the bathroom i had grabbed my coat and i tied it around my waist to slink back into the dance. i sat in the corner the rest of the evening and prayed for it to be over. to this day i don't know if he ever knew but i'm sure he did and of course he never ever liked me there was always someone prettier or cooler, i don't even know if he knew that i liked him.

i was always jealous of my older sister. she was smarter much smarter and so pretty she could be a model cause she's tall and just so amazing. i finally got over this when she went to college but all thru high school i was so jealous.

my favorite color's are purple and blue

my favorite seasome street character's were ernie, oscar and grover he's way cooler than elmo

i love my mom's apple pie

i hate to buy groceries and i always spend way to much money as i'm not a "smart" shopper and i don't look for the best buy.

i've never had the chicken pocks and now i'm terrified to get them.

i'm really, really missing jilly and hope she is doing well in the big city.

i'm out have a good weekend pps!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

forgive me waistline for i have sinned

i'm a weak, weak person

i gave into temptation today and now i'm feeling tremendously guilty.

it's thursday today aka Quarter Pounder day at McDonald's (the dreaded evil bastards.....) and of course i just had to have it. sigh. why do i do this to myself? i've been good it's been at leats 3 weeks since my last sinful indulgence. but i'm swearing right here and now that this is the last, LAST time I promise. no more.

so to make up for my bad behaviour i am not going to eat supper as i consumed enough calories and then some this afternoon.

other mumblings and grumblings.........

tons and tons of rumors circulating that gas prices are on the rise once again, i have heard several different amounts ranging from $1.79 - $2.25 per litre. supposably it's $2.20 in Halifax and $1.79 in Moncton. everyone here is racing to fill up and the line ups are un-real, unlike anything i have ever seen. all of this is supposed to be because of hurricane rita, mabye pps are just freaking out or mabye there is truth behind it who knows but i filled up my car.

LOST was really great last night, nice to see what's in the hatch but there are still lot's of questions and new questions like who is desmond and what is he doing there? and the whole walt thing totally freaked me out. good job guys and keep it up. i love this show!!!

a bit disappointed though of Invasion. commercials looked really awsome but it just fell flat. it was ok but not that great, i think what ruined it was the young girl rose she annoyed the heck out of me. the whole alien thing though is cool though but if you want to check out a really good alien show check out Threshold on CBS friday nights. this show blew me away last week was so good and creepy reminds me of the x-files.

it's moose season in new brunswick (yippe ~ not) oh how i hate this time of year. so hubby is out and about being all manly guiding/hunting moose. so i'm home alone until probably saturday night, which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

so that's a wrap

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mrs. h. moody

i'm changing my last name to moody. these last few days (and weeks) my moods are so unpredictable you never know what your going to get. i may start out happy and cheerful but mid day or late evening it all goes to hell or vice versa.

and to top it off my hormones are all out of wack. my skin is super uber greasey/oily. like you could wipe it off and deep fry something greasey. i've never had my skin do this and i'm broke out everywhere face, neck, shoulders but mostly my face. they aren't big pus ones just little teeny tiny ones all over everywhere.

i get so mad and frustrated about everything that i want to scream/punch/kick things and then i turn around and i'm crying or laughing.

what is going on!!!

i know i'm stressed about things and i shouldn't be - hey that's just me but why is my skin all messed up????????

who knows? i sure as heck don't. mabye it's just horomones changing as i get older (sob) or mabye i'm mid cycle and just need to bitch. mabye it's the change in the weather.

i dunno i just hope it passes like everything and anything else.

work is extremely quiet today all the head hauncho's are out you could hear a pin drop it's so quiet and i don't wanna do a friggin thing. will have to do something though to make the day go by fast as LOST is on tonight and i just cannot wait! so excited!! happy dance.

anyways, Happy Hump Day

Monday, September 19, 2005

have you ever...

have you ever been in a store (i.e. gas station or grocery store) where they have security cameras and you look at them and see a person and think to your self who is that fat ass only to realize that it's your own fat ass staring back at you. this really happend. really. ~ sob~

have you ever looked into the mirror and fully realized how old and chubby you are? in my mind's eye i still feel like 22 and think that i'm a size 8......ha ha ha only to have age and fat thighs mock me as i stare at myself naked in the mirror and then i fully realize that it's not going to get any better (just wait til i pop out a kid for godsakes!!!!)

