Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mrs. h. moody

i'm changing my last name to moody. these last few days (and weeks) my moods are so unpredictable you never know what your going to get. i may start out happy and cheerful but mid day or late evening it all goes to hell or vice versa.

and to top it off my hormones are all out of wack. my skin is super uber greasey/oily. like you could wipe it off and deep fry something greasey. i've never had my skin do this and i'm broke out everywhere face, neck, shoulders but mostly my face. they aren't big pus ones just little teeny tiny ones all over everywhere.

i get so mad and frustrated about everything that i want to scream/punch/kick things and then i turn around and i'm crying or laughing.

what is going on!!!

i know i'm stressed about things and i shouldn't be - hey that's just me but why is my skin all messed up????????

who knows? i sure as heck don't. mabye it's just horomones changing as i get older (sob) or mabye i'm mid cycle and just need to bitch. mabye it's the change in the weather.

i dunno i just hope it passes like everything and anything else.

work is extremely quiet today all the head hauncho's are out you could hear a pin drop it's so quiet and i don't wanna do a friggin thing. will have to do something though to make the day go by fast as LOST is on tonight and i just cannot wait! so excited!! happy dance.

anyways, Happy Hump Day


krazykaper said...

Well I guess I should consider myself lucky...the hair on my chin covers all my little pimples. LOL

Kleokatra said...

I hate it when people ask me this, and I am sorry for asking, but are you sure you are not pregnant?

flea said...

omg i've been blaming it on being pre menstrual i always break out and get moody like 2ks before i never even thought of the other................abit panicky right now......breathe.....

umm dunno, probably not (hopefully not) but you never know. would explain a lot but my boobs aren't senstive and that's usually a sure sign. oh god i hope not!