have you ever had to sit through a really intense good movie only to have dumbass teeny boopers ruin it? case in point - attended late night movie saturday night v. excited to watch the exorcism of emily rose only to have the entire theatre and i mean the entire theatre filled with tweens & teens. now i was a teen once and i know that my friends and i were loud and all but at least we had respect for other's, this whole new breed of teens do not. after every possible scary scene some idiot kept making farting noises and they all would laugh and tee hee totally ruining the scene and vibe of the movie. like how rude!

have you ever looked at a teen queen and wanted to hurt her as she is so just like barbie it makes you want to vomit? perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect boy toy (he was a hottie too). BARF.

have you ever gone like 2 1/2 weeks without shaving your legs? yeah, i still haven't shaved i'm growing attached to the hair.

have you ever rubbed your nose only to experience excruciating pain? like what the heck is that! and owww. then suffer from a really bad nose bleed. weird.

have you ever been thrown into a job and nobody tells you what to do? this has happend to me twice with my last two jobs. not fun. espically with this one as there is so much going on and i know i could/should be doing something but i have nothing. so i just sit and try to look like i'm doing productive things.

have you ever worked in a building with security/hidden camera's? have to deal with this every day and try not to pick my nose or do anything embarssing as it will be on tape.

have you ever had a brain fart where you are either a) talking to someone and you get mid sentence and everything drowns out and you are in an empty void and fail to remember what you were talking about or b) you start walking somewhere's to do/get something and get halfway there and cannot remember what you were doing or where you were going.............

have you ever wanted to cry, laugh and scream at the same time. wanted to do this today, several times

have you ever wanted to continue blogging as you are extremely bored and ready to go home but run out of ideas?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Top "Seven"

I found this on another blog, i read her quite often check her out sometime at

7 things I plan to do before I die
1) bungie jump
2) Become a millionaire.
3) find a job that i love
4) Have a few kids.
5) sky dive
6) Travel to at least Scotland, Greece, & Hawaii but i'll settle for Cuba
7) go to watch the olympics (preferably the winter they have better sports), would love to go to the games when they are in Vancouver.

7 things I can do
1) bitch
2) whine
3) type really, really fast
4) bend my arm around so that it looks out of joint
5) talk to anyone
6) smile even when it hurts me to
7) Drive really, really fast

7 things I cannot do
1) touch my toes (as sad as this may be)
2) Deal with someone who stinks. I have a sensitive sniffer.
3) be around insects (espically june bugs)
4) clean up cat shit (little kitten is still not really using the box and still has the shit's so disgusting and it's all i can smell
5) kill/shoot an animal (or person unless really provoked)
6) walk through the woods along in the dark
7)use the washroom in public places (number 2 only, number 1 is not an issue here)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1)the buttocks
2)sense of humour
3) smile
4) skinny/wiry
5) hair (on the head only, hairy chest = ewww)
6) abs
7) arms

7 things I say most often
1) Shut up
2) F$^%
3) whatever
4) dumbass
5) k
6) have a good one
7)i hate you (jokingly to hubby)

7 celebrity crushes
1) Jared Leto (i love him, have loved him since my so called life)
2) Jake Gyllenhaal
3) Adam Brody
4) the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost (dunno real name)
5) Justin Timberlake
6) Billy Crudup as Russell Hammond in Almost Famous
7) Jim Morrison

7 people who need to do this
1) I don't know anyone......
2) Jilly of course
3) Andy
4) Aila
5) Krazy Kaper
6) Kleo
7) Bridget (not sure if she still reads or not)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

true stuff

i just ran my hand over my leg and the leg hair is overwhelming. it's like a little forest, my own little private hairy forest

i cannot stop biting my nails. i bite until they bleed. this is an issue.

i'm a compulsive liar

i'm not a true blonde anymore i'm more of a dark blonde with wanna be blonde highlights. i miss my true blonde days :(

i also miss when i could go into a store and put anything on and having it fit. this was back in the good ol days of being a teen/early 20's when i weighed 115-120 pounds, mind you i looked anorexic with my little twig arms but oh how i miss those days when i could eat whatever i wanted and not gain a pound. so not the case nowadays i eat a french fry and 5 pounds goes onto my ass.

i haven't eaten out yet this week & i worked out today at noon let's hope i keep this up and i'm hoping that by keeping track here will make me stay dedicated and focused. i'm on a mission to lose 15 pounds (mabye 20 but that's pushing it).

so i haven't eaten much today and i'm hungry like almost feel sick to my stomache hungry i can literally taste the bile in my throat. so wanna go home.

i'm a whiny baby and i always complain about something or other hurting. lately it's my right knee and my jaw. yeah i have tmj or tmd whatever the heck it is it will snap and crack and not quite lock but almost. required to get bite plate which costs $350, think i will wait until i get my health coverage thru work thank you. so i suffer in the meantime, so i complain a little, so i whine, so what

i've drank 3 591ml bottles of water today and i'm still thirsty as heck. must be uber dehydrated.

i've sworn off of pop, any kind of pop (again) got addicted to Diet Pepsi while in PEI months ago and need to let go, although with weight watchers it's only 1 point per pop but it's just not good for you & makes me so bloated. buh bye dp :(

i want to win the lotto but yet i don't buy tickets. this is another issue.

whose going to win Canadian Idol. who cares this season sucked ass compared to last year, although i would like to see the newfie win even though he can't sing all that great.

rock star inxs kick butt. love this show but can never stay up to watch it's on way to late but i tape it and watch the next day. all 4 that are left are good in there own rights but my fav's are Suzie and Mig. J.D. is up there too but i like the other two better. not really big on marty, not sure why, mabye it's the kurt cobain resemblance i dunno but he's my least fav although everyone else loves him and he'll probably be the one to join the band.

guess i should do something have an hour to kill

i'm out

Monday, September 12, 2005

Budda Ba Ba Ba......i'm lovin it

in case some don't know this is the newest/latest mcdonald's jingle. you here it every where and everyone knows when you hit the budda ba ba ba, what tune it is and who it's for. i even have a little nephew who sings this tune. pure marketing genius. evil marketing genius. and in my case i'm hating it.

i'm swearing to myself or better yet trying to convince myself that mcdonald's is the devil. as of late i have fallen back into the routine of eating out there at least once or twice a week. i was doing so well to there for a little while and now look at me. sob. i cannot stop but i'm trying v. hard to stop. boycot is in place!!

note to self - faired well last week as i didn't eat there but was tempted oh yes indeedy was i ever, ever tempted.

not only is this bad for my waist line but it's bad for my wallett, you see there prices have gone up like everything else and for a combo deal (my fav is the quarter pounder) is now like $6.30+. crazy retarded.

~sigh~ i wonder if there is an addicton class for this??

Friday, September 09, 2005

yippee skippy

it's friday, need i say anymore?

the good mood is still here although not as prominant as yesterday. lot's to do this weekend like some housework, weddings, house warming parties and so forth so should be a pretty busy weekend. just hoping the weather holds out may even do some wheelin on sunday.

feeling somewhat better about the job i just need to appreciate the fact that i have a job and stop being so bitter plus i work with several hotties so that's a huge BONUS

it's the weekend people! party hardy :)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

happy, happiness, happy time

i'm so happy today. for the first time in a long time i feel giddy and feel like smiling. not really sure why cause my life is no different than it was the day before but here i sit omitting happiness.

mabye it's because i had lunch with a friend who i haven't seen in months and she always makes me laugh.

mabye it's because the shit storm is moving on to someone else and leaving me behind and i can be happy and stress free (ha i wish!)

mabye it's because it's September and it's still 30 degrees outside (loves it!) but i'm sure it won't last

mabye it's because Aaron Walpole got kicked off of Canadian Idol (could not stand him and now that Casey's gone i couldn't care who wins)

mabye it's because the new season of the o.c starts tonight, so excited and cannot wait

or mabye it's just because it's about time that i can be happy. who knows but i'll enjoy it while it lasts and spread the happiness to eveyone!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

random thoughts

i'm breaking a rule and blogging from work as i'm bored, tired and plain lazy and do not want to do anymore until 5pm which is exactly 38 minutes away

my pants are tight, yup it's that time of the month & i've gained 5+ pounds

feel like a frickin whale

did not shower this morning to damn lazy

have a "cute" big blind zit in the crease that forms when i smile so i can feel this huge mofo all day and i've done quite well in restraining myself from squeezing it as i don't want a huge welt on my face at work

i'm craving chocolate like a madman

reading a really great book called " the Clan of the Cave bears" recommended to me by Jilly, love it and can't wait to go home, curl up and have a nice bath and read it till it's done

it's like 30 degrees outside today

stupid me wake up in the morning thinking it's going to be cold and wear a fall sweater and pants. sweating to death & my pants are tight, did i mention that already???

so uncomfortable cannot wait to go home and change into pj's, oh how i miss pj's

can u believe the price of gas. so wrong and not right but i fear it's not going to drop much in the near future or any time after that. we may as well get used to it, sad to say

25 minutes and counting

my feet stink, nasty but i don't want to put my shoes back on, hope no one walks by but yet at the same time i kinda do

i technically work for 1 company but yet the owner owns several business 2 of which are in same building so i have to answer phones for both.......should be paid for both shouldn't i? or am i just greedy as i'm under paid

hmmmm the things to ponder

the radio plays crap, old crap that needs to go away and be burned/banned

running out of things

wanna be home

20 minutes and counting til 5pm

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rolling Stones summary

so i survived the big bad stones concert. it was pretty amazing and like anything in life it had it's ups and downs and here's my run down of yesterday's concert.

first up on my agenda was to get totally shit faced before 2pm which i did on the sad/unprepared end we left at 2:30 (thinking we had tons of time and that most of the crowd was ahead of us, ha ha who were we kidding!) we had to waste an hour of time waiting in line after line, after line.

line number 1 - good buddy of my hubby's dropped us of at the bus stop running in moncton to take us to the shuttle buses up mountain road. the line moved quite quickly and we only had to wait 30 min putting us at 3pm and Our Lady Peace (my fav band) plays at 3:50. Krystal and I begin to worry that we may not see them................

arrive at shuttle bus destination at the bottom of mountain road. line up is frickin un-believeable forming several figure eights. had to at least be 1000+ just in this spot leading us to

line number 2 - i dunno how long we were here did not time, don't really wanna know either. oh and did i forget to mention that i am shit faced and have been drinking all morning and i'm totally wasting a perfectly good high waiting in line!! ha ha plus i have to pee.

finally get onto shuttle bus let loose some hoops & hollers everyone is stoked. bus ride is mabye 10 min tops and we are dropped off at the starting point of Magic Mountin/magnetic hill. have to walk up hill for like 10-15 min just to get to gates of concert. did i forget to mention that it's hot and i'm out of shape. but that so did not matter as i am missing Our lady peace. not cool. Kris and i booter as fast as we can arriving at

line number 3 - checking bags/tickets. this line was actually not half as bad as what i thought it would be. they really didn't check for shit and i'm sure lots of pps snuck stuff in (unlike us who were not thinking of all these damn lines beginning to sober up, could have been drinking entire time which i'm sure was an hour and a half) anyways we can hear them singing and i want in there already but there is still more walking. and were walking and the pps holy mofo i cannot believe the mass of pps. unlike anything i have ever seen. then i see Raine on the big screen and nothing else matters. and then they are done playing and he's leaving and i haven't even seen them yet!!!! grrrr but hey at least i saw him but i must say we were off to a rough start. the boys of course had to get there beer which is in the beer gardens in a roped/fenced in area hence leading to

line number 4 - checking pps id's, this wasn't a long line but still it's a line. beginning to not like lines (trust me does not get much better)

arrive into beer garden area. no idea where to go just see pps everywhere. finally we figure out that you have to purchase tickets before you get the beer. this is where i'm going to complain. they should have had lines roped out for pps to wait in as there was mass confusion and two seperate lines forming into one big one. lot's of pushing and shoving and again not sure how much time wen't by but Maroon 5 starts playing and i can't see shit from where we are. by the time they get there tickets they are playing there last couple of songs and we are in the actual "beer" line which makes that line number 5.

just in case you forgot, i still have to pee! yeah, i haven't gone yet and everyone wants to wait until the beer is gone before we go to porty potty land so we don't get split up. you see the weird thing about holding your pee for so long is you forget you have to go after awhile. i mean it hurts and all but i so forgot.........anyways. we sit and drink. Maroon 5 is done and we are waiting for the Tragically Hip to come on. again not sure on time but they begin to play as we make our way to the bathroom finally, i've only had to go now for like 2 hrs............

which brings us to line up number 6. porty potty land. row upon row of porty potties and i must add they are beginning to smell like hell. thankfully the line again moved fairly quickly but man i so did not want to go in there yet i had to and omg it was the most disgusting thing ever. no toilet paper, pee everywhere, the stall that i am in is almost overflowing with pee as it's almost to the rim of the toilet seat. i so did not want to touch anything. found it v. hard to keep footing as the floor is all wet and i'm slipping and sliding and the smell is terrible and i'm trying so damn hard to pee but it just won't come out and then there is thumping and banging coming from the stall beside me and some women says something like "so are you horny" and that does it i'm giggling softly to myself and finally i have relief and thank god i can finally get out of there.

so we re-group and decide that we should make way for the stage in preparation of the stones because thus far we haven't seen shit concert wise only heard. so we get to watch most of the hips performance which is pretty good but the sound is a little off or something but it was awsome. so they wrap up and were at a pretty good angle to the stage but still along time away from dark. we had to wait at least an hour and a half before the stones came on. by this point we have been on our feet all damn day and my legs and feet (espically my right knee, something not right with it lately) is hurting like hell. so we sit and wait and wait and they are out doing sound and light checks and they are loading pps with back stage passes onto the 7 stories high stage and everyone is getting pumped and clapping and it's getting dark out and you know it's getting close.

and then there's a loud bang as fire works go off and lights come on and you here the beginning of Start me up and there's mick and the boys and the crowd is wild this is frickin un-real and amazing! the gigantic big screen and lights and sounds and holy frig can micky boy ever move. we stayed down there for quite a few songs until some pps started pushing and shoving and stuff and we thought it best to move back a little. now you know where outside and all but thre are 85,000 pps crammned into one field and just about every person smokes some sort of cigerette, joint, cigar whatever and i can only take so much smoke before it starts to make me sick and i am starting to get that feeling and i want to leave but i don't say anything as i know everyone else wants to stay. so we move back again and decide to mabye get some food and water. i am hopeful that the water will make me better. ha ha who am i kidding. so did not work. everything on me is now hurting quite severally at this point but mostly my legs and my head which is splitting right down the middle. mick and the boys are singing a bunch of songs i don't know and i begin to feel as though i am about to have a panic attack.

yup my wurst fear come true. i so knew this would happen and here i am and it's happening. great. hubby doesn't really understand (of course i didn't tell him at this point either but he knew soemthing was up i'm sure) and tells me to drink more water which i try to do. we move again up further up the hill and now we have an awsome view of the stage and lights and they start playing Paint it black which is my all time fav song of there's and i'm trying so hard not to give into the panic but i can still smell smoke (pot, cig's) all around me and that does it i am full blown into my panic attack. i'm hot and can't breathe and the tears are brimming in my eyes and i start to feel my arms slightly shaking and i just try to withdraw into myself but hubby finally really "looks" at me and he's like were leaving now grabs my hand and were off walking.

and walking and walking. did we walk this bloody far coming in geez. we finally see where they have all the buses lined up and the stream of pps is crazy! the concert is not even over and there is a river of people just walking and waiting in lines for the buses. we avoid line up number 7 as we just do not want to stand in another line and continue walking in hopes of getting a taxi in downtown moncton. so we walk and walk some more and my legs are numb with pain, my right knee has locked right up entirely and i'm sooooooo tired and just want to be in bed. we see cabs coming and going but have no real luck flagging them down so we finally catch the number of one of the cabs driving past and decide to call them up and tell them where we are at which is by the comfort inn in moncton. the first time we called two cabs went to pull into where we are waiting but the swarm of pps scares them off as they encircle the cab at once desperate to get a ride. by now we are all tired, achy, scared and anxious to get the fuck out of moncton but hope was beginning to dimish very rapidly. krystal calls the cab one more time says to pull into comfort inn driveway and the wait begins. another 10-20 min passes us by before the cab finally shows up thank god. it was like the lights of heaven opened up and we were alive and heading for larry's house and arrive by 11:30 which is preety darn good considering we could/would have been much much longer if things hadn't gone like they did.

so we get back and i'm exhausted as my panic attacks usually leave me drained, cold and with a severe headache. i go right to bed with a cold face cloth and i'm done, no more for me.

so that's my Stone's experience. we didn't buy any t-shirts or souviners (didn't even think of it), no pictures as we didn't buy one of the disposable ones they had for sale all i have is memories so it's a good thing that i didn't get drunk.

anyways, happy labour day weekend all :